Hello again, everyone! Brawl in the Family is back from the break with a new strip all about Super Mario 3D World. It’s a fun game so far and the Cat Suit is probably one of the better Mario power-ups as of late. Since there was a bit of a wait for this one, I went with a few different comic ideas in one so you get some bang for your buck.

And speaking of bucks, only 3 days left of the Tadpole Treble Kickstarter and we’re over 90% of the way to the goal! Just a little more of a push can help make this lifelong dream a reality. Now’s the time to pledge if you’ve been holding off!

It’s getting close to Christmastime, so I’d like to remind everyone again to make your store orders ASAP if you want them before the 25th. I sent out a bunch this morning and will keep an eye on the orders to make sure I get to them right away.

-By Matthew