June 1st, 7:00 PM

You’ve waited patiently, and now they’re finally ready to go! The entire Brawl in the Family comic collection is now available in book form, with Volumes One, Two, and Three each containing 200+ comics and loads of bonus features as well! We also have the deluxe, solid slipcase that contains the three hardcovers too! Go check out the individual books on the bookstore for more details, or buy the whole lot here!

We have a limited number of these, so if you want them, you’ll need to act quick…because once they’re gone, that’s it! Initially, I was only planning on sending them out via Kickstarter backers, but that campaign was a big enough success that I was able to order some extras. If you want your books and/or slipcase, I’d recommend acting fast, because we have only about 200 of each! So don’t let it pass you by again–get your books today!

Incidentally, we also have some other cool stuff for sale, including the digital versions of all three books (which are NOT a limited item), as well as the last few BitF T-Shirts (we only have a handful left). There’s also a high-quality trio of BitF songs you can get…for any price you want!

Check out the store here!

-By Matthew