Expecting a guest strip? Too bad. Wal…oh wait.

A few days ago, one of our forumers asked me, “Why do you draw Waluigi so ugly?” I, of course, was shocked to hear such harsh words towards the character, but nevertheless, the boys at 2PSTART! were kind enough to whip up this amusing, hypothetical story of why Waluigi’s BitF look differs so much from his official look. Hehe, poor Waluigi rarely comes across as sympathetic as he does in the first panel.

It’s also a treat to see this strip in vector format, and other artists’ renditions of Waluigi. Thanks a ton, Ray and Tim, and keep up the good work on your end! I often listen to your podcasts while doin’ Wii Fit, and I suggest all gamers do the same.

Lookin’ forward to Chris’s strip on Friday. Speaking of which, heeeere he is!

-By Matthew


Today, we’ve got a guest strip from the folks over at 2PSTART!, who graciously allowed us to do a guest strip for them a while back (as well as appear on their podcast). We had no idea what they were going to do for today’s strip, so it was interesting to find that they had the ambition to make a comic focusing on Waluigi.

So, what happens in the comic? As best I can figure it, a sheepish Waluigi gets punched in the kisser by Captain Falcon, who doesn’t seem to understand the basic mechanics of tennis. The magnitude of this force transforms Waluigi into his dapper BitF self. Frankly, I’m most surprised by the fact that Captain Falcon does not appear to suffer any sort of tennis-based penalty as a result of his actions. Then again, this is the same series that lets Mario catch the ball on fire, so heavy hits are likely fair game. And hey, I’d probably watch tennis if it was more like this.

On Friday I’ll be doing a comic of my own. Matthew and I discussed the concept together (like most regular comic ideas) so it’ll be pretty good, I hope. If it’s not, then don’t get too annoyed: Matthew-drawn comics will be back next week.

-By Chris


Friday, March 26 — 12:19 PM
Hey, guys. Just checking in to let you know that the comic should be posted this evening sometime. Check back tonight!

Update again, 7:03 PM: I’m putting a lot of effort into this, and I’m afraid I’m not nearly as practiced as Matthew at drawing comics. It’s a pretty large comic, it’s in full color, and it attempts some fairly elaborate art, so it’s simply taking a while to finish. Please check back tomorrow for the comic. I, for one, hope that it’s worth the wait.

– Chris