Hoy once again to all the small fries out there. My break was very pleasant, but it’s back to business as usual now, at least until Thanksgiving vacation!

I hope no one read the last panel as “Waiter, please.”

Today’s strip is the first (but not last) time we see Captain Falcon and Samus engaged in a romantic outing. Perhaps the good Captain’s got a little more willpower and control since last year’s poker snafu, as his manners seem to be improved. Then again, one look at the alternate ending proves that the guy still likes to hit stuff either way.

During the BitF break, many Nintendo fans undoubtedly heard the sad news about Captain Lou Albano’s passing. The man needs no introduction for wrestling fans, but anyone who’s big on the Mario series certainly remembers Albano in his role as the big man himself in the 1990 sitcom/cartoon, “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.” Being the voice of Mario for almost half of my life (until Charles Martinet became widespread with 1996’s Super Mario 64), I felt it fitting to make a little tribute. Here he is, in all his glory!

Juuuuust liiiiiike thaaaaaat!

-By Matthew