Kirby’s Epic Yarn week is go!

In case you missed it from last update, there’ll be five short & sweet yarn-themed comics this week, Monday through Friday. And with a return to the world of Kirby comes a callback to a couple ancient relics from the archive. Since it’s hard to imagine yarn hitting yarn having any sort of real impact, it looks like both characters have lost some token abilities in the transformation to string. Yarn Dedede here sorta looks like the Dededoll…

On the game itself, I just picked it up today and played through the first world in co-op! Suffice to say, it’s shamelessly adorable, even moreso than last year’s “aww”-inducer, A Boy and His Blob. It’s also very clever and altogether pleasant so far, so I’m looking forward to jumping deeper in the game over the next several days.

See you tomorrow!

-By Matthew