This was also a lot of fun to write and draw; I’ve always enjoyed Wario! And being stuck around women like Captain Syrup who have a tendency to be as greedy as him…well, I could see him going for a more honest type like Peach. Then again, Merelda didn’t do it for him, but there was an infinite amount of treasure on the line…and no woman can compete with that. Um, according to Wario, at least. Don’t hit me, Sarah!

Say, a pretty major game comes out in two days. Yep, we’re getting the first Kirby console game since 2003, and the first Kirby console adventure in eleven years! Naturally, this is cause for celebration, so expect no less than five Kirby’s Epic Yarn-themed comics next week! They’ll be short and sweet in the style of early BitF, and will be showing up every weekday. So make sure you nab the very awesome-looking game shortly, and join us for the week-long celebration starting Monday!

-By Matthew