Whew! It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally reached the big 200! And unlike some past milestones, I decided to not cover a parody this time, but instead do something original for once. As a result, the second song in BitF history, and the first one that isn’t a parody of something.

So in the spirit (hur hur) of strips like Stomp, I decided to elaborate on those minions–those lovable, meandering peons just doing their jobs–that get wiped out by the hundreds. Writing the song was a fun process, if extremely time-consuming, but I couldn’t do it alone: many thanks to my dad, who provided the french horn, my mom for shouting about blue shells, my brother for the lovely solo about Mets, my girlfriend for the soprano chorus throughout, and Chris for general feedback and suggestions.

There are a pretty big number of game references and cameos in this strip–see how many you can spot, or in a couple cases hear (hint: listen for the marimba).

So blathering about today’s 68-panel behemoth aside, what lies in the near future for Brawl in the Family?

A WEEK BREAK. Yes, I’m taking Thanksgiving week off for time spendage with beloved ones.

But I’ll be back on Tuesday, December 1st with something…interesting.

So, yeah, woo! Two-hundred comics! Here’s to another…uhh…non-committal number of comics!

*drinks Pep Brew*

-By Matthew