Welcome to the final story arc, ladies and gentlemen! So what exactly just happened at the end there? Today’s comic might be a bit of a head-scratcher, but things will fall into place over the next few weeks. In fact, on Friday, one of the long-running mysteries of the comic might just be resolved. Don’t miss it!

I’d like to direct your collective attentions to Nefarious one last time! The campaign is on its last few days, and while it’s over 60% of the way to its goal, it still needs one final push! So this is a last call to action to those of you on the fence–it’s shaping up to be an excellent game that we’d love to make happen. And I’d be happy to continue making music for it!

On that note, click here to hear the full version of the game’s main theme theme!

Finally, for the BitF book supporters, we’ve hit the free MP3s for all backers stretch goal now!

-By Matthew