For about a year or so, I’ve wanted to feature Meta Knight in a larger role. Being a rather somber and mysterious type, the guy proved tricky to fit in several comics that involve Kirby and Dedede involved in more juvenile acts. And at the same time, I was bouncing around an idea in my head about a (much shorter) flashback story involving Kirby and Dedede sharing a sandbox as young kids. Eventually, I decided that Kirby was simply too young to be the same age as Dedede, and coupled with my interest in exploring Meta Knight a bit more led to this big crossover school idea.

It also seemed like something that’d be a lot of fun to do, since a great deal of BitF’s humor comes from the odd ways the characters cross-over and react in each others’ presences.

I had a great deal of fun drawing and writing this story, and I’d like to thank Chris for the editing suggestions throughout the story, as well as all the fans for their great input, support, and surprisingly creative theories! To those of you who picked up on the clues (and weren’t fooled by the red herrings) to figure out Pinky’s identity, congrats! Some users even suspected it by the first part, just because Pinky’s characterization was quite a bit different from BitF Kirby’s. Many users noted Pinky’s pronged sword “Nebula,” a precursor to “Galaxia” (his current sword), as well as “Masked Kid’s” spear used in battle (the weapon of choice for Waddle Dees everywhere!).

Pinky was intended to grow into Meta Knight from the very beginning (physically altered by Dark Matter), which is why I needed to give him a nickname in the first place (since no one really knows his actual name).

This tale was originally going to be 12 parts, but that proved a little too long with the intermissions and such, so I crammed it down to 10. Regrettably, I had to gloss over a couple things in the process, but there’ve always been some subplots that were meant to be left fairly open. I’m not sure how the rather light and silly end panels will be received, but I found it refreshing to give a fairly ordinary reason for the entire story’s existence (after working hard to maintain that the other twists in the story made sense).

If you’re not sick of my WORDS WORDS WORDS, I have a big DVD-commentary type thread full of details, cut things, various reasons why such-and-such happened and more right here!

Oh also, I’m having a blast with my 3DS; the system’s actually exceeded my expectations with the great built-in software and the solid 3D effect…although all the words on my computer screen are popping out at me at the moment. Hopefully my eyes don’t fall out.

-By Matthew


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– Chris