Back to the basics for awhile, I think! Dedede keeps up his tradition of tormenting Kirby on a Nintendo handheld, but now, he’s got all sorts of new ways to vent his frustration. And after writing his younger self for a month and a half, I find it nice to let loose with his jerkiness once again. Hopefully more people get this comic than the 2 million or so 3DS owners.

And speaking of that group of people, here’s a way to get revenge on Dedede for his shenanigans! Just take a picture of his mug below for your own Face Raiders game:

dedede's face

I tested him out. Works pretty well, although I tried a Kirby too and just couldn’t get his face to line up right without making him not look like Kirby.

In other news, I’ll be in Eau Claire, Wisconsin this weekend for NoBrandCon (April 15-17)! Tell your friends! Feel free to drop by our booth to say hello, and we can StreetPass and stuff. We’ll have merchandise as well, and I’ll doodle you something! So…swing by!

In fact, due to me leaving mid-Thursday, the next comic will be…

…early! You thought I’d say “delayed,” didn’t you? No sir, it’s back to the regular schedule. Well, except for the next comic, which will come up Thursday afternoon.

-By Matthew