Well, I couldn’t pass up doing something different for Halloween, so here we have one of the most disturbing takes on Kirby eating something.

While I like the gag at the end of this strip, I was possibly even more invested in just the general atmosphere and feel of it. Designing the zombified versions of the BitF cast was a lot of fun, as was the experimenting with different brushes and colors for the look. There are a couple indirect references in there too, but as I’m by no means a horror movie buff, not as many as I’d like.

In case you’re wondering where Zombie Kirby came from, check comic 11!

Have a spooky Halloween. Remember, it’s supposed to be scary, not sexy. Cover yourself up and freak out some kids (or for some of you out there, not covering up would have the same result). Either way, someone deserves to be scared, so do your civic duty!

So what happens with the zombies, then? TO BE CONCLUDED ON TUESDAYYYY…

-By Matthew