Wahey, 300 comics! One eighth of the way there!

Pardon my upcoming barrage of words; I tend to get verbose around milestone comics.
When coming up with this trio of musical comics, today’s strip was my favorite idea of the three, but I knew I’d need some length and a splash of color to do it justice. I also had a separate idea for an original song AFTER the Christmas Classics trilogy, but I thought that’d be a poor idea since everyone would likely be musical-ed out for that point. So…maybe next milestone.

Getting back to today’s comic, it’s a parody of “All I Want for Christmas is You,” written by Carey and Walter Afanasieff, and sung by Mariah Carey. Of course, the version here was transposed, recorded and sung by Ganondorf (me), while Chris handled the percussion section, Sarah voiced Veran and some background vocals, while my dad’s pipes supplied Onox’s soothing baritone. Ocarina of Time is still my favorite video game, so it was a lot of fun filling the comic with Zelda references and characters.

So that’s pretty much what compelled me to base the 300th installment of a Nintendo-themed webcomic to be a parody of a Mariah Carey Christmas love song as sung by arguably the most sinister villain in the company’s history. Amazingly, the forums came remarkably close to guessing just that.

And that finishes 2010 for BitF. The third year has wrapped up and I see this time as a “season finale” of sorts, with the opportunity to reflect on what aspects were successful and what needed improvement. I’ll leave the excess details out of this blog post, since it’s already gtting long. But due to the past couple weeks really draining me, I’m gonna take 2 weeks off and will return with regularly-scheduled updates on Tuesday, January 11, 2011. So 1/11/11!

So what’s next for Brawl in the Family? Well, the story arcs this year were generally “lighter” than in 2009, and I’m kind of feeling like making a biggie next year. We’ll see though.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the fans and readers! The viewership keeps growing and I’ve had a great time hearing from and chatting with you guys. Not to get schmaltzy or anything, but your comments really make the hard work worthwhile and help me discover what works and what doesn’t in the comic. Thanks for your continued support! And of course, merry Christmas to all.

-By Matthew


Sorry about the delay, everyone!  We encountered several obstacles in the completion of the comic and recording, not the least of which were some recording issues I encountered with my percussion part.  Also, my road trip to my parents’ place was a day longer than expected due to bad weather: an icy road messed up the back bumper on my car! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comic and have some happy holidays and whatnot.

– Chris