Matthew’s written a letter explaining a bit more of his health situation. The comics will continue eventually! Feel free to wish Matthew well at

Hey folks, it’s Matthew. First off, thank you for the massive amount of Get Well messages–I’m still trying to go through them all! I have been slowly recovering despite a few more hurdles, and I should hopefully be getting the big medicines this week, finally. About this update–I was feeling bad about Waluigi not getting his own special April Fools comic as usual, and after that long-nosed yahoo invaded my dreams last night, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. So here’s Waluigi’s own…er, apology letter or something of that nature. Remember to keep the spirit of the season in your hearts today!

Also, comic 400 is currently planned to hit the week after this one, with normal updates resuming afterward. Thank you for your patience and support!