So it’s been an extremely rough week, and things are going to get even worse in the next few days. I’ve gotta prepare for some surgery on Thursday since I’ve been in severe pain all weekend (it hurts to even stand up or walk), and without getting into too many details, the surgery preparation might be worse than the surgery itself.

I hate that this is happening now, though, because I really wanted to get out the 400th comic in a relatively timely manner. I’ve been putting a lot of work into it and will continue to do so, but my health has to come before BitF in this case. Thank you all for your continued patience; I’ll keep working on it as much as I can, and depending on how the recovery goes, it should be ready by next week sometime. I hate being late with comics when people are used to checking them on a consistent schedule. Very sorry again or the repeated delays, but sometimes life throws us a painful curveball!

I will update when I have a better idea of when I’ll be finished.

-By Matthew

Update: Matthew’s condition has gotten a bit more unpleasant. He’s due for at least a couple more procedures in the near future. He’s anxious to finish the new comic, but he is simply unable to work in this condition, so it’ll be a little while yet before the comic’s up. He’s really enjoyed receiving the well wishes of you folks out there, so feel free to keep sending ’em to Let’s all hope he feels better soon.