Waluigi was on vacation for awhile, but it looks like madness is inevitable in the world of BitF. I’d like to think that most of you are familiar enough with Nintendo’s sordid past with Philips to get this one. The CD-i characters are a rich dark spot in Nintendo’s history, and it was just fun to be able to throw them into the comic and go nuts (contrasted with the storyline of the past few weeks, which was anything but me going nuts).

It did take some time to settle on an idea though, since part of April Fools Day is doing something unexpected, and people have come to expect Waluigi taking over the comic.

Have you ever noticed that there’ve been a fair amount of BitF comics that divulge into a character slowly being driven (or driving others) insane? This might be a little concerning for my own psyche.

I’m beat from the past few weeks, so I’m going to take a week off. Expect the comic to return to normalcy by the Tuesday after next! In the meantime, you can read this.

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