The Mushroom Kingdom’s most beloved (and perhaps only?) royalty, Princess Peach’s pure heart and devotion to her people afford her many fans. None can compare to her number one devotee, however–a heroic plumber so set on her safety, he’s willing to brave an endless supply of obstacles to keep her safe.

When she’s not ruling her kingdom, playing tennis, hitting the links, throwing parties, competing in races, or hurling turnips on the battlefield, Peach tends to spend a lot of her time as a captive in Bowser’s Castle. The routine’s gotten so well-worn by now that it’s more of a formality than anything, and we’re not sure even the Koopa King knows why he’s still doing it by this point…

All characters have been revealed on the site (although it might take a little bit for it all to be updated)! I thought for awhile about who I wanted to fill in the last roster slot, and while Peach isn’t a particularly surprising pick, it’s her story in The Captive Princess that was the deciding factor (and she’s had a couple big roles in other story arcs).
Today’s comic was one more look at a strange relationship that I can’t get enough of–Bowser and Peach’s. The art took longer than usual to get down, but I think the end result is kinda nice and soft-looking. I kind of see Bowser’s first few kidnappings as really well thought-out, but like a middle-aged fellow stuck in the same job, he starts phoning it in from time to time.

The books 2 + 3 Kickstarter is going smoothly. I’ve gone ahead and added the next Stretch Goal to the books, so they’re getting better and better as the month progresses! The next Stretch Goal will be a nice bonus for every single backer: all the BitF songs in high-quality MP3s, for free! And this includes something new as well, so consider jumping in to get everyone closer to that goal!

-By Matthew