This strip about the difficulties of being a formless fire baddie (of which there are surprisingly many in Nintendo games) didn’t start off in color–that was a late decision once I decided that the cooler BitF blues just weren’t getting the idea of fire and lava across all that well. So hey, a bonus semi-color comic for ya!

And so it’s come to this, almost 400 strips. I’ve definitely been working on comic 400 this week (and last) but it’s putting up quite a fight and I want to make sure I’m completely satisfied with it. Right now, I’m shooting for Friday to contain the update–that’s one week from now. Unfortunately, I can’t completely promise it’ll be here then, but I’ll do my best!

Until then, I hope you guys try out Rhythm Heaven Fever sometime! It’s a real hoot.

-By Matthew

FRIDAY UPDATE: Okay. So, it’s been an insanely busy week for me. Not only have I poured a ton of time into the comic to make it like I want it, but it’ll require even more effort to finish. Also, I had to undergo a very unpleasant procedure at the proctologist’s (!) yesterday and I’ve been woozy and under the weather since! But this comic must be finished! I shall continue to work the heck out of it; without any sort of surprise obstacles, it ought to be ready for you guys sometime in the middle of next week. My apologies for not having it up sooner, but I certainly have been putting a lot into it and I think it’s going to be special.

Here are some sneak peeks from the comic for you: