Hi everyone. It looks like my recovery process is going to take a heck of a long time, but the good news is that I’ve finally started the big medicine, and hopefully I’ll be seeing good results over the next several weeks. I’ve been slowly recovering enough to finally feel like I can put in a good amount of work again, so unless something catastrophic comes up (which is always a possibility it seems), Brawl in the Family will finally be resuming its normal schedule! Comic 400 should be up this Thursday, with normal updates continuing starting with 401 on Tuesday, 402 on Friday, etc.

Would you believe I had to go to the ER again today for something completely unrelated? Sheesh, what a month!

And big news for those of you in the New York area–Chris and I will be attending a convention at the University of Buffalo: UBCon! It takes place this weekend, from Friday to Sunday, and I’ll be doing a panel, as well as selling stuff and drawing you any gaming character you want! For freeeeee. Be warned though–if I don’t know who the character is, I’ll just make something up. Also, I’m gonna try my best to be active as much as possible, although I’ll likely need to take breaks. But whatever, come and see us and shoot the breeze! We can talk about the Ice Climbers!

-By Matthew