Yarn week continues with day 2 of our five-day marathon! And come on, the game is just begging for a comic like this. I’m currently in the third world and the title’s getting more and more creative, with surprises and pleasantry around every corner. I’ll say now that the game might not be for everyone due to the fairly low challenge (although there’re some tricky spots if you’re going for 100%), but this is more than made up for by all the creativity present in the title; unless you’ve got a heart of stone, this game’s guaranteed to make you smile. Often.

Some of you may have seen a distasteful banner ad earlier tonight/yesterday, which wasn’t up for long before we caught it. Please accept our apologies for this error. Our ad policy is that we only approve ads for quality sites that are appropriate for all ages, so we were quite surprised to see an inappropriate ad being displayed. The reason that this particular ad appeared was that an advertiser changed their approved ad to something unacceptable that we had no approval over. This advertiser has since been banned from our ad space. Again, we apologize for the mistake, but it won’t happen again!

-By Matthew