This month, Matthew and Chris take flight in Fox McCloud’s exciting new adventure, Star Fox Zero, as well as Slippy’s weird little game, Star Fox Guard! They also explore the colorful history of the Star Fox series.

This was recorded on April 27, 2016. (We had some website work and other stuff that extended the time needed to edit it.) Look forward to the next Podcast on July 1st, in which we’ll discuss the events of E3 2016!

0:42 : The History of Star Fox, starting with the original SNES game
8:26 : Matthew and Chris impersonate various Star Fox characters, and then continue talking about the History of Star Fox
19:38 : Star Fox Zero Discussion
44:58 : Star Fox Zero Spoilers
49:02 : End of Star Fox Zero Spoilers, discussion of the game continues
55:51 : Star Fox Guard Discussion
1:02:14 : Why Did They Do That??

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