It’s the conclusion to the Jigglypuff and Kirby mini-story relationship thing! This pairing started off as a joke wayyyy back in a single-digit comic and it wasn’t really my intention to make Jiggs a recurring girlfriend for Kirby at that point. But since then, the puffy Pokemon has starred in some of the cuddliest BitF strips of all, so I definitely wanted to make one more comic about the two.

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Early brainstorming for this comic ended up in a more jokey–but much darker–way: Jiggly forgot Attract, and it immediately cut to Kirby telling her, “I think we should break up.” I thought making their entire relationship based on that move would undermine some of the sweeter moments of the comic, though, so I ended up going the exact opposite direction here. Their love is genuine, folks!

Meanwhile, the Kickstarter keeps on growing! Since Tuesday, we’ve gotten about halfway to the next stretch goal of free songs for every backer. Oh, and in other news, there’s some major Smash Bros. leakage going on! While I have some issues with the final roster, I’m very excited for the game and for a couple of the secret characters in particular.

Anyway I hope this comic made you feel good, because what you’re about to read next might break your heart a little.

Are you ready?

This is the last “normal” comic of Brawl in the Family. Tune in next week for the Beginning of the End…

-By Matthew