I haven’t had the pleasure of playing A Link Between Worlds yet, but I’m looking forward to trying out the new item-acquisition system. Chris helped me out with the prices on this comic–he has the game and has been raving about it (a bit unusual for him with a newer game, in fact), so it’s topping my Christmas list!

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Guys, it’s the last day of the Tadpole Treble Kickstarter!

We hit our initial goal a couple days ago, but we’ve opened up a PayPal option for those who’d like to pledge without going through Kickstarter! In fact, the PayPal will be open for awhile (beyond the end of the campaign), so it’s still going to be possible to hit that $45,000 Wii U stretch goal!

If you want to see me PLAY NINTENDO MUSIC LIVE on a keyboard, check out our Live Stream for Tadpole Treble’s final day! It’ll be going from a bit after 10:30 AM (Central) to 1:00 PM (Central). I’ll also be playing some Tadpole Treble music as well! Requests are welcome!

-By Matthew