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Thread: The Arena: Rules and Guidelines v5.0 *PLEASE READ*

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    The Arena: Rules and Guidelines v5.0 *PLEASE READ*

    The Arena: Rules and Guidelines Thread v5.0: D&Dedede

    Welcome to the Arena! This is BitForums’s very own subforum just for roleplays and roleplaying games. This thread’s goal is to introduce you to the board and roleplays, as well as outline the Arena’s rules and provide tips and guidelines for effective roleplaying. It might seem daunting, but hopefully you will leave this thread with a better understanding of how this board works, and more importantly, maybe you’ll be raring to go and start roleplaying yourself.

    If you're looking to make an RP or RPG, you should check out the Proving Grounds Intro after reading this.

    Table of Contents:

    Section 1. Introduction
    - 1-A. What is a Roleplay?
    - 1-B. How to Participate in a Roleplay
    - 1-C. About the Lords of the Arena
    Section 2. Arena Rules
    - 2-A. The Five-Sentence Rule
    - 2-B. About Out-of-Character Posts
    - 2-C. BitForums Rules
    - 2-D. About Infractions
    Section 3. Roleplaying Guidelines
    - 3-A. Godmodding
    - 3-B. Interacting with Other RPers
    - 3-C. Building Characters
    - 3-D. Spelling, Grammar, and Format
    Section 4. Other Notes and Advice
    - 4-A. About Using BBCode in Text
    - 4-B. About Locked Threads
    - 4-C. About Editing Posts and Double-Posting
    - 4-D. About Gamemasters
    - 4-E. About Activity and Inactivity
    Section 5. RPGs in the Arena
    - 5-A. How RPs and RPGs differ
    - 5-B. RPGs in The Arena as Opposed to Castle Lololo
    - 5-C. RPG-specific Rules
    Section 6. Guidelines for RPGs
    - 6-A. Rule Zero
    - 6-B. GM and Player Interaction
    - 6-C. Keeping Rolls Interesting
    Section 7. Closing

    Spoiler: Section 1. Introduction 

    Spoiler: Section 2. Arena Rules 

    Spoiler: Section 3. Roleplaying Guidelines 

    Spoiler: Section 4. Other Notes and Advice 

    Spoiler: Section 5. RPGs in the Arena 

    Spoiler: Section 6. Guidelines for RPGs 

    Spoiler: Section 7. Closing 
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