Link’s method of trying to catch the hearts with his mouth was too weird of a panel to pass up. I think this comic’s idea is fairly universal, but for those who haven’t played Skyward Sword and need some context, that’s the easily-smitten item check girl Peatrice from which Link is heart-harvesting.

Some of you may have noticed that something is slightly different with the art. I finally got a newer computer, replacing my 2004 iMac, and with it came a MUCH better performance on my tablet. It feels far more natural to make curved lines now, when in the past I was always perturbed by the slight “lumpiness” of the comics. I chalked it up to just me being unable to hold my hand steadily enough, but it’s nice to know that’s not true. As a result, I’ll be experimenting a little with the art from time to time as well.

It does make me a little sad knowing I’ve essentially had a handicap for the past 398 comics, though.

-By Matthew