Sadly, folks, I received a harshly worded letter from Nintendo earlier this week; after nearly two years of poisoned wine and bombing Goron butts, it seems that someone really wants us shut down. Included with the letter, though, were a few crude doodles on a several small sheets of paper (I think one of them was a napkin). Is it some cryptic code, a dark omen, or merely taunting the end of another gamer webcomic? Decide for yourself…

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“36: Waluigi-Off”

“37: Waluigi Teaches Art”

“38: Waluigi Makes His Move”

“39: Waluigi Tells a Joke”

“40: Waluigi and Sushi”

I think there was one more in there somewhere too…I’ll try to find it. Thanks for reading!

-By Matthew


Also, check our forums for an amazing new announcement! Warning: the forums are a bit… “off” today, for some reason.

– Chris