Happy belated New Year, everyone! To celebrate, here’s a comic where the punchline is found in the first panel. The trickiest thing about today’s update was in making several of the panels make logical sense in multiple ways (hence Dark Matter, the lemon drop, etc). But it sure was a fun challenge and a rather meta way to premiere the “fourth season” of Brawl in the Family.

2011 is sure to big a big year for BitF! On April 15-17, we’ll be attending our very first convention: “No Brand Con X” in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We’ll have a booth there, and I’m looking forward to chatting with anyone who stops by! We might even be participating in a panel of some sort! At any rate, we’ll keep you posted on more details as the date gets closer.

What else? Well, we’re shooting for some new merchandise this year as well, one of which should be available very soon (within a matter of weeks). And for the comic itself, I’m planning on doing a pretty big story within a month or two…that may span a month or two. We’ll see.

So I hope you have a great year. The updates are back to the regular schedule, so be sure to pop back in each Tuesday and Friday for your daily dose of Brawl in the Family.

-By Matthew


We’ve selected the nominees and winners of the December 2010 Fan Art Contest!  Go check them out: we got some really special ones this month.  Our January 2011 contest is up and running too, so whip out those pens and go to town!  Thanks to everyone who has taken part in our contests so far – it’s been a blast!

And now, for an update on store news!  We”re pushing hard to get our next shipment of dolls produced as quickly as possible, since we feel really bad that we sold out of our last stock before the new shipment was done.  It just kinda takes a long time to make ’em!  They’ll be shipped out as soon as we get them, which looks to be late March.  We’ll keep selling them at a discounted price until then!

The holiday sale prices will still be good for a few more days!  I’ve been away tending to family matters, and I’ll be back at our shipping facility by Friday, working overtime to get everyone’s orders shipped out.  After we’re caught up, the sale will end!  We will still offer a $5.00 discount for Dededolls as a pre-order discount.

We’ve also got a new shirt that will be available in the coming weeks!  We’ll announce more info and begin taking orders once we know when we’ll get the shirts in our hands.  We try to avoid situations where we’re taking pre-orders for an item, since we want to do everything we can to eliminate delay in shipping the orders we receive.  Our apologies to all who experienced such delays with our sold out items this holiday!  We will work hard to make sure that we’re never sold out of an item again.

– Chris