Sorry about the little delay today! There were some complications getting the image from home all the way here to my in-laws’. In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been playing some Pikmin lately in anticipation of the third game for the Wii U, and I think I’m getting a newfound appreciation for the series. Even if I sometimes lose hordes of Pikmin while attempting to retrieve tchotchkes and memorabilia that don’t really help the ship’s performance.

Now then! You guys are amazing! Within a single day, the Brawl in the Family Kickstarter has reached its initial goal! Remember that the more the project is funded, the bigger the book will be, and the next goal (for the first 200 strips including the 35 Waluigi comics) is close to being reached as well! So keep an eye out, and remember that the better the Kickstarter does, the more stuff I’ll keep crammin’ in there. Thank you all for your support so far.

-By Matthew