Game logic is a funny thing. With a small set of alphanumeric characters, Samus loses her suit but gains an ungodly arsenal of destruction. In a way, I sort of miss the password-laden games of yesteryear, but then I remember writing down a million little letters just to resume my Willow game save…and of course, confusing 0/O and l/I, leading to me never getting it back anyway.

Hope no one minds the almost-swearing. This is a very rare case where toning it down just wouldn’t have been as funny, so I split the difference and had it cut off by the end of the panel.

As mentioned on Tuesday’s update, I will be taking a moderate break from comic updates (two weeks) for personal reasons. Keep checking the site, though–I’ll be uploading a few nifty doodles and things sporadically during the break so that there’ll still be something to check out. And keep an eye on the Forums for an upcoming addition to’s numerous subsections.

The holidays draw close and I will probably be taking a break next month too. What the heck’s with all the breaks? Well, comic 200 is going to be a big fatty, I guarantee. And if everything’s going as planned, December’s set of comics will be similarly ambitious. So just sit tight and I’ll keep you updated on any interesting developments. In the meantime, check back from time to time for small updates. The next comic will be on Tuesday, Oct 27.

-By Matthew