Today’s strip is up early since I’m leaving on vacation tonight. Special thanks to Sarah for her unique handwriting which makes up Samus’s letter, as well as helping me find the right words to convey this idea.

I really like the concept of Samus fondly thinking back of her childhood and finding warmth in the Chozo statues in the Metroid game. I’m sure we’ve all balled up in their arms at some point, but I can’t help but feel that Samus might do that herself now and then for the warm familiarity.

So how’s my game doing? Well…we’ve officially been approved by Nintendo as a Wii U developer! HOORAY! Lifelong Dream Part 1 complete! Tadpole Treble, meanwhile, is now at the halfway point of the timeline and has reached 70% of its goal. We’ll still need a bit of a boost to hit that Wii U stretch goal, but I have faith in you fellas to help me make this happen. 😀 I mean, look at that smiley! How can you say “no” to that big ol’ D mouth?

I had an absolutely ridiculous experience yesterday–a life-changing event happened to fall at the exact worst moment, and it made for one of the most awkward moments of my existence! Check out the video here, where I spin a yarn that’s sure to have you cringing!

By the way, Christmas is coming! Which means we have another sale on the store, so be sure to order stuff now to ensure you get it in time! I can’t promise that every international order will be received on time, but I’ll do my best once I get home from vacation to stay on top of getting everyone’s packages out ASAP. So if you want them by the 25th, it’s good to act now.

BitF will return Tuesday, December 3rd.