I don’t do enough jokes specifically about Kirby games! Today’s strip shows Dedede in the seldomly-seen role as final boss material, and as it’s a flashback to before the first Kirby game, he looks a little younger (and he has his old hat)! Since I poked fun at Whispy Woods’ uselessness all the way back (in comic 003!), I figure it’s time to look at how ridiculous Lololo and Lalala are as bosses.

Onto the news! A special friend of mine will be in town for a couple weeks, and in the interest of not keeping her bored, I will be taking next week off.


There will still be two comics next week! But not by me, oh no. That’s right, prepare yourself for the first guest strip of Brawl in the Family! I’ll be back the week after next, but the updates will still keep on comin,’ so stand by.

-By Matthew