Welcome to part 1 of the new project!

I got the idea for this year’s Christmas story LAST year, actually, while I was doing How the King Stole Christmas. I saw a production of A Christmas Carol and wondered how it’d play out with Mario in the Scrooge role. Then I realized it’d have to be an older, crankier Mario, and I began to think about what sort of factors would make him turn out that way. What would Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Daisy, and the others be doing? What would the Mushroom Kingdom be like if Mario grew to be Scrooge-like?

Well, I’ll be spending this month telling you, in massive installments dropping in on the usual order of two-a-week!

I’m hoping this all goes down well. I know people like to check BitF for a simple gag with Nintendo characters, but I’ve really been wanting to try a large-scale serial with this comic for quite some time. So we’re doing things a little differently this month–it’s not going to all be gloom and doom, of course; I’ll try my best to keep the humor flowing naturally, but as you can see above, it’s not going to always be a set-up to a big joke at the end.

I think I know my audience pretty well, and they (you) seem to have an open-mind for the new and experimental. I hope you enjoy this series…but if not, we’ll be back to normal after this month!

-By Matthew