So, here it is. Terrible apologies for the lateness. As you can see, I got way too caught up in much of the art. Didn’t sleep the past two nights, and while I can see there’s still a few rough spots in the comic, I’ve only been able to stare at my monitor for the past hour and a half so I think that means I’m done.

I learned a lot while drawing this. The experience helped build my own confidence about seeing a difficult task through to completion. When I hit a point where I didn’t know how to take the next step, I just kept at it and managed to find a way to make things work.

I would love to type more but I’m terribly exhausted, and I have to write a paper before I go to class. Therefore, I hope you enjoy the comic, and I hope you aren’t too irritated with how late it is. Don’t worry, Matthew will be back in the very near future!

Thanks for reading.

– Chris


Thanks very much for committing to this, Chris! Like myself, Chris can often get a little caught up in working on something, which leads to excellent results at the expense of one’s sanity. But I’m sure you’ll agree that the final result was worth the small delay.

Chris has an interesting style that I think works really well with this Fire Emblem strip. The aim was to really highlight the clashing styles in the final panel, so I handled the goofball characters at the end for that extra bit of “what the heck?” Perhaps more unholy alliances are in order in the future, but for now, ol’ Chris should get a bit of rest. Thanks again for the quality work!

– Matthew