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582 – Ruto

582 – Ruto
August 1st, 2014

582 – Ruto

Friday, August 1 — 12:00 AM

It’s Ruto! Yes, for those of you wondering, she really does have a pair of eyes on the top/back of her head. It’s pretty eerie if you ask me, and makes me wonder what the heck those things on the front of her face are. Hope no one’s otherwise weirded out by the shapely fish girl greeting them to the comic page today.

Incidentally, both Ruto and Darunia are the latest included characters in Hyrule Warriors, which is why a little bit of this week’s running theme is Ocarina of Time.

There’ve been some questions floating about regarding the comic’s end and what’ll happen to the site and the store. They’ll both still remain online, with all the comics available for viewing! However, I’m not ordering more of the store items, so if there’s somethin’ you want, you may want to make haste in picking it out. For more details, check this post.

-By Matthew