Today’s dialogue-less strip hearkens back to the Spy vs. Spy style of one-upmanship. While the Olimar/Snake rivalry continues, the mercenary finally meets his match when ambushed by an opponent that can literally disappear into the shadows.

There was something oddly satisfying about drawing this comic. Perhaps I just like the idea of someone being two steps ahead of the sneaky guy.

-By Matthew


Our Advertisement Philosophy

For a while now, we’ve been using Project Wonderful to provide our site ads. Project Wonderful is a big improvement in many ways over our old ad-provider, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share these ways with you.

Project Wonderful gives us the ability to personally approve of each ad, and the ads come from quality sites. We’ve taken serious advantage of this approval feature. We will be mainly following the below criteria when deciding whether to approve an ad:

1. Is the site worth your time?
2. Is the site generally appropriate for a wide audience? (Nothing that couldn’t be considered PG-13.)

We will not be approving ads for sites that we don’t think are worth your time. We will also not be approving ads for sites that have a substantial amount of inappropriate content. We’ve had to turn down plenty of ads so far for these reasons.  With these policies in mind, you can expect that the quality of our advertisers will be high. Basically, we won’t be accepting any ads for sites that aren’t worth visiting or feature inappropriate content.

We are confident that Project Wonderful will enable the ads on our site to be a point of interest, something that our readers can benefit from. We hate bad ads – that’s why we won’t be running them.

– Chris