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Thread: A Lone Soldier's Tale (future novel in progress)

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    A Lone Soldier's Tale (future novel in progress)

    Chapter 1: When He Woke.
    It was what seemed to be a normal Thursday afternoon when Greg walked out the door in his Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) meeting that was to take place that night. As he walked down the street he was thinking about that run that the senior members had planned for him that night as a squadron bonus activity. "Oh boy, they just had to plan it in BDU's didn't they. Oh well, more fun for me" Greg said. As he gets closer to the church that the squadron meets at, he notices a suspicious vehicle drive past and pull into the church parking lot after he turned the corner. "Government vehicle?" Greg said, "....I really got to stop talking to myself". As Greg approached the door Colonel Miller came out the door, as Greg saluted "Good evening sir."
    "As you were" said Miller.
    Greg lowers his arm slowly in confusion as he watches Miller walk towards the unknown vehicle. Greg shrugs his shoulders and walked inside, just to find himself standing there in surprise as the national commander is standing right there speaking to the squadrons general. "Ummm...good evening ma'am, may I ask what brings you to this small squadron?" Greg asked, "That you will find out soon enough cadet" replied the national commander.
    "Oh ma'am this is one of our newer cadets, this is Cadet Airman Greg." stated the squadron general. After trading some greetings with the commander, Greg walks into the gymnasium to sign in. "Good evening cadet", it was one of the senior members speaking to Greg.
    "Yes and a confusing one at that too" Greg stated.
    "Oh, and why is that?" says a voice behind him, Greg turns around to find his CAP friend Regnorak standing behind waiting in line to sign in. "Well Regnorak if you wish to know, I've seen strange activity-" "what you mean the national commander and government vehicles appearing at our front door?" stated Regnorak. "Umm...yeah" Greg said, "why isn't it a surprise for anyone else except the new cadets?" he asked, "Well that's an easy one Greg" Regnorak said with a grunt, "Every year the government comes in to check out each squadron, and pick the cadets they see most useful in abilities in some strange program." Regnorak explained while waving his hand about. "And they chose today why?"
    "Because when the senior members planned the mile run with a 45 lbs. pack on for you Greg, we actually planned for everyone." senior member Hyatt said.
    "Well...ok sounds good enough to me" Greg says with some concern in his voice. As Greg turns away and walks with Regnorak towards the stage of the gymnasium to the right of the sign in, Regnorak stated "God damn it, I'm going to hate this", Greg laughs "I can't blame you guys, most of the cadets here aren't much of runners."
    "True," stated Regnorak, "but I don't have to do any of the things you'll be doing tonight"
    Greg looked at him with a little confusion "Why don't you?" he asked as he set his stuff down on the edge of the stage next to everyone else.
    "Well to tell you the truth, and this is info you have to keep quiet about" Greg nodded confirming the situation, "in all honesty, the program is called C.O.D.E. and I've been recruited as a medic." Explained Regnorak.
    "What does C.O.D.E. stand for?" asked Greg.
    "Oh you'll find out soon enough." Regnorak said as the flight commanders call the cadets to form up for opening.
    "Ah man so tired" Stated Aaron after they get up from doing stretches on the ground.
    "Let me guess Aaron, you pulled an all nighter last night." Chief Tier said as he took a drink from his camel back.
    "No, no, I couldn't sleep at all last night just thinking about tonight." Explained Aaron.
    "Well I told ya to try some of that warm milk that I had to sleep well" stated Aaron brother Cody.
    "Well it's not my fault that when I looked in the fridge that a raccoon SOMEHOW had gotten in there and wrecked the food" stated Aaron as he glared at his brother.
    "Ah come on guys, no brother arguments right now." Greg said.
    "Ah, shut up Greg, you've got no idea what you're putting yourself into doing your hardest tonight." explained Aaron.
    "Well I guess I'm going to find out aren't I?" Greg stated without any concern.
    "Ok cadets time to get these packs on and start hulling for a mile around the parking lot!" Shouted Colonel Miller.
    "OH GREAT, the part that Greg was looking forward to the whole time" Chief Tier stated as he picks up his pack. As they lined up at the start of the parking lot run Greg’s senses picked up and he overheard the conversation between what looked to be a FBI agent, national commander, and Colonel Miller.
    "Any idea who's the fastest cadet in here?" Asked the agent. When Miller is just about to ask why the commander added in "It's because they need faster people, because it's easier to make a faster person stronger rather than make a stronger person faster and durable." Colonel Miller shuts his mouth confirming this statement, and then stated, "Well Cadet Airman Greg is our fastest by far, so we'll just see how they do here". Another senior member shouted start and the clock begins as the cadets take off running the mile. Not too soon, cadets were dropping like flies when it came to the mile run. Most of the first cadets to drop were the female cadets, and then slowly after three minutes the male cadets started dropping out.
    "It takes nine and a half laps to complete the mile," shouted Miller as he watched from the side lines, "And most of you can't even complete three". Greg reached his eighth lap panting heard, but still pushing on.
    "This cadet looks like he has some potential," the agent stated while pointing at Greg, "I think we'll be taking him."
    "Hold on sir, are you sure that is the best of opinions? I mean there's cadet Rounds," Miller points to the cadet traveling behind
    Greg, but is losing ground "He has more of a marine setting, sure he's not fast, but-" "But as we stated it is easier to make a fast person stronger than a strong person faster." The agent interrupted. "Well if you insist...sir." Miller hesitated. Greg reached his ninth lap and then started speeding up to as fast as his legs would allow him to go, his vision started to black out as he reached the end of his running.
    "GO Greg" shouted Regnorak "Oh crap I better go get some water." Just as Regnorak stated this Greg collapsed right after he finished and walked a few feet.
    When Greg started to gain his conscience, he heard the agent, national commander and Colonel Miller talking, with Regnorak cursing under his breath to Greg’s left.
    "He was the only one to finish the run in good timing," explained the agent "Matter of fact, he is the only one out of any of the squadrons that I've seen to be able to jump the gun and go in hard at the end. He will do for the lone wolf training of the C.O.D.E. system."
    Miller cuts in "Well sir, he does push himself hard, but if he shuts down, then it's your problem on things. We do not want to take any blame."
    "Fine, fine, it was always like that anyways." the agent stated. "When he wakes up I want you to explain the details to him." The national commander added.
    "Actually ma'am," Interrupted Regnorak "I think you mean when he woke, because he's been awake listening in the whole time." Greg opened his eyes and got up while stretching, Regnorak handed him his blue metal water bottle, Greg popped open the top and started taking sips. "Well someone is smart not to chug water when waking up for once" stated Miller. Greg started coughed some water that accidentally went down the wrong part of his throat.
    "Ugh I hate that" he gasped.
    "Well Greg pack up you're going with this man here," Colonel Miller stated, Greg interrupted, "May I ask where the heck we'll be going?"
    "Somewhere that you'll learn of soon enough" replied the agent. Regnorak helps Greg onto his feet then Greg waved him off and walked to the government vehicle. "He's going to be fun to train." Tier whispered to Miller as Greg got into the vehicle and it drove away.

    Chapter 2: Friend Or Foe
    As Greg watched the hills roll by as he drove out of his hometown his mind was buzzing of what was to come. “Something on your mind cadet?" the agent asked.
    "Hmm, oh just pondering. It's just something I do a lot." Greg answered.
    "Well ok cadet, oh, we'll be stopping at a certain checkpoint to put you on a bus with other cadets that were selected for the C.O.D.E. training."
    "Ok then...sir." Greg said slowly.
    "What's the matter cadet, don't like crowds?"
    "Nope, not in the least bit." Replied Greg. The rest of the trip was quiet as they drove along. Then an armory comes into view.
    "Well this where the bus will stop to pick you up so we're dropping you off here." Explained the agent, then he added in "Good luck...Lone Wolf." At this statement Greg opened the door, gets out, then closed the door and watched the vehicle drive away in confusement.
    "Lone Wolf? Hmm." Greg set his stuff down and started to think.
    "Hey, you awake kid?"
    Greg opened his eyes to find two teenagers standing in BDU's in front of him.
    "Yeah I'm awake," he replied "I've been awake."
    "Oh ok then, do you mind if we ask you for your name?" The female teenager asked.
    "Um...I'd rather not, just call me by my last name." As Greg said this he pointed to his name patch on the BDU's.
    "Well isn't that a little stubborn." added the male teenager.
    "It's his choice, anyways our names are John and Persia."
    "Persia, isn't that an actual place?" Greg asked.
    "I don't know," answered Persia as she shrugged her shoulders "and I don't really care."
    "So do either of you know where we're going by any chance?" Greg putted in to get out of the name subject.
    "Ummm...don't know to be honest." John said "But of course it'll be unknown territory." As the three cadets continue chatting another car pulled up and two more cadets piled out.
    "Ah great more company to join the wait." Said Persia watching the vehicle drive off.
    "Ugh where's that damn bus?" John added in with exaggeration.
    "Oh please, I'd like it for the bus to take it's time so we can talk more." Persia stated while crossing her arms crossed and rolling her eyes. Greg continues observing his surroundings as the others greet and speak to the two new cadets that arrived. The new cadets’ names were Jorge and Kelly. Greg spots some movement in what seemed to be an abandoned armory.
    "Hey guys," Greg cuts in and the others stop to look at him "anyone want to check out this old armory? It looks like something to explore. I mean, now that I've been thinking about it, I don't think there will be any bus coming." The others go silent thinking about the situation.
    "How the heck did you think that up Greg?" Persia asks. "Well when you think about it," Greg begins to explain "I've been timing how long we've been sitting here and it's been over two hours already, also I have seen some suspicious movement inside."
    "Well...I never liked the thought of going into unknown territory," said John as he swallowed a nervous gulp "I mean what if we get killed in there? Also, make note how you Greg, came alone in a government vehicle, when the rest of us come in pairs. How do we make even groups to explore?"
    "Who said we had to break up to search?" Greg added.
    "Come on, it'll be fun John. Let's go!" Stated Persia as she grabs John's arm and starts pulling while the others follow. Greg smiles slightly and goes ahead of the others towards the old rugged building.

    Chapter 3: Unknown Territory
    The front door of the armory crashes down and five figures walk in through the dust while covering their faces to avoid breathing in the dust. "Did you really have to kick down the door Greg?" Kelly complained.
    "How else were we supposed to get in, the doors were locked?" Greg put in while rolling his eyes "Besides it's fun kicking down doors." The group walks in with some of them pulling out knives of sorts. Greg smiled and just stood there watching them with their knives.
    "What's so funny Greg? I don't see you with a knife." Jorge said pointing his combat survival knife.
    "Of course I don't have tiny blades like that," explained Greg "Because I have this." Greg reaches into his BDU jacket and pulls out a wooden handled sickle.
    "What the &&&&!!" Jorge shouts as he jumps back. "Why the hell did you bring that!?"
    Greg frowns at the swearing "Well when you think about it Jorge, everyone knows a little something about combat with knives, but no one has ever considered how to deflect attacks from a sickle, now have they?" Greg explained to the others who stand there scratching their heads. "Well don't just stand there let's get moving!" Greg says as he pulls out his mini-mag light.
    As they walk through the halls the group started to hear strange noises. Greg raises his hand to signal the others to stop, "I've heard that noise before," he whispers "that's the same noise that the movement of vampires made in my dream." Making note of this Greg turns around to see the others looking all about frightened. "Hmm" Greg looks to his left to a set of doors that had a sign above it that said "Weapon Storage". "We're going in there." Greg points with his flashlight and approaches it. As soon as he reaches it the doors slam open and a undead figure strikes out.
    "OH &&&&!" Jorge shouts, as Greg jumps aside and grabs the thing from behind on the head and slits the figure by the throat. The figure drops, Greg then bends down and cuts of the head completely.
    "What the &&&& was that?!" Jorge panics "Calm down Jorge and stop swearing," Kelly ordered "for all we know there should be more here." Greg stands up and looks into the weapon storage, his eyes widen "No way, CALL it!" The others look at him in confusion and then look into the weapon storage to see the place loaded with a wide selection of weapons. Greg grabs two new looking combat sickles and what looked to be an M-16. As he observes the weapon "Come on guys, we got more protection now, let's continue."
    He straps the M-16 onto his back and holds the two combat sickles and observes the others weapon selections. Making note "Jorge with tactical shotgun, Kelly with M-9 pistol, John with AA-12, impressive John, and Persia with...a Desert Eagle?" Greg looks up at Persia "You sure you can handle that much recoil?" John cuts in "Trust me Greg, She's fired heavier." They continue on their way down the hall, this time there's a little heavier noise coming from around the corner.
    "Do you think vampires have meetings and classes?" Kelly asked.
    "Well if they do...," puts in Jorge "I just hope they’re not too strong." Greg holds his hand up again when they reach the corner. "Deep breath and here we go." He pulls out a high explosive grenade and pulls the pin. "One....Two....Three!" Greg throws the grenade around the corner and a loud explosion and screeches sound as the group comes around the corner guns blazing.
    As the last body falls, everyone reloads panting. "Well that was a rush." Persia exhTiergly murmurs.
    "Yeah, but it was fun." Greg added as he stands up with some scratches from the melee fight with one of the creatures. "I guess these are the things we'll be training to go against." Clapping is heard from behind them and everyone turns around guns raised, then they lower their guns.
    "Well hello Greg," Said the figure as he walks out from the shadows. It was Chief Tier. "Or should I say, new Lone Wolf." As Greg looks at Tier in confusion all the others turn to him looking for an explanation.
    "That's the second time I've been called that today, can someone please explain?" Greg asked as he takes off his BDU hat and scratches his black military buzzed hair stained with some blood.
    "Well cadet," Tier explained "the government has a secret soldier called a lone wolf, there's only one for each country every major human versus unknown war. You've been selected as the next one for the U.S.” Greg strolls past the others and Tier outside in thought.
    "Whoa, so chief, we were just fighting with the next greatest soldier to live?" John asked.
    "Yup. Now everyone back outside and onto the bus, that's an order!" Tier shouts as he started to move them out of the room, then some men in full white anti-infection suites runs in to clean up the mess. The ride on the tour bus started out as quiet, no one spoke for a while, confused by the sudden change of events. Then Kelly decides to break the ice.
    "What the hell were those things?" She looks about to see everyone look up at her then at Tier, who had just turned around in his seat.
    "Those were some little critters we like to call Corrupted Beings, aka evil vampires, were wolves, and paranormal humans." Tier explained.
    "And I'm guessing those are the same 'little critters' that we'll be trained to fight?" Kelly added. "Correct." Tier replied.
    "Ah, I have a question chief, why on earth did everyone start to call me 'Lone Wolf'?" Greg asked with confusion in his voice.
    "Well Greg, the C.O.D.E. recruiters seemingly have seen something in you that no one else has, don't ask me what because I don't know." At this Tier turns back around in his seat and everyone starts talking about what the future might hold. Tier turns back around suddenly.
    "Oh and cadets, think about code names for yourselves as well as custom grades and insignia, part of the C.O.D.E. program requires you to keep your identity safe from the enemy."
    "Heh, then I already know my codename," John smirks "Spartan117."
    "Hmm codename..." Kelly sits there looking out the window. The rest of the way to their next destination everyone was talking, but Greg stayed quiet looking out the window.
    "Why do I have such a bad feeling about this?" Greg said to himself, "It's as if we're being followed." Jorge over hears this and looks at him. "Since when were you paranoid Greg?" "Apparently always." Greg replied.

    Chapter 4: The Delightful Beginning of Hell
    As the bus pulled into some military gates late that night everyone looked through the front windows and spotted flashing lights up ahead. Greg starts to hear music before the others. "What's going on here?" Persia asked.
    "Oh it's hangout night, technically our version of a dance that would be at the school, but we do it to take a break from all the training that the cadets are put through." Tier explained. "It also means the only break time to socialize for Lone Wolf; hey did you choose a codename yet Greg?" Tier turns to look at the seat behind him, where Greg sits alone.
    "Yeah," Greg answered "I chose 'Spartan L.W.'." As the cadets pile out Greg makes note of his surroundings, he looks around and spots a rock wall. "Hey that looks fun." As the bus drives away some cadets dressed up in dress clothes run by towards the music. The newcomers see a drill sergeant come out of a building.
    "Welcome to C.O.D.E. boot camp cadets..." he spotted Greg and smiles, "you must be the new Lone Wolf, what's your codename?"
    "Spartan L.W." Greg replied.
    "Well that sorts of sounds like 'Spartan LAW' mind if I call you Law?" the sergeant asked.
    "No sir, I do not mind."
    "Ok Law you wait here the rest of you come with me." At that the sergeant turns and starts walking towards some campsites as Greg watches the others follow.
    "I think Law fell asleep sergeant." Greg opened his eyes to see a few people surrounding him as he looks up.
    "Well now he's awake, nice job you woke him up I was hoping to draw on his face." Greg sat up and looked about.
    "Now Eagle, that isn't the best of ideas to pull pranks on a lone wolf." Greg stood up.
    "Welcome back to the living Law." Greg turned around and sees the sergeant standing in front of him, "Now why don't you join the other cadets in the only break time you'll have until the next dance?" Greg stretches and nods "Sure what ever, I was never social anyways." As Greg walks down to the open grounds with the group he notices that they were all continuously glancing at him with strange looks on their faces. They reach the celebration and Greg estimates about 80 cadets there. "Well you coming to dance or what?" Shouted a cadet that was following him.
    "I don't dance," Greg replied quietly "it's a useless skill used to make fools out of others."
    The cadet that was speaking to him rolled her eyes and runs over to the dancing. Greg sat down.
    “This wasn't the sight I was expecting to see when I got here, but oh well." As everyone was dancing Greg walks over to the food table to find Regnorak enjoying some fruit punch.
    "Didn't think that you would be here." Greg stated as he grabbed some food.
    "Let's just say Law that I always come here during these times." replied Regnorak.
    "Aren't you a party person." Greg added. At this Regnorak smirked and walked off. Greg shrugged "I guess anyone here would be a party person after the training they do." Greg continued to look about and spotted a group of cadets coming towards him, "ah great, the usual 'hook up' people who try to get people to dance together, there's always some at dances." The group reaches Greg.
    "Hey you the new Lone Wolf?" One of the female cadets asked.
    "I guess I am, that's what everyone seems to call me." Answered Greg.
    "Why aren't you out there dancing with any of the girls. Plenty of girls would want to dance with the lone wolf." One of the male cadets shouted.
    "Well unlike a lot of you, I'm not the dancing type or social type." Greg shouted back, "So scram, and don’t bother me on such subjects." The group stared at Greg with different expressions of shock, disturbance, and disgrace.
    "Um...something wrong with not dancing?" Greg asked.
    "No there's something wrong for not wanting to dance with any girl of your choice." Another one of the male cadets answered sounding a little ticked off.
    "Let's just say I'm not the flirting type, I'm the war type." At this statement the group takes off passed Greg towards a girl that was standing alone. "Ah great now they’re going to try to hook me up with someone here..." Just then Regnorak came up and interrupted.
    "That's the last thing a new lone wolf needs to be, come on this way, we'll lose them." Regnorak pulled Greg's arm and they take off through the crowds. Greg looked back and spotted the cadets from the group trying to find him. The two rounded behind a building,
    "Here's where I go when they start bothering me," Explained Regnorak, "Seemingly these cadets don't like the dark."
    "Thanks for that one then." Greg sighed and sat down against the building. The two sat there for a few minutes, listening to the muffled noise of the dance. "We're going to have fun with this." Regnorak broke the silence "I just hope they won't find us back here." Just after that some lights started to appear on the side of the building. "Ah crap I think they just found my isolation location, that's just great." Regnorak said stubbornly. Just then two figures round the corner with flashlights shining in Regnorak's and Greg's faces. "It looks like we found what those people were talking about," One of the figures says. The figures were of two girls, Greg and Regnorak look at each other with confusion, Greg looks back at the two figures "Now who do you people think you are to bother others like us when we don't want company?" He asked.
    "Let's just say two of us have already been trained, the other two are new, and we're thinking it could work for us to be a unit." The second figure explained. "I'm guessing they don't know who I am yet?" Greg directed toward Regnorak.
    "Afraid not." Regnorak informed Greg. Just then over the speakers they heard. "Spartan L.W. report to the stage." Hearing this Greg walks past the two figures, they watch him go by.
    As Greg walks into the view of the crowd he noticed they were all watching him. Greg approaches the stage and looks back to see everyone standing there silent, "Welcome Spartan L.W.," Greg turns to look at Colonel Miller on the stage, he turns to the crowd "As you all know, Lone Wolf has fallen only days ago on the battle field," The audience put their heads down "we were all downed by this fact, the war was almost lost," Miller continued "but the government has acquired a new lone wolf to take his place, this figure is even faster." Miller turns to Greg "Welcome Spartan L.W., our new lone wolf." At that he saluted Greg as the audience clapped.
    "I'm shocked at the government’s decision." Regnorak came up the stage clapping. Regnorak turned to the crowd that had started to mutter about the new lone wolf. "All of you get to bed!" Regnorak shouted, the crowd started to break up as cadets ran back to the tents to grab things for the shower. Miller and Regnorak turned to Greg. "Congrats on such promotion, but it's time to get you to bed." Miller stated "You have a long month coming at you." At that the two salute Greg, he returned the salute, and then followed the drill sergeant to where he will be staying.

    Chapter 5: Gone With the Rising Sun
    Greg was lying in his tent thinking about the days ahead when someone sticks a horn in his tent and lets it blow. Greg plugs his ears in frustration from the loud noise. "Time to get up Law." It was the drill sergeant that they called "Eagle".
    "You guys are going to make me go deaf, if you continue to do that" Greg groaned as he jumps to his feet and gets dressed within five minutes.
    "Well we got to get you on your feet somehow," Eagle explained "or else you'll never be quick."
    "Hey I'm a light sleeper so it shouldn't take much to wake me up." Greg added as he gets out of the tent. "Let’s move Greg, we got to have you gone with the rising sun before the other cadets get up."
    (Next few paragraphs are on the training logs the C.O.D.E. program has the cadets do; this one is Spartan L.W.'s)
    Week one of the month: Running, running, running. That's all they seem to have me do today, it was difficult. A few live rounds would fly above my head every time I got down taking cover. At the end of the day I found my cot nicer to lie on than a cloud in the sky.
    Week two: The training is getting harder. They had me do a lot of combat training with my own weapon selection. Those weapons would be: M-21 with semi-auto shotgun attachment and grenade launcher attachment as well as a detachable scope and silencer, AA-12 automatic shotgun with detachable scope and silencer as well as spray shot, slug rounds, and explosive rounds. My side arms are the .50 cal Desert Eagle and M-9 pistol. My melee weapons are two combat sickles and two combat survival knives. Boy was it fun to be trained with those. At the end of the week my accuracy went from a 80% to a range of 85-99%. That Saturday night I went bed relieved about that part being over.
    Week three: This week has been frying my brain thanks to all the military knowledge and education. I well be glad to hear the results on my tests. I’m ending this one early and hitting the showers, all that brain frying made me sweat. Week four: Well the results came in and I barely passed. Then the rest of the week they worked my new knowledge to the breech of dropping what I thought I knew. Now I can barely get this report typed up as my fingers tremble from physical fatigue. I can’t even think like I use to with such knowledge running through my mind.
    Week five: Fantastic! I feel stronger, faster, smarter than anything! I’m also very glad that I passed my final challenge, but I got quite the injuries from it. Except for some reason that they healed a little faster than I’ve ever known. Graduation is tomorrow, but now I must survive that darn dance they planned tonight. It seems that I’m going to have fun being in my new armor caring with the new weaponry of my selection. No one should be bothering me for a while.

    Chapter 6: Nice to Meet Ya (the day before the last log)
    It was the last day for Greg as he woke up ready to get down to business. It was the day of his final test. The few days before Greg had been sparring with different species of the time. These species included a lot of mutants since the C.O.D.E. program had such hard times capturing hostile vampires and were wolves, and they wouldn’t attack any innocent of them. Greg stood up feeling the sores of all those fights, especially that one little fight where some juggernauts of C.O.D.E. thought they could whoop a lone wolf’s butt. Greg walks outside dressed up in his usual BDU’s ready to get to work on today’s test.
    “Ah, Law, you’re awake you slept in a little long this morning, but we understand.” It was Alpha, the head of the boot camp was standing outside to greet Greg.
    “Well sir, I will be needing the energy anyways.” Greg added to the conversation.
    “Yeah get moving, there’s very little to do today, but they’re the hardest things you’ll ever do before leaving camp.” Alpha started to explain “You’re going to be working with the other cadets today as they run the miles to the arena, where all the tests will be done.”
    “Great way to wreck my morning Alpha, running with other cadets, sheesh.” Greg rolled his eyes as he walked off towards the mess hall and listening to the loud noises coming up behind him as the other cadets start getting out of their tents to fetch their meals.
    As Greg arrived at the mess halls cadets were already rushing through the lines to fetch their meals of the morning. Greg looked about at the cadets as they spot him. He walks up to the window and Aaron hands him the usual M.R.E. (Meals Ready to Eat).
    “Ready for today Law?” Aaron asked as Greg ripped open the packaging of the M.R.E. and sat down in the kitchen.
    “Well I guess you can say ready…” Greg stated “Let’s just say I’m not the happiest person in the world.”
    “Oh really?” Aaron cut in as he served some cadets “Hey! No cutting in line cadets! Anyways what’s wrong?”
    “Well for the first time out of a whole month I have to actually cooperate with these savages.” Greg explained as he shoved some of the food into his mouth and pointed at the cadets outside of the kitchen with the spork in his hand. “And I’m not the social type as you know from being in the same squadron.”
    “Sadly that is very true.” Aaron added “I hate these cadets, they’re always rushing for the food, shouting at each other, being as loud as hell.” As Aaron stated this the noise outside gets louder and Greg plugged his ears.
    “What the noise too much for ya Law?” Tier commented as he walked into the kitchen.
    “Yeah, anyway you can shut them up Tier?” Greg shouts over the noise.
    “Yup, hold on” Tier walked out into the ear ringing noise that cadets were making outside. “Hey cadets, SHUT THE HELL UP!” Tier shouted. The cadets become quiet. “Thank you cadets, you should know by now not to be that loud, besides we got the lone wolf eating in the kitchen here and if you don’t keep your damn voices down to indoor level we’ll have him come out and kick all of your asses.” Tier turns back into the kitchen and looks at Greg. “Is that quiet enough for ya Law?” Tier asked.
    “Yeah.” Greg stated as he rubbed his ears “I’m glad you have the voice, but why mention that I’m here?” Greg asked as he pointed to the cadets trying to peek into the kitchen and Aaron shuts the door on them and tells them to take their food and scram.
    “Well, it gives them more reason to shut up, doesn’t it?” Tier commented as him and Aaron sat down to eat.
    “I guess it does, but..” Just then one of the tables started to get louder chanting for the lone wolf. “Ah &&&&.” Greg muttered as he stood up putting on the usual black mask with red lenses goggles that he had to wear being in public. “They’re asking for their butts to be kicked.”
    “Wow Law that’s the first time we’ve heard you swear.” Tier smirked “I guess you’re finally getting that hard core soldier habit.”
    “I guess so.” At that Greg walked out and sees that the mess hall was setup for an arena fight. “Are you kidding me?” Greg looks to the center to see that it was another one of those juggernaut cadets standing at the center with some mild exercise armor on. “Well let’s get this over with.” Greg pulls out the combat sickles he always had concealed under his jacket.
    “Whoa! You &&&&ing kidding me?! I’m not fighting a lone wolf armed!” The cadet panicked as he run to the edge of the made up arena just to be shoved back in. Greg frowned at this.
    “You’re forcing the guy to fight me? Now that isn’t right at all.” Greg throws the sickles into the wall behind them, up above where only he could reach with the combat knives he had concealed. “I’ll fight you unarmed. If you want to stand down, I’ll simply clear a path that is blocking your escape.” Greg turns his head so that the mask was pointing towards the crowd. Greg turned to face the cadet that was forced to challenge him. The cadet was already in fighter stance. “Fine suite yourself kid.” Greg said as he went to his fighting mind set.
    They stood there for a minute waiting for one of them to attack first. After that minute passed one of the cadets shouted “come on get the fight going!” The cadet in the made up arena looks hesitantly into the crowd then at Greg. Greg stood there steady with his expression concealed by the mask. The cadet takes a deep breath and charges with a roaring battle cry. Greg side steps at the first charge and the cadet stumbles by. “Oh really? You’re going to fight like a blind man?” Greg mocked as he side steps another charge. “I’m not too pleased about that.” The cadet charged again, but this time Greg quickly side stepped, tripped, then slammed his knee into the gut of the falling cadet. The cadet hit’s the ground and lays there trying to gain breath. “There the fights over, as you can see.” Greg stated as he turned to face the shocked groups. “Now anyone else going to blindly challenge me, or can I finish my own meal before I have to run 20 miles with you bird brains to the real arena.” Greg turned and walked back into the kitchen.
    The meal was probably the last time the cadets made noise about Greg. As the cadets went about grabbing some last minute supplies to bring to the arena Greg sat and watched them on their rush. “Well, well, well. What are you up to there?” Greg turns to see the group of cadets from the first dance that he went to when he first arrived. “Well if you really must know, I’m thinking out my strategies and equipment use on my last test for the possible situations they could be throwing at me.” Greg answered.
    “Huh I could have sworn that you were thinking of whom to ask for the promotion party.” One of the male cadets mocked.
    “Guess what? I wasn’t and I don’t care for it.” Greg answered, “I have better things to do than to think about some stupid dance.” At that Greg stood up and walked away from the group to the area that instructors had said to meet up at. Greg looked back to see the same girl from the first dance walk up to the group and talk to them. Greg turned back around before she looked over at him and made any eye contact.
    As cadets got to the meeting area they were getting excited to what might stand ahead of them and what kind of promotions they would receive. Greg rolled his eyes at some of the ideas that some had of what kind of promotions they might receive. The concept of him becoming lone wolf was almost an impossible thought when he first began training, but now after seeing his own potential he had no doubt about succeeding in his final test. The only thing that was left between him and the battle field was this last test that could make the difference between life and death. Greg smirked as the cadets started to group up for the run, enjoyment of the cadets owns torture was all that entertained him during the run. Listening them complain as they ran through the mountains. They exit the mountains to find themselves looking at a giant building that looked like a coliseum with a caged open roof in the shape of a dome. As the running group entered the building through what seemed to be giant garage door Greg took the time to look around observing more of his surroundings because he had a feeling there was going to be a bigger battle for the test than what most expected.
    "Welcome cadets to your final day, your final battle before the real deal." It was Colonel Miller standing at the end of the wide hall with multiple doors to each side leading to some set of stairs to the bleachers. Behind him was a giant door that would lead them into the giant stadium. "As you all know, the final test is the closest to the real deal as you will get before entering the battle field. Of course, the lone wolf's final test will be the real deal, the challenge for you Spartan L.W. Is that all you'll be armed with is your combat sickles and combat survival knives." When Miller had said this Greg felt his stomach churn. "Now first up are the jar heads. Let's move!" The doors open and the juggernauts of the program charge in into combat. Greg got a glance in and noticed that the field was some what a maze.
    Through out the time that the groups sat there listening to battle outside those door, some couldn't help but wonder what was going to be out there for them. Miller comes over to Greg.
    "LAW." Miller snapped his fingers in front of Greg’s face to get his attention.
    "Yes sir?" Greg perked up.
    Miller sits down next to Greg. "You have to succeed in this test today Law."
    "Why is that sir?" Greg asked
    Miller released a downed sigh. "If you don't succeed it will cost your life."
    Greg snapped his head up at this statement. "You mean I will die? What you can't send any reinforcements to get me out if I fail?"
    "No we can't, I'm sorry we didn't tell you the consequences before hand. You see... when those beasts are released out of their cages, you have to either knock them unconscious or kill them." Miller explained "And the creature you're going against can only be killed." Miller looks down at his feet grinding his teeth waiting for a reaction.
    "Well I guess it means I'll have to give all I got won't I?" Greg stated as he stood up after the last group ran out through the giant doors. "It's almost my turn, isn't it?" Greg points his head down at his feet, his face being concealed by the armor's helmet and face mask. Miller nods his head and looks towards the door.
    "Good luck Lone Wolf." Miller said as he stood up and walked off up one of the flight of stairs left of the hall way. Greg sighed as the giant doors opened one last time. "This is it, all or nothing Law, all or nothing." After saying this to himself Greg steps out into the darkened light of the arena.
    Greg looked around as the crowds cheered. He makes note of how he could use the battle field to his advantage. Maneuvering through maze could help confuse the enemy of his location. Greg turns around to see the overall battle field and spots a giant chained door on the other side, the chains were moving to the unlocked position. "Well here it goes." Greg takes a deep breath and pulls his combat sickles from their holsters on the side of his upper legs. The doors swing open and a muscled wolf comes barging out quickly searching for its target.
    "Where is the child in whom I will have the pleasure of killing this time?" The wolf roars as it locked its cold gaze on Greg. "Ah, so this is what I get to kill, a mere human that they armed with simple blades." The creature laughs. "So child what name have you carried before your death?"
    "I am Spartan L.W., and I will not die this battle." Greg replied as he got into his combat stance. The creature snorts unimpressed. "Spartan L.W. That's an intriguing name, nice to meet ya." At that statement the creature started to run at Greg and that's when the crowd goes completely silent, letting the battle commence in silence. The bulked wolf leaps at Greg and Greg sides step the attack. "Well that wasn't really much, wasn't it?" Greg mocked the creature his voice getting a little deeper than normal. The wolf picks up the change with his ears perking up.
    "Adrenaline surge? That's one of the most legend abilities anyone can have." The muscled wolf replied with some shock and terror in his voice. "I guess I should go all out too." At that the wolf disappears in a streak and something slams Greg into the wall. Greg stands up quickly and runs into the maze entrance.
    "Let's try some close corridors shall we?" Greg stated as he ran around the corner. The wolf follows, but when he turns the corner he finds nothing except a dead end. "What the.....?" The wolf yelped as Greg dropped down and stabbed one of his knives into the creature's spinal cord, paralyzing the wolf. "How....the...hell do that?" The wolf struggled to say from the lack of body responses.
    "It's easy to climb any bear walls when you got sickles." Greg stated as he put the two sickles in position around the wolf's throat. "Please spare me my life, let me live another day." The wolf whimpered at the feel of the blades.
    Greg pulls the sickles away and sheaths them. "I will leave you to live, but for now you shall be locked up as you were before, what species are you anyways?" Greg stated as he picked up the wolf and starts to carry him pick to the chained doors.
    "I am one of the weak blood species, more of a hunter rather than a warrior." It replied.
    "And what is your name?" Greg asked in turn.
    "Heh, my parents named me Link for some strange reason." The wolf replied.
    "Link? That's just strange." At that Greg gently sits the wolf down, pulls the knife out of Link's back, and walked off as the chained doors closed on the wolf. Greg takes his helmet off with a sigh and drops it to the ground. He pushes past some people at the exit that were muttering about why Greg didn't kill the creature "Link".

    Chapter 7: Graduation Day
    It was a decent morning when Greg opened his eyes at the sun peeking through the cracks of his tent and the chirp of birds was the first peaceful thing he had heard ever since his training had started to when it ended. He sat up in his cot and looks about at where the usual daddy long legs in his tent had moved. They were gone.
    "Well I wonder where all those spiders had taken off to." Greg spoke to himself in a sleepy voice. "Oh well, it's time to get up anyways." Greg got out of his cot and started getting dressed in his blood and mud stained BDU’s. When Greg finished getting into his clothes and stepped out of the tent into the gleaming sunlight he looked around to observe the surroundings of his campsite for the very first time. What Greg observes is a nice little campsite with only two tents in it, both about twenty feet away from each other. “Wonder who slept in that tent.” Greg stated in puzzlement as some movement came from within the second tent. A girl about Greg's age came out of the tent and Greg quickly looked away.
    “Ah joy, how fantastic. Last day here for a whole month and no friends.” The girl stated to herself as Greg walked back into his tent to do a small prayer in the hopes of what might be in the future. “Hey kid where do ya think you’re going?” The girl stepped in front of Greg before he could open his tent up.
    “I was going back into my tent to do a few things I haven’t done in awhile.” Greg glared at the girl with annoyance in his eyes. “Why are you bothering me on such things?”
    “Because this tent was always empty every time I looked into it.” The girl said with a sneer. “And so why would there be an occupant now?” The girl snarled as Greg made note of her hands clenching into a fist.
    “Because I always took off in about 4:30 in the morning before anyone was up at all and trained until about 22:00 hours.” Greg explained as he went to put on the usual visor to hide the change of his eye color. “So please step aside and go about with your own business.”
    “Yeah right soldier boy, I bet you’re just trying to get out of your training because you failed.” The girl goes to punch Greg in the stomach, but Greg quickly side steps and twists her arm about, putting her in a strong hold.
    “Ouch! What the heck!? Who are you in the first place?!” The girl shouted in panic from such fast and strong movement.
    “I am Spartan L.W. and this is my tent and I have the rights to be in it.” Greg snarled as he released his grip and shoved the girl aside. “And I’m no failure of anything they’ve put me through.” Greg got back into the tent as the girl got up with her mouth gaped open in shock as she watched him. A few minutes later Greg came out of the tent to find that the girl was still standing there, this time with a slight smile on her face and her arms crossed. “What, have you actually been here this whole time waiting for me?” Greg asked as he started to walk to the mess hall and the girl started to follow.
    “Well kind of soldier boy, I’m actually a little curious on what you’ve been trained to become.” The girl said as she got ahead and turned to face Greg blocking his path.
    “What?” Greg looks at the girl in puzzlement. “I never really got to properly introduce myself. I am Spartan Love, a lot of people call me ‘Dove‘.” She said with a delightful smile and a quick little bow. Greg grunted and walked around her. “What, not a gentlemen are we?” Save frowned.
    “No, I’m just hungry and would really like to enjoy one of my MRE’s right now.” Greg stated looking back and clamping his stomach. Save chuckled a bit and runs to catch up with Greg. “OK soldier boy, we’ll talk more after our meals.”
    When they reached the mess hall it appeared to be louder than ever from all the shouting and talking of what positions they’ve received as results of their final tests. As the two walked in they went straight to the kitchen cutting through the crowded lines. When they entered the kitchen they were greeted by the usual kitchen crew made up of few cadets including Tier and Aaron. Greg goes to reach for the MRE’s just to have his hand slapped down by Tier. “Oh no Law, you get normal food today.” He shouted over the noise of the mess hall.
    “What? Can’t I eat my usual meals?” Greg shouted back a little confused.
    “No, today is when you go back to being civilized for a while.” Responded Tier. Greg glanced at Spartan Love to see her eating the civilized cooked meal as if it was something she had eaten throughout the month, she looks at him in puzzlement as if to say “why would you consider eating disgusting MRE’s instead of normal food?” Greg frowned and took the usual meal. As they ate they spoke to each other and exchanged stories between the kitchen staff. Looking about, Greg could see that the rack of MRE’s were actually fake packages that morning.
    Just as soon as Greg was placing his dishes into the sink Eagle comes walking in. “Greetings Law and Dove, I see you two have met.” Greg paused a moment at the sound of the drill sergeant voice and glanced at the figure standing in the door way. “Yeah, we met what of it?” Dove stated while raising her arms up. Eagle shacked his bald head with a slight chuckle. “I can see quite the similarities between you two.” At that Eagle turned around and then looked over his shoulder at the two cadets. “I’ll be watching for you two at the graduation dance tonight, dress nice.” Eagle faced fore ward and walked out of the kitchen.
    When they were finish with their meals, Greg strolled out of the mess hall in a small hurry. “Hey soldier boy! Where you going in such a hurry?” Shouted Spartan Love as she ran up behind him to catch up. Greg looked back at her. “I dislike being in such crowded places, besides I don’t need to get into another fight with those idiotic jar-head cadets.” Greg stated with a grunt as he faced fore ward and continued walking. Spartan Love sighed and rushed to keep up with Greg’s fast pace. As they continued on Spartan Love nervously looked about, uncertain of what to say in such the long silence. Greg continued looking fore ward unconcerned of some cadets’ shouts and laughter as the walked by joking about how there old friends back at home would react when they returned to their squadrons and families. The two cadets continue to stroll further and started to walk through a forestry area. Greg came to a sudden halt and turned to face Spartan Love. “Why are you still following me?” He asked, a little annoyed aggression detected in his throat.
    “Well I guess I kind of have nothing else to do so I’m following you for now.” Spartan Love answered giving Greg a joking glare.
    “I don’t appreciate that, so if you can, please walk back to where we came.” Greg growled as he turned and started to walk away. Spartan Love frowned at Greg’s attitude.
    “Listen soldier boy,” Spartan Love shouted as she cut in front of Greg again jealousy can be heard in her voice. "I don't really care if you want my company or not, I...." She stopped in her steps and looked down with despise on her face, a tear starts to slowly run down her cheek and falls to her feet. "You're the first person that I've been able to socialize with after a whole month, besides the drill sergeants, who aren't really that friendly ever." Spartan Love quickly sat down on a log sitting to the side of the path. "Do you want to know what happened that they recruited me?" She asked as she looked up at Greg who stood there with puzzlement showing on his face.
    "How did you get recruited?" Greg asked with concern and curiosity in his voice as he sat down next to Spartan Love.
    "A few days before I went to the last meeting of my squadron that got me recruited..." Spartan Love started to explain, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes. "My family and I were on a picnic in Yellow Stone Park, we were just minding our own business. Me and my 2 younger sisters were goofing around, my parents were enjoying the view of us playing in the open field." She winced as more tears ran down her face from the memory. "There were these strange howls that sounded all around us, then these strange wolves, they looked like ones that someone would draw up on some paper, with unnatural appearances. They attacked my parents first by ambushing from behind, and then more came from all the other directions. We were in panic." She covered her face as she wept into her hands. "I tried to protect my sisters, but they were too strong, too many, I was knocked out, as my vision faded I could hear the.....the voices of my sisters, they were screaming my name....they thought I was dead." Spartan Love screeched into her hands. Greg looked to the ground, barely touched by the story. Have they really brought up the heartless creature within me? Greg thought to himself as he turned to look back to the weeping girl sitting next to him.
    "I got a promise for you Dove." He said with barely any emotion put into his voice, if there was, it would be of anger. "When we get out onto the giant battlefield, a.k.a. The United States of America, I will make it my first priority to find your sisters." Spartan Love turns her head to him, tears were still streaming down her face.
    " can do that?" She said with confusion firm in her voice and in her impression
    Greg sighed. The things I get myself into sometimes, but this shouldn't be hard, yeah right, the last time I said that look where it landed me. "Yes I can."
    The tears that were running down her face as the sudden thought of her sisters and the joy they would feel to be reunited. "My family...reunited once more..." She stuttered with surprise of such a promise. "That would probably be the best thing for you to do for me soldier boy." There was an awkward silence as the two sat there in thought. “Hey soldier boy?” Spartan Love broke the silence in a nervous tone. “Did you ask anyone to the celebration tonight?”
    “No, I did not, and don’t attend on doing so.” Greg replied as he stood up to continue back towards the camp grounds.
    “Why not?” Spartan Love asked some curiosity in her expression.
    “Because, I’m not one to have any relationships, it’s….it’s just easier that way.” Greg said over his shoulder as he walked off.
    Greg’s campsite was empty as always since no one was allowed into that area as he walked into his tent to grab the usual face covers that he wears to keep his identity safe out in public. As he walked through the camp grounds, Greg noticed that everyone was in such excitement over the graduation night. Greg frowned at the thought. The only problem with the graduation. Greg thought. Is that after my graduation, I can say goodbye to ALL luxuries of civilization, unless I’m staying based in my own hometown for a bit. Greg looked about at the happy cadets, depressed cadets, there were different characteristics to each cadet of C.O.D.E. Greg looked away when he could start to feel eyes watching him as he continued to walk through.
    That night was one of agony as many came to realize what they were truly going to get themselves into with this war. While everyone went to their last dance of camp in dress clothes, Greg walked in with his new official advanced armor. The armor contained of a gas mask cover with a giant strip going up and down in the middle, red lensed goggles, a ballistic helmet, and full body armor. The only part vulnerable was Greg’s fingers. He also carried his new weapons: a Barrett M468 with semi auto shotgun attachment as well as a grenade launcher attachment, then below that on his back was an AA12 auto shotgun, on his right waist was a semi auto .50 cal. Desert Eagle handgun, on his left waist was a semi auto M9 pistol, on his chest below each shoulder were combat survival knives, and on his thighs were combat sickles. Greg had all of his guns loaded with different attachments and ammo. When he reached where the celebration was, his HUD (Heads Up Display) already had ally locks on the cadets. He was able to identify each one by the signature of the lock on. It took the cadets awhile to even notice Greg in his new armor since on the way there he kept the active cameo on, keeping him invisible. As Greg started to walk through the crowds, the cadets turn to watch him in surprise. Greg reached the snack table where he had greeted Regnorak on the first night.
    “Hey, look who’s already suited up for war!” Greg turned to see Regnorak coming up, there was a girl with him, it was one of the ones that tried to get them to dance the first night.
    “And look who got hooked.” Greg said, he was frowning under the mask, but no one could tell. One of the good reasons for wearing this tonight. Greg thought as he turned to watch the crowds celebrate. One reason why I wore this mask. Regnorak was too busy talking to his new girlfriend so Greg turned and walked off. Regnorak noticed him wandering. “Hey Law! Where you going?” Regnorak ran to catch up to Greg as he continued to walk. “To the stage, they called me over communications array.” Greg answered as they reached the stage. Regnorak nodded and ran back to the girl he was with, just then the music stopped and Colonel Miller came onto the stage.
    “Good evening cadets, as you all know tonight is everyone’s last night here.” Some of the cadets cheered. “Well take a good look around you, all this time you guys were split into two groups, isolated from one another. Notice the extra people?” There was muttering amongst the crowds. “We did that on purpose, one group trained a bit with one lone wolf, the other group with the other two lone wolves.” This really started confusion amongst the crowds, and in Greg’s head. Greg stepped up to the stage and spoke to Miller.
    “Um…there was a third lone wolf?” He asked.
    “Yes, you were it, the other two trained with the others; you were actually selected to become THE Lone Wolf.” Miller replied.
    “But sir, there was only two tents at my camp ground.” Greg cocked his head to one side to show his confusion in body language.
    “Yes, I know, the other two shared a tent.” Miller responded as Greg turned to watch Spartan Love and a male come up onto the stage. “You Law are the next universal lone wolf; you got some big shoes to fill there.” Greg turned and faced the crowd, his anger hidden by the armor’s equipment. He turned and walked off the stage before he actually threw a fit. That night was a long one as Greg laid there in his cot, thinking of what could possibly be worse. As he listened to the blaring music in the distance he took of his helmet and dropped it aside, a tear rolling down his face.

    Chapter 8: Nightly Intruders
    The next day when Spartan L.W. awoke he was on the floor of his tent. “How the heck did I get here?” He mumbled to himself as he got up and exited the tent. It was quieter than usual throughout the camp. As he walked down the trail to the mess hall, he noticed some blood trials. This doesn’t look good. Greg turned and started to follow the blood trails down to the camp grounds. As Greg pulled out his silenced M-9 pistol Regnorak came running up in some panic carrying a first aid.
    “Damn it!” Regnorak shouted as he ran from body to body all over the camp ground. Greg ran up to Regnorak and stopped him at one of the bodies. It wasn’t a human body Greg made note of.
    “What happened last night Regnorak?” Greg asked, his expressions hidden by the mask of his armor.
    “There was another attack last night, it always happens at the end of the month. Some were wolves are located here, under radar though. We lose so many that way.” Regnorak sighed as he stood up, marking another KIA (Killed In Action). Greg straightened out as he put away the pistol and grabbed his M468 applied with the silencer.
    “Have you ever tried to search for them?” Greg asked as he craned his neck to look about the devastated area. Regnorak lowered his head. “We have, but every time we send someone out, they don’t come back.” he turned to face Greg. “Why do you ask?”
    “Because I believe that can be my first mission.” Greg tilted his head as he turned to face Regnorak, the sun reflecting off his bloody red goggles. “Unless There’s some other objectives that I have to do.”
    Regnorak took one step foreword, keeping one foot behind him and places his hand on Greg’s shoulder. “Law, you should know that one of your rights is making your own objectives.” He replied as he lowered his hand and stepped back again. “Go at it Spartan L.W.” At that Regnorak turned around and took off toward some injured cadet shouting for the medics.
    Greg turned towards the forest by the camp. “Here I come pups, you better be ready for a new threat, because there’s a new loner in town.” And at that, I will be Spartan L.W. He thought as he took off sprinting into the forest.
    As Spartan L.W. crept through the forest he encountered many disturbing sites. There were skeletons hanging on branches, torn muscles and plenty of blood staining the ground, and some bodies twisted up in such an unnatural position, they couldn’t even be identified as human at glance, Spartan L.W.’s stomach churned at the site. Better get used to that. He thought. There will be plenty of it out on the battlefield. He continued on with his assault rifle raised, and ready to fire. Just awhile after spotting the corpses his HUD radar picked up 10 enemy and 2 ally signatures. Spartan L.W. pulled up his extended map in his visor to view more information on the signatures. The two signatures were the lone wolves, the rest appeared as were wolves. Spartan L.W. cocked his M468, loading a round into the chamber with a clank. As he crept closer to the opening where the others were located, Spartan L.W. activated his active camouflage. The system kicked in with a beep as he disappeared to nothing but a slight shimmer to the naked eye.
    When Spartan L.W. reached the area and took into view what was ahead of them, It appeared that the were wolves were interrogating the lone wolf cadets. Probably trying to get more information on identities. Spartan L.W. thought. Just then one of the were wolves turned, its red eyes scanning the direction that Spartan L.W. stood. “Does anyone else feel like we’re being watched?” The creature asked as it turned back to the others. Interesting that one looked like a brute from halo, must be ugly in human form. Spartan L.W. thought as the other wolves muttered amongst themselves, they were all shaking their heads no. Spartan L.W. decided to attack as soon as all the were wolves had their backs to him, but the chance never came within those few minutes, because more were wolves had joined them, with more C.O.D.E. all tied up and thrown to the ground.
    “These humans have no strength at all after their training, it’s pathetic!” Shouted the biggest were wolf in wolf form, the others bow down and whimper at his entering. Bingo, alpha target acquired. Thought Spartan L.W. as he raised his assault weapon, his hand based on the grenade launcher, but pulls back to the main trigger. Too many cadets at risk with explosives. He thought. Spartan L.W. pulled the trigger, silenced fire burst out, sounding like quiet coughing. The spray of bullets stricken the giant wolf in the chest and head, he staggered back at the impacts and the bullet wounds healed up.
    “What the hell was that!” The alpha panicked at the pain and was looking about with anger. The others were also now aware of an unknown presence, they were quickly looking about trying to see the enemy that had fired the rounds. Quickly Spartan L.W. put the assault weapon back in its holster and pulled out his combat sickles, charging at the alpha while doing so. The alpha spotted the shimmers of the active camouflage and swings at the shimmer, just to have his upper arm cut off as he yelped. Spartan L.W. stricken his combat sickles into the chest of the beast, hooking the sickle’s curved blade around the rib cage, and lifting the were wolf alpha off the ground. A little short for being alpha. He thought as he turned off the active camouflage, keeping the alpha struggling in air. “Boo, I see you!” Spartan L.W. shouted as he yanked the sickle, tearing the rib cage and spine of the alpha right out of his body, the body fell to the ground limp and lifeless. Spartan L.W. turned to the other were wolves. “I’m surprised, this is quite the short and weak pack, you must kill cadets in their sleep to even injure them.” At the he quickly switches to his AA-12 and sprays blind fire at all the other were wolves. Their bodies collapsed like falling twigs.
    “These must be unnatural were wolves, made by spell.” Spartan L.W. stated as he took out his combat knives and cut the ropes that kept the cadets tied. “On your feet we’re heading back to camp!” He shouted, then Spartan L.W. turned towards the other lone wolves. “If you couldn’t protect yourselves from unnatural were wolves, I believe you need to go through plenty of more training.” At that Spartan L.W. turned away from the lone wolves and took off for the camp grounds.
    When they arrived back at the camp grounds there was frantic as medics checked out every cadet that was a victim of being captured. The boot camp’s janitors were already going around cleaning up the mess of blood and bodies. Spartan L.W. walked up to his camp ground in deep thought. The two lone wolves following him, frightened of what he might say to them. When they reached the camp grounds and were alone Spartan L.W. turned to face the two.
    “Now’s your chance to start explaining how you two were captured before I start blowing out your ear drums.” Spartan L.W. said while taking off his helmet and holding it in his hands. The other two bowed their heads in shame. Spartan Love was the first to speak.
    “If you wish to know how they found us… we sort of stayed up late celebrating with some friends, we were a little weary when they came. Knocked us down when we were stumbling along back to the camp grounds from being up in the mess hall…” Spartan Love hesitated when Spartan L.W. glared at her when she said they were at the mess hall.
    “What did you drink?” Spartan L.W. asked as he glared towards Spike, the other lone wolf.
    “We…we just had a lot of soda.” Spike replied, guilt flickered in his eyes.
    “Tell the truth, what did you drink?!” Spartan L.W. was starting to get annoyed at their hesitation to tell the facts. Spartan Love and Spike looked at each other. “We umm… ugh we had some beer.” Spartan Love answered as she looked down to her feet and kicked the ground a few times.
    “Beer? Beer?! What were you idiots thinking drinking beer!? And who provided them!?” Spartan L.W. was ticked at this point. Of all the people here, you’d think they’d know better. He thought to himself as he watched the two flinch in front of him at his shouting. “Of all the people in the C.O.D.E. program, what made YOU think it was alright to have beer AND go show your faces to the lower cadets back at the camp grounds!?” He shouted as he circled the two watching them. Spartan Love and Spike lowered their heads and tensed their shoulders. Spartan L.W. grunted with little likings in the two cadets action. “I’m putting you two back into the training course, but for half a month instead. That’s all the training that you should need.” Spartan L.W. looked down to the ground and then faced back to the lone wolves. “Go report to the main office, they’re going to be looking for you, mainly for debriefing.” The lone wolves snapped to attention and saluted Spartan L.W., he returned the salute. Then the two took off towards the camp grounds while putting on their masks.
    It came to afternoon and Spartan L.W. was relaxing in his tent when he heard the roaring engines of Chinooks flying over head, then his communications array (comms) crackled to life. “Spartan L.W. time for you to leave, report to the airfields and wait for further instructions.” Spartan L.W. sighed and clicked the chin comms. “I’ll be down in a moment.” At that he stood up out of his cot and left the tent. Now there’s definitely no turning back. Spartan L.W. thought as he took off towards the air fields up hill.
    When he arrived there was already cadets running about hauling their share of equipment onto the Chinooks, all Spartan L.W. had to carry on was his weapons and his armor, they were always on him. Regnorak ran up to Spartan L.W. and shouted over the roar of the Chinooks. “Guess what Law! It’s time to head home for a bit before taking off for the battle fields!” Spartan L.W. nodded and jogged towards the Chinooks, his equipment clanking as he jumped onto the giant helicopters. A few minutes later Spartan L.W. was back with his squadron pals flying back to home.

    Chapter 9: It’s Good To Be Home

    The flight home was a long one for the cadets in the Chinook. The roar of the engines almost deafening for anyone that didn’t have any ear protection. Spartan L.W. sat by the doors of the Chinook, waiting for that feel of the Chinook touching down on the ground, and the sound of the engines shutting down. Spartan L.W. leaned his head back against the walls of the Chinook and closed his eyes. No one had spoken during the entire flight, not even any conversation of what they were going to do, Regnorak walked over to Spartan L.W. and sat down next to him.
    “Law, there’s been a fresh report about our home… it’s not good news either.” Regnorak looked down at the floor holding his hands together. Spartan L.W. turned his head to look at Regnorak.
    “Tell me, what has happened to our squadron’s location?” Spartan L.W. replied as he turned his head back to face the ceiling.
    “Our head quarters, our homes. The government ignored their pleas, our home town was invaded.” Regnorak leaned his head to rest it on the wall.
    “Do we still go there?” Spartan L.W. was questioning the facts in his head as he spoke.
    “Yes, we still go back, the squadron is trying their best to hold our head quarters strong. Our job there will be to help clean up the city of enemy forces, and maybe even find out where the source of the enemies came through.” Regnorak replied as he stood up. “I’ll be in the cockpit if you have anymore questions.” He took off for the front of the Chinook. Spartan L.W. looked about at the other cadets around him. So that’s how it’s going to be? My hometown destroyed? This is going to be a long battle. Spartan L.W. thought as he leaned his head back again and shut his eyes for the rest of the ride.
    When they arrived at the little county airport that lay on the borders of town Spartan L.W. Opened his eyes and went to the cockpit to see what might have become of his hometown. All he had seen while they flew closer to the airport over the city was destroyed homes, businesses, and many other things, he even spotted a lot of destroyed vehicles. He sighed deeply as he witnessed what was put in front of his eyes. "Such despair, and to think that whole time we were away enjoying the comforts of camp and training." Regnorak placed a hand on Spartan L.W.'s shoulder as he bowed his head. "Well, it just gives me more reason to fight doesn't it?" Spartan L.W. shrugged off Regnorak's hand and walked to the back of the Chinook.
    "What cold hearted thing have we created?" Regnorak muttered as he turned to watch Spartan L.W. walk out of the cockpit. He then turns his attention back to the front as the powerful blades of the helicopter were decreasing in power to land. As it touched down on the cracked black top Spartan L.W. felt the lurch of the cabin at the touch down and walked to the back as the doors opened up to let out the eager cadets, he could here distant gun fire and fighting.
    "So this is what I've returned to trying to seek refuge in my own hometown....I guess it gives me more fun." Spartan L.W. stated as he looked into the direction of the town, watching smoke rise from the distance. Regnorak walked up next to the lone soldier. "This is your new home: the battlefield, better start getting use to the sight in front of you because you will be seeing much more of it throughout your career." He answered as he kicked some rubble at his feet. "Let's go Law, they're waiting at HQ." Regnorak stated as he started walking off the air field. Spartan L.W. followed as the Chinook's engines started up again, roaring louder than the distant gun shots it arose and flew off into the afternoon sun.
    The walk seemed long and slow as they carried their equipment down the road and over a bridge that towered over the through-way down below them. Spartan L.W. paused and looked over the edge of the bridge, trying to to remember what it was like to cross that bridge with traffic driving below, but he couldn't and so he continued on with the walk. Farther down the road was the hometown's high school. As Spartan L.W. observed it his gut dropped. Besides half of the school being a crater the rest was rubble and in flames. Rotting bodies lay across the grounds in the sports fields, while others were scorched. Spartan L.W. looked at Regnorak to ask what had happened just to see Regnorak look away in despair.
    "We tried to save them, it was just too sudden, it was the first day when the battle on our hometown started. They came rushing in from the forest, attacking the school's first, eliminating the youth, or taking them as their own. Soon enough we had to resort bombing the school's...there were no survivors within the school from the bomb." Regnorak told the history as he looked down at his feet as they walked. "The screams, the blood curling cries...the people running about a blazed. it was an image from a horror show." He shut his eyes as Spartan L.W. looked at a scorched torn body of a cadet that lay next to the road that they walked.
    "So that's how it is? These are the conditions? Scorched civilians and dead cadets. Never thought I'd see the day." Spartan L.W. scuffed his feet a bit to kick aside an arm that lay at rest in the road. They turned at a three way intersection in the road and continued walking on past the baseball fields. The walls that bordered the fields were broken down, like a castle's wall being breached. Cars lay in the road, some on fire, some in pieces from bombings. Soldiers were running by towards the center of the city.
    As they reached the heavy brick church that the had meetings at, Spartan L.W. looked about seeing that defenses were set up at the strongest here. Cadets stood at attention as the returning C.O.D.E. cadets walked by into the building. Tier stood there with Aaron by his side. Both saluted Spartan L.W., he returned the salute. "Welcome back home, there's good news waiting for you here, and then there's bad news." Spartan L.W. sat down in one of the chairs as Tier spoke. "The bad news is that you won't be getting any vacation time right now, but the good news is that we have the cadets' families safe in the secured locations of the Thousand Islands." Spartan L.W. sighed as he bumped the back of his helmet against the wall behind him.
    "So is this how's it's going to be? A fight from beginning to end of this war? That's something interesting." Spartan L.W. replied as he got up and walked towards the doors that they had entered through. "Hold it Law, where ya going?" Regnorak stepped in his way. "I'm going to go to the core of this place and eliminate the possible sources." Spartan L.W. replied as he shoved aside Regnorak and walked out the doors.

    Chapter 10: Cleaning Up the Left Overs
    It was a mess going through the streets of the city, random fighting here and there. Spartan L.W. was barely panting at this time as he jogged towards the city's square, where there was heavy comm signals coming in, all with panic or fear, and some dieing breath here and there. Spartan L.W. had been monitoring the satellite radar for awhile now. Trying to track some of the units movements in comparison with the enemy movements of what he got a lock on. They were all always heading towards the city square. Why would they all go in there? Spartan L.W. thought as he climbed over a road block, but stopped and crouched on top of the wreckage to try to get visual on the square. Spartan L.W. pulled up his satellite radar again, this time going for the visual. He spotted a giant natural signature in the center of the square, a hole next to it. It seems both sides are digging for something...maybe I can end the digging. Thought Spartan L.W. as he leapt down from the road block wreckage. The only reason to end this is gut feeling, something is going to happen if anyone completes the digging. He thought as he started to sprint.
    Just when Spartan L.W. thought that he was safe in the clear a giant wolf tackles him from the side, the two start thrashing about trying to get at each others throats. They tossed and turned until the wolf slammed Spartan L.W. against a wall, pulling it's arm back to strike. Just then gunshots rang out and the wolf goes limp, dropping Spartan L.W., he stands and looks to the ally signatures that had fired the shots.
    "This isn't boot camp anymore Law!" Shouted Regnorak as the sniper next to him reloaded his sidearm. "You have to be a little more cautious than running randomly through the field." Spartan L.W. grunted realizing how careless he was acting. Regnorak and the sniper continued on their way down a side street next to them as Spartan L.W. stood up and started sprinting again, this time watching his radar a little more closely. As he got closer to the machine Spartan L.W. could hear the engine roaring and shouting as it was coordinated by enemies. Spartan L.W. activated his camouflage in order to slip past to the main system. As he turned the corner he was shocked at how deep the hole was, an estimated 20 feet deep and a radius of 25 feet. Spartan L.W. crawled along the thin parts where no one wandered, no fighting was going on here, just a lot of commotion. Then the machine came into view, as Spartan L.W. scaled the giant vehicle sitting on top of some building rubble he made note that it looked a lot like a scarab from the video game Halo that he played. The only difference was that instead of legs it had treads, and instead of an eye, it had a long arm with a bucket at the end.
    That makes things easier, I already know how to destroy it. Spartan L.W. thought as he slipped by some guards to access the back of the digger. If I'm not mistaken...there! Spartan L.W. went to the back of the machine to find the power source, only issue was it was being guarded by 2 (two) wolves that also looked a lot like the brutes from Halo. This is turning out a little stranger than I thought. He thought as gun fire started up and the two brutes took off towards the noise. Well that's some devilish luck. Spartan L.W. snapped back to his work and started planting the detonation charge that would destroy the machine. Now to get out of here before this thing blows all to hell. He thought in agony of the destruction as he sprinted out of the zone through the cross fire and charging wolves. As he sprinted Spartan L.W. turned off his camouflage to turn on his HUD again and use the mission clock for the count down timer. At this time allies were retreating and the enemies went back to digging. The mission clock was counting down at a fast rate with twenty seconds. The blast is going to be big, I'm almost out of the blast radius. Just then the manual detonation discharged and the machine went up in a giant fireball, the shock wave slammed Spartan L.W. in the back and he was sent spinning into a rubble wall. He layed there for a moment trying to regain his breath. There was a lot of noise over communications as people were trying to regain control of the situation.
    "Law! Come in Law!" It was Regnorak over communications. "I'm here stop the yelling" Spartan L.W. muttered as he stood up and brushed off some dust. "What on Earth was that explosion!? It almost took out our units." Regnorak shouted as Spartan L.W. made out shouting in the background. He took a deep breath and sighed out some of his worry. "That was me," Spartan L.W. said calmly as he took out his custom Barrett M-468 and started strolling down the street, "That detonation wasn't supposed to happen until twenty seconds later. Someone must of tried to mess with it." There was chaos everywhere with enemies and allies running about. As Spartan L.W. approached the HQ he leapt back from surprise, just then two explosions happened. The HQ went up in a ball of fire and then there was nothing but static over intercoms. Spartan L.W.'s squadron cadets were running up from behind. The second explosion happened to be where Spartan L.W.'s next objective was.
    "What the hell was that?!" Shouted Tier as he ran up next to Spartan L.W. with shock and terror in his expression. Spartan L.W. shrugged. "Now where we going to have HQ? That was the toughest building we could find with a brick structure." Tier looked about at the other cadets, they all had weapons raised looking for any ambush possibilities. Tier turned to Spartan L.W. and realized just how silent and relaxed Spartan L.W. was being. Tier let out a big sigh of relief as he turned and started to head over to the air fields with the squadron. Spartan L.W. looked at the group walk off and realized that the fight in his hometown was over, HQ was destroyed and so was the enemy. But something still was wandering in his mind.
    Who set off those bombs? It couldn't have been the were wolves we were fighting, they wouldn't blow up their own home. So what was the cause? Spartan L.W. thought for the moment about the obvious other two possibilities. Vampire or Blood Species? Spartan L.W. activated his official satellite radar system and it immediately begin to scan the area. The signatures that he dedicated was what surprised him. A mixture of human and species contacts? Now what is up with this? The cluster of the mixed signatures on his radar were getting closer to his location. Better go into hiding. Spartan L.W. quickly took some cover in active camouflage in a thorn bush. As he waited patiently for the crowd to arrive he watched 4 (four) military Chinooks fly over head and into the distance. His communications crackled.
    "Law this is Solange, pilot of Echo 914, come in!" The voice over communications crackled with plenty of stress as the sound of anti-aircraft gun fire sounded in the background. “I’d try to pick you up, but there’s too much resistance within the system.” Less gun fire sounded in the background as the engines roared to gain altitude. Spartan L.W. watched as the group started to walk by his location, they held raised signs and torches. Spartan L.W. observed the crowd he keyed his communications. “Echo 914, stay clear of the skies until notified, over” Spartan L.W. paused and listened.
    “Roger Law, Echo 914 will stay clear, eliminate that threat quickly, Echo 914 out.” The communications went cold as Spartan L.W. exited the thorn bush and followed closely behind the crowd. One of the signs were visible in Spartan L.W.’s view. We are all beings, why is there war? The sign read. Spartan L.W. thought about the message. There’s always two sides to a fight. Spartan L.W. watched as the crowd continued to go through the streets, heading straight for the anti-aircraft weapons. They actually might do the job for me. But I’ll still go out and give some hidden support. As the crowd continued on and Spartan L.W. got time to think about the future he could create. This war…is it just a fight between which species is better? Or is there something more to it? As the crowd got closer to the target they began to shout.
    “Give justice to the beings! Kill the corrupt in all species!” Gunshots started ringing out as the crowd broke up and started to charge the canons. Enemy guards of the canons fled as the rebellious groups overwhelmed their numbers. Soon enough the crowds walked away with the guards gone, leaving the canons to anyone’s disposal. Spartan L.W. approached the canons cautiously and started to plant charges listening to the canons continue to fire. Once the charges were planted Spartan L.W. turned and began to walk away, shutting down his active camouflage, his HUD picked up unknown contacts watching him in the shadows of the tree line. “Echo 914, come in Echo 914.” Spartan keyed the communications.
    “This is Echo 914, go ahead.” Solange replied, the sound of anti-aircraft fire was faint in the communications.
    “This is Law, I’ll need quick extraction after detonation of the canons.” Spartan L.W. looked about him, tracking the unknown contacts that the HUD picked up. Spartan L.W. held up the detonator in his hands and looked down upon the device. They’re going to try to attack as soon as I press this trigger. Spartan L.W. explained to himself as he took note of the situation at hand. Slowly he started to squeeze the trigger just waiting for that one explosion that well cause the ambush to begin. “Three….Two….One.” Spartan L.W. shut his eyes as he slammed the trigger and listened to the charges go off. Followed by the explosion there were many screeches as the contacts started running out of the tree line. Then Spartan L.W. jumped as there was another explosion at the tree line. He relaxed when he heard the roar of a UH-60 Black Hawk’s engine overwhelmed the screeching, and following the explosions came the familiar sound of mounted M-60 fire. Spartan L.W. opened his eyes to the sight of the chopper touching down a few yards away.
    “Come on get on the damn chopper.” Shouted Solange over communications. Spartan L.W. Began to sprint to the chopper as bullets flew past his head. The Black Hawk started to lift as Spartan L.W. leapt into the chopper’s passenger area. The engine picked up rpms and the chopper lurched into the air from the battlefield. “Welcome aboard Echo 914. Now let’s get back to base.” Said Solange with relief in her voice. Spartan L.W. stood in the opening of the Black Hawk watching the scenery below as it moved like a scrolling background of a movie.
    “I think I’ve had enough excitement for the first day on the job.” Spartan L.W. leaned back against the back wall.
    “Don’t relax just yet Law, you still have some objectives to complete.” His communications crackled and in the corner of his HUD appeared Regnorak. “Damn, this tech you have is awesome.”
    “Just tell me the next objective.” Spartan L.W. impatiently replied.
    “Your next objective is to recover some fallen supplies in Yellow Stone Park.” Regnorak straightened out.
    “Good I can complete an objective of my own during that time.” Spartan L.W. keyed the communication array and ended the transmission.

    Chapter 11: No Monkey Buisness
    next to come!
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    Re: A Lone Soldier's Tale (future novel in progress)

    yeah this is my story, i'm looking for critics and comments on what i could do better or what ever, if you want to make comments that praise the story, go ahead.
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    Re: A Lone Soldier's Tale (future novel in progress)

    Oh... okay... be ready for some criticism.

    First of all, either get an editor or learn to use grammar/spelling/punctuation. I suggest the latter. It really gets hard to read that much of this because the language just doesn't flow whatsoever. And trust me, 'I was in a rush' and 'I don't care about grammar' really aren't good excuses, I've heard both. Get someone to help edit to start you off, then move on. If you want, I could try to edit and help you. Also, how much of this story have you planned out? Do you know where you want the story to go?

    Still, I'm glad to see that you're getting into writing! It's a great hobby.
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    Re: A Lone Soldier's Tale (future novel in progress)

    make note, publishers are not an issue. this story is a meer view before publishing.
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    Re: A Lone Soldier's Tale (future novel in progress)

    chapter 10 has been posted.
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    Re: A Lone Soldier's Tale (future novel in progress)

    Wow, years later and looking back. I was cringey! Some refining and rewriting, and this story actually could be decent.

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