Greetings from the McDonald’s parking lot! Indeed, we still don’t have internet hooked up in our home (should be sometime this week), so I’ll have to make do with hopping on WiFi hotspots sporadically in the meantime. I’ll be able to catch up on several emails and such soon enough as well.

So, today’s comic is the start of a long-overdue story arc! We haven’t had one of these in a while, have we? The detail in this strip that most amuses me is probably not visible on most people’s monitors, but that might be for the best anyway…

Another Kickstarter update–we’ve reached the point where I can include the full first 200 comics in the book! Thanks, everyone! As long as there’s time left, I’m happy to keep setting new goals for the project, so I’ll keep you posted! The next goal is for an all-new, full color, multi-page comic story/poem at the beginning of the book, and it’s very close to being reached! So I’ll probably have to make a couple more McDonald’s trips soon to keep it updated. Thanks again for the support.

-By Matthew