Waluigi opted to run the second comic of this trio of Christmas Classics. While his past work was of questionable taste, I decided to let him take the reins anyway, in hopes of making something full of Christmas cheer. I’m sure you’ll agree that the resulting tune is destined to become a new cornerstone of caroling for years to come (and similarly, will inevitably result in having a load of garbage dumped on singers’ heads).

Hey, comic 300 is next up! It’s the last of the songs as well as a pretty big milestone, and the final comic of the year. But what could it be about? I’ll leave that up to speculation.


Until then, Chris has a couple of important announcements, so please lend him your ear.

-By Matthew


I’m somewhat astonished to announce that our store has completely sold out of Dededolls!  We’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us by buying some of our fine goods.  If you’ve already ordered your Dededoll, don’t worry: your Dededoll is on the way!

While it’s great that so many Dededolls have found homes, we won’t receive our next shipment of Dededolls until March 2011.  We will continue accepting orders in the meantime, and we will ship those orders as soon as we receive the shipment.  If your order includes other items, we will ship them separately so that you receive them in a timely manner.

Several factors have caused the production cost of Dededolls to rise, so starting on January 1, 2011, we are being forced to raise the regular price of Dededolls to $24.99.  However, until the end of the year, we will continue selling them at the currently discounted price of $17.99!  Just remember that we will only be able to ship out your order when March 2011 comes around.  We’ll announce it on the site when we receive our shipment of Dededolls.

Finally, we have a technical question for anyone out there who’s familiar with the workings of WordPress!  The thing is, we’d like to move the music player for our musical comics to a position above the comic.  This would allow us to disable the autoplay function (which may be annoying to people who follow our RSS feed) and let the reader start the music when they’re ready.  We’ve tried a bunch of different things, but we’ve not arrived at a better result than the current autoplaying music in the news post.  If any of you smart folks out there have an idea on how we could implement this, please toss us an email at staff (at) brawlinthefamily (dot) com!  Thanks. XD

– Chris