After a massive image featuring around 120 characters, and a week full of Waluigi, and the Apocalypse, it’s nice getting a slight return to normalcy for Brawl in the Family…

…is what I’d like to say, but I’m afraid updates are going to be a bit erratic for a bit longer. Now would be as good a time as ever to describe the planned, tentative schedule for the rest of 2009 with BitF. A fairly significant personal event is occurring for around two weeks starting this weekend, so I’ve decided to hold back on comic updates for that time (that’s next week and the week after). However, I do plan on periodically uploading new media to the site during that time anyway, so stick around. And this Friday will have a new comic as usual.

As for the rest of the year, we’ve mapped it out (there will probably be a week break around Thanksgiving as well) and the 200th comic is scheduled to hit on the last update day of November, with December having regular updates until Christmas day. When all is said and done, there should be 208 comics total by the end of the year, with a couple small breaks for family/personal-related matters.

As for today’s comic–with New Super Mario Bros. Wii right around the corner, I realized I never made a strip specifically about the DS game. Here’s a look at my favorite power-up from said title, complete with its potential downsides. I think my favorite part of this strip is the secondary joke at the end.