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Thread: The Fall of Guardia: A Chrono Trigger Fanfic

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    The Fall of Guardia: A Chrono Trigger Fanfic

    Disclaimer: Chrono Trigger is owned by Square Enix.

    May 13th 1005 CE (Common Era)

    The citizens of Truce had assembled to Leene Square to witness the marriage. A few Mystics from nation of Medina had come as exalted guests. Melchior, the time displaced Zeal Guru of Life had also been invited. At the very front of the Square, in front of the Leene Bell, stood two figures. The young man, his messy spiky red hair blowing softly in the wind looked at his blushing bride and smiled. The young woman returned the smile and held onto his hands. The two cast their gaze upwards to the bell which had begun to ring.

    “They say that when Leene Bell rings, the two people infront of it will be destined together,” said the young man quietly so only his bride could hear him.

    “Five years ago to the day Crono,” smiled the princess as she brought her hand up and stroked his face.

    Crono smiled and leaned in with a kiss. The crowed erupted with applause. In the front row, Crono's life long friend Lucca smiled and wiped a tear from her eyes. “I hate weddings,” she chuckled to Crono's mom. “They always make me cry.” Lucca was handed a tissue an shed dabbed a way a tear.

    “They look so happy together,” the older woman smiled. “Princess Nadia-”

    “Marle,” Lucca interjected, knowing her friend hated to be called Nadia.

    “My mistake,” she mused “She looks so beautiful. Crono is lucky. I just wish his father was alive to see his son standing there.”

    “I'm sure he's watching in his own way,” smiled Lucca as she wiped a strand of her lavender hair away.

    The newlyweds began to make their way through the cheering crowd. Marle clung to Crono's muscled arm and waved to the crowd. Outside the square was a carriage and two rows of the castles finest soldiers stood at attention holding their swords upwards creating an arch for the heroes. Crono helped Marle into carriage and followed after her. He waved to the crowd once more and closed the door.

    Marle kissed him again and fell into his arms. “I love you,” she said as Crono wrapped his arms around her.

    “I love you too Marle,” Crono replied. He laid his head back and sighed contently.


    May 20 1005 CE

    Crono awoke to the sound of sword fighting outside his and Marle's room. The familiar sound of swords clashing made him jump. The door flew open and one of the guards came in. Marle awoke with a start and brought the silk sheet up, hiding her nude body from the guard. “What is going on out there Rikard?” she asked abruptly.

    “Your Highness',” Rikard panted, his damp brown hair clung to his forehead. “Porre is attacking. They've breached the castle walls.”

    “Porre? Attacking us? Why?” asked Crono as he slipped his tunic over his messy red hair.

    “I have no idea. But you must get out of here,” panted Rikard as he turned his back. “Hurry and dress yourselves and be prepared to go into 90 second.”

    Marle wasted no time in getting dressed. She forgo her royal attired and slipped into the clothes she wore when she was travelling. They were smaller of course but she didn't think about that. Finishing up she grabbed her cross bow, while Crono grabbed his katana off the wall. “I never thought we'd have to use these again,” Marle lamented.

    “You will not be fighting,” said Rikard as he grabbed the hilt of his sword. He lead the group down the halls, avoiding the ones with conflict. “First priority is to secure the Guardia line!”

    “Then where's my father?!” Marle asked, her heart beginning to race. She feared the response.

    “Sadly your father was taken out by the High General of the Porre Army,” Rikard said lowly, as he cut down two guards standing in his way. “He was in the garden when the army attacked. I am so very sorry my...queen,” the guard said as tears formed in his eyes.

    “Daddy?” gasped Marle, pausing. “Oh god dad!” she cried.

    Rikard coaxed her along. “We can't stop your highness. We must get to the ruins of Manoria Cathedral. The castle is lost.”

    “What about Truce?” asked Crono. “What about my mom and the Ashleaf family?”

    “Truce has been spared the carnage so far...” Rikard said but his voice trailed off. Standing at the door was an older man wrapped in a red cape, emblazoned with a black chimera. He threw his cape opened, and Marle and Crono recognized the blue uniform with gold trim.

    “Dalton,” the two yelled and readied their weapons.

    The older man laughed and brushed his greying brown hair aside. “That is High General Dalton to you!” His single green eye glared at them. “I have waited 23 years for this moment, let me bask in my victory,” Dalton laughed.

    Rikard lunged at Dalton, but was stopped suddenly as the former High General of Zeal had pierced his chest with a large pike. Rikard fell to the ground, his azure eyes wide in fear. “I've failed,” his voice gurgled.

    Dalton stepped forward, ignoring the dying man. “Oh Crono Mazeral, I know all about you.I know you were born in Truce. I know your mother's name is Gina, and your father Seth is dead. I know you graduated high school in 999. I know everything about you.”

    Crono stood, paralysed with fear. “How could you...” his voiced trailed.

    Marle stepped forward. “How Dalton? How are you doing this?”

    “My dear Princess Nadia, one does not become High General of Zeal by being a bungling fool. That is what you were going to ask.”

    Marle eyed her target and her finger slipped onto the trigger pf her crossbow. “Not one step forward.”

    Dalton's eyes narrowed. “Go ahead...shoot me. I know you want to. Especially after what I did to your dear father.”

    “What'd you do to him?” she growled as tears formed in here eyes.

    Dalton smiled and moved his fingers. Marle was thrown back against the wall, hit by an ice spell. She fell to the ground and got to her knees. “Don't kneel. Very unbecoming of a princess,” Dalton sneered.

    Crono lunged at Dalton, swinging his sword. The older man didn't turn around, but channelled a lightning spell and hit Crono in the chest, pinning him to the roof. “You come to my kingdom and deliver it unto ruination, I shall return the favour.”

    Crono fell to the ground and lunged at Dalton again. Laughing, the High General deflected the blow and deleivered a dizzying punch to Crono's head. He hit him several times with a varierty of spells and finished him off by raising him off the ground and slamming him into the wall him against the wall, driving two large ornamental blades through the palms of his hands, leaving him to hang there. Grabbing Crono's sword, Dalton thrust it into his side. “Might as well take your sword to the grave as every warrior should.”

    Mustering her strength Marle cast her own Ice spell against Dalton, who effortlessly tossed it aside. “For shame dear princess. I expected better of you. I mean, you. that purple haired whore and that mutant frog succeeded in destroying the very pinnacle of civilization. I would expect that you would put up a fight.” Dalton spoke and cast another lightning spell, this one wrapping around the young woman, lifting her up and repeatedly slamming her against the wall. Marle fell to a crumpled heap at the base where Crono was hanging.

    Feeling satisfied with what he had accomplished, Dalton, left the young couple in the garden. “They'll be dead soon,” he thought. “My work here is done.”


    Dalton reached the front gates. “Gentlemen, we have taken the Castle!” A loud cheer went up. “Move into the castle and begin repairs. I shall inform the rest of the High Council that we have succeeded in taking the Castle.”

    “Not yet,” gasped a voice. Dalton turned and saw a man with long green hair standing there. His blue armour shining in the firelight. “Until the Masamune drops from my hand, Guardia shall not fall,” he screamed in anger. He swung at Dalton, who deflected the weapon effortlessly. “My ancestors wielded this blade against Magus himself. I am his heir to that legacy.” He cried in rage and brought his sword down.

    Dalton deflected the sword and slashed downwards, piercing the armour and killed the young defender. He dropped his sword and Dalton picked it up. He examined it closely and laughed. “This is Zeal made. Crafted by Melchior himself. The last remnant of Zeal shall also wield the last weapon of Zeal.” Dalton laughed, not noticing the blade dimmed.

    Part 2 will be up soon.

    This is the first fanfic I've written in a while. There will be a second part to it. Hope you enjoyed it.

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    Re: The Fall of Guardia: A Chrono Trigger Fanfic

    Oh my gosh Dalton is so awesome.

    Anyways, for the most part, nice job. The grammar could use some work, and it seemed just the slightest bit forced, but I like it. I hope you're still working on part two!

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