So here it is, everyone.

My final update as a swingin’ bachelor! By this evening (Friday), I will be married to the most wonderful girl in the world, and it’ll probably end up something like this comic (save for the Nintendo characters, time of day, and probably most if not all of the dialogue. Also I guessed on how her wedding dress will look and if she’ll be wearing her glasses and I think my hair will be neater).

But no need to worry like Kirby and Dedede! We’ll be back soon enough with more comics–I’m shooting for the week after next, but depending on how long moving everything to the house takes, it might be longer. Oh, and believe it or not, this is not the big announcement I was trying to make earlier! That’s something that still has to go through a bit more red tape before I can reveal it, but hopefully it’ll be within this month.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

-By Matthew