There are a fair number of things we take for granted in the Mushroom Kingdom that could be construed as pretty disturbing when you get right down to it. The fact that everything has eyes extends to edible objects like mushrooms, and when you consider that the population in these games often revolves around a race of mushroom-like people, the undertones are a bit unnerving.

This comic also celebrates a certain high profile game coming out this Sunday that gives a starring role to two of the characters in this comic. Try not to think about it too much when Blue Toad or Yellow Toad grab a Super Mushroom.

Now then…we’re fast approaching comic 200, aren’t we? Rest assured that it’ll be quite massive, so apologies in advance if it takes some time to load. Due to the magnitude of the comic, it won’t be up until next Friday (November 20th), but these things take time.

Until then, how about a sneak peek at the comic?


Uhh…well, I’ll leave it to you to speculate. See you next week!

-By Matthew