Hi everyone! Thought I’d give everybody an update on the situation–the marriage and honeymoon went great! But this week is also a major transition week since I’m moving everything from my place and Sarah’s as well into our new home, and as anyone who’s moved can tell you, this is a major undertaking. And after everything else that’s happened this year, it’s sort of a nice way to start off my new life.

The good news is that this won’t take longer than this week, so starting next Tuesday (July 3rd), BitF will be back and rolling with regular updates, twice a week again. I’ve had to take more hiatuses than I’d prefer–I initially figured there’d be two weeks I needed in June, but the sickness struck me by surprise–but soon I’ll be settled in our home and there shouldn’t be any BitF interruptions for awhile.

Thanks for your congratulations and your patience! And be sure to check back next week for that announcement I teased a few weeks ago.

-By Matthew