When thinking up strips, sometimes I get into a mindset that I consider too “jokey,” and while that’s all well and good for something as un-subtle as a comic strip (spoiler alert: the punchline is in the last panel!), at times I wonder if it’s too much.

Today’s comic is, like a few BitF strips in the past, a little more open-ended with the gag itself. What’s running through Adeleine’s head in the middle panels isn’t really clear (is she slowly processing the joke? Is she in disbelief at such a forced, goofy pun?), but at the end of the day, it’s just two characters havin’ fun on a picnic. Dedede would likely gag if he witnessed this scenario.

Things I find funny don’t always match up with a more universal approach, but I like to keep a little variety in the humor either way. Also, sporks make everything better.

-By Matthew