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Thread: Matthew's handwriting

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    Matthew's handwriting

    I noticed something interesting about "Letter Update" the second time I read it: the unusual forms of 'a' and 'g'.

    Fig. 1: "Letter Update" with 'a' and 'g' highlighted (click to enlarge)

    There are two forms of lowercase 'g': the opentail form and the looptail form. The opentail form is used in most sans-serif fonts (such as Helvetica and Arial) and italic serif fonts, while the looptail form is more common in upright serif fonts (such as Times New Roman) but appears in Droid Sans.

    Fig. 2: Forms of 'g' in DejaVu Sans and Droid Sans

    Looptail 'g' has two bowls (enclosed areas) connected at a "neck" (or "link") and an "ear" protruding from the top or top-right of the top bowl.

    Fig. 3: Ear and neck in 'g' in Droid Sans

    By far, most handwriting uses opentail g, but "Letter Update" appears to simulate looptail g. In some places it comes close, but by about the third line it sort of settles down into a form resembling a cursive 'q', but with the end of the loop raised closer to x-height.

    Likewise, the letter 'a' has a 1-story form, looking like an 'o' with a short tail, seen in handwriting, in italic serif fonts, and in some geometric fonts such as Avant Garde and Lubalin Graph. It also has a 2-story form, sort of like an inverted, shrunken opentail 'g', seen in upright serif fonts, most sans-serif fonts.

    Fig. 4: Forms of 'a' in Comic Sans and Droid Sans

    Unlike most handwriting, "Letter Update" uses a 2-story 'a'. There's another handwritten 2-story 'a' that looks more like a handwritten numeral 2, as depicted in the Animaniacs episode "Cookies for Einstein", where "Acme" spelled backward is "Emca", or "Emc2" as Wakko Warner writes it with a 2-story 'a', inspiring Albert Einstein to state the equivalence of mass and energy.

    Interestingly enough, a Waluigi Time from around the same time uses the 1-story 'a' and opentail 'g' more commonly found in handwriting. Making "Waluigi's" handwriting distinct from "Matthew's" is a subtle touch that only font geeks will notice consciously but still sets the in-character work apart from out-of-character work.

    Fig. 5: Waluigi time

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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    While setting apart in character work from OOC work is more than a reasonable explanation to change those particular letters, one can't help but noticing that his signature seems to use the more common 1-story 'a' rather than the less common 2-story 'a' seen in the rest of his handwriting.
    All in all this is quite a fun fact, and while we may not notice it consciously I can tell that I definitely noticed something off comparing both letters, but I couldn't tell what with simple sight.

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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    Hah, this is quite an in-depth analysis! A little backstory for your trouble:

    When I was in the 8th grade or so, I got a little calligraphy set to try writing in a more interesting form. Practicing with it got me familiar with the "two-story" a and the slightly fancier g compared to the more simplistic versions I'd been using. The habit of writing a's and g's like that caught on from then onward, and that's always been part of my handwriting since.

    When I started BitF, most of the text was in uppercase, but when I did lowercase fonts, I typically used the simpler a and g instead of what I was used to because I felt it fit with the comic's childlike aspects more clearly. In fact, I've used it so much since then that I sometimes mix up a's and g's when writing normally now! But yeah, adjusting Waluigi's writing style to differentiate it was definitely a conscious decision.

    The little a's in my name came from me basically writing in a "print" version of cursive (my normal cursive doesn't look all that great). I liked the way it looked so I stuck with it.
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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    This was fun to read!! I love hearing and reading nerdy rants about interesting things. x3 Matthew was just asking me something earlier tonight about another handwriting form for an upcoming comic. I like knowing how much thought he puts into things.

    (On another note, the fact that so much effort was put into analyzing Matthew's handwriting really shows that it's time for another comic to discuss... haha)

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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    Wow, I'd never have noticed this! You sure do have a nice eye for details :D

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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    I wouldn't have caught all them details! *clap clap clap* This was a very good read, indeed.
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    Re: Matthew's handwriting


    Most impressive.

    Until further notice, you will be known as 'the handwriting guy'.

    Seriously, cool stuff.
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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    That was very interesting. I never noticed that, either. Great job!

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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    Eeenteresting. Ferry eenteresting.

    Ferry, ferry interesting.

    Vith a ferry faluable lesson on fonts, too!

    Sank you ferry much.

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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    Wow, that's kinda make me wonder how my handwriting is. Nice job on the analysis!

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    Re: Matthew's handwriting

    Wow, that's really observant. I would never catch something like that. You have my respect.

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