Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery within the United States and 6-8 weeks for international orders.

The wait for Brawl in the Family Volumes Two and Three is almost over! We’re sending out our last set of books for preorders and Kickstarter backers, and then we’ll be selling them on the site!

Due to some recent delays with getting the new site ready, and with the new shipment coming in, the books will go on sale on BitF on June 1st. That’s very soon, and the books are fairly limited (about 200 of each volume and slipcase), so make sure you check in next month if you want one…or three! We will be selling Volumes One, Two and Three, all hardcover. We’ll also be selling the limited edition Slipcase, which fits the three hardcovers in a nice, solid sleeve!

If the price is too high for you, we’ll also be selling the digital versions of all three books at an affordable cost in this store. Plus, we have a few shirts left from the comic’s initial run that’ll be budget-priced as well. So check back June 1st for the good stuff!

(Sorry…no more Dededolls! The minimum order for them is simply too high for me to justify getting another batch, and I have nowhere I’d be able to store them all)