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Thread: Make Your Move

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Character: Canvas Curse Kirby


    Size: 3/10

    Weight: 2/10

    Walking Speed: 4/10

    Running Speed: 6/10

    Attack Speed: 4/10

    Jumping: 8/10

    Fall Speed: 4/10

    Traction: 2/10

    Crouch: 9/10

    General Power: 3/10

    Ground Attacks:

    A: Jump (4% little knockback)

    A Combo: Jump(4%), slam(7%), tackle(11% medium knockback)

    Up Tilt: Spinning jump (9% little knockback)

    Down Tilt: Slide (3% little knockback)

    Side Tilt: Tackle (9% medium knockback)

    Dash: Comet Kirby (17% medium knockback)


    Nuetral Special: Needle Kirby (3% little knockback)
    Grows spikes, lasts until you press B again, or are hit.

    Up Special: Line Escalator (7% little knockback)
    A line is drawn, Kirby rides it.

    Down Special: Spark Kirby (13% medium knockback)
    Thunder comes down surrounding him.

    Side Special: Dash (16% medium knockback)
    Spins, shooting forward.


    Nuetral Ariel: Spins (6% little knockback)

    Up Ariel: Tornado Kirby (14% little knockback)

    Down Ariel: Missile Kirby (8% touch little knockback, 18% explosion when it hits the ground large knockback)

    Forward Ariel: Mid-air dash (11% medium knockback)

    Back Ariel: Back spin (10% medium knockback)


    Side Smash: Wheel Kirby (19% large knockback)

    Up Smash: Spinning Jump (13% little knockback)

    Down Smash: Freeze Kirby (10% little knockback, may cause freezing)


    Grab Action: Opponent gets tapped by Magic Paintbrush

    Grab Attack: Tackle (6% each)

    Up Throw: Head Bop (13%)

    Down Throw: Spins into ground (16%)

    Forward Throw: Tackle (10%)

    Back Throw: Jump over then tackle (12%)

    Final Smash: Crash Kirby (25% each explosion)
    A series of explosions spread out from Kirby.


    Sidestep: Rolls back

    Forward Sidestep: Rolls forward

    Backard Sidestep: Rolls back

    Air Dodge: Spins back


    Hang Pose: Sits on line attached to ledge

    Ledge Attack: Slides up, then tackles (8% little knockback)

    Ledge Dodge: Flies off line in mid-air.


    Idle: Bobbing up and down

    1. Jumps up and down (victory pose)
    2. Spins around
    3. Says "HI" to the camera

    Wall Jump: Bounces off wall

    Wall Cling: Rolls on wall

    Tether: None

    Crawl: None

    Multi-jump: Flips in jump, Balloon Kirby 3 times

    Win Poses:
    1. Jumps flipping
    2. Magic Paintbrush flies around him
    3. Spins until dizzy

    Lose Pose: Jumps

    Victory Theme: Victory theme

    Emblem: Warp Star

    Alternate Costumes:
    Default: Pink
    Red: Red
    Blue: Blue
    Green: Green
    Extra: Yellow
    Extra: Gray

    Entrance: Rides line in

    Classic Victory Screen: Kirby standing in front of CC Kirby

    All-Star Victory Theme: Butter Building

    Main Pose: Smiling

    How To Unlock (optional):

    Main Music Theme: Gourmet Race

    Main Stage (optional): World of Drawcia

    Snake Codec Conversation:
    Snake: Mei Ling, what happened to Kirby?
    Mei Ling: What is it Snake?
    Snake: It looks like he got amputated.
    Mei Ling: Oh. Snake that's the Canvas Curse Kirby. It's what happens when he enters the Canvas World.
    Snake: He's just a ball. How does he move?
    Mei Ling: His Magic Paintbrush helps him move around fine. He also has a whole new set of abilities, though he can't copy yours.
    Snake: That's a relief, I can't imagine how he could throw a grenade.

    Kirby Hat: None.


    Classic Mode Pose: Smiling

    Classic Mode Description: Kirby trapped in the canvas world. Though he no longer has any arms or legs, still has some handy abilities. He can no longer copy fighters though.

    All-Star Mode Pose: Eyes squinting, explosions all around

    All-Star Mode Description: When Kirby copies a bomb, he becomes Crash Kirby. Detonating the entire field in one destructive force.


    *Insert Here*
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    Re: Make Your Move

    Character: Mannequin


    Size: For the most time 7/10

    Weight: 4/10

    Walking Speed: 4/10

    Running Speed: 4/10

    Attack Speed: 3/10

    Jumping: 7/10

    Fall Speed: 4/10

    Traction: 3/10

    Crouch: 8/10

    General Power: 4/10

    Ground Attacks:

    A: Swigs both arms (8% little knockback)

    A Combo: Swing both arms(8%), left arm(4%), right arm(5%), both arms and head. (16% medium knockback)

    Up Tilt: Swings both arms up (9% little knockback)

    Down Tilt: Swings arms in opposite directions (8% each arm medium knockback)

    Side Tilt: Swings both arms (9% medium knockback)

    Dash: Swings both arms and headbutt (17% large knockback)


    Nuetral Special: Copy (2% no knockback)
    Scans immediately in front, if opponent is there, a crudely drawn version of the opponent will take Mannequins place. You can then use their standard special.

    Up Special: Wings (0% no knockback)
    Grows a set of hand drawn wings.

    Down Special: Sword (13% little knockback)
    A sword is (literally) drawn, and he swings it once.

    Side Special: Snowball Gun (8% little knockback)
    Takes out a drawn gun, fires a snowball. Small chance of freezing.


    Nuetral Ariel: Swings arms (8% little knockback)

    Up Ariel: Snaps both arms up (12% medium knockback)

    Down Ariel: Ground Slam (16% medium knockback)

    Forward Ariel: Headbutt (14% medium knockback)

    Back Ariel: Tips back (12% little knockback)


    Side Smash: Hard swing (18% medium knockback)

    Up Smash: Jumps, hitting with head (13% medium knockback)

    Down Smash: Swings arms out both sides (12% little knockback)


    Grab Action: Slashes at air, grabbing

    Grab Attack: Arm swing (6%)

    Up Throw: Throws far up (8%)

    Down Throw: Throws on ground, then jumps on opponent (15%)

    Forward Throw: Throws backhanded (6%)

    Back Throw: Swings back, and hits out (10%)

    Final Smash: Creators Pen(cil) (25% each hit large knockback)
    A huge pen/pencil/stylus/whatever comes out of the sky, poking people.


    Sidestep: Steps back on one foot, holding balance

    Forward Sidestep: Takes two long steps, turning around

    Backard Sidestep: Steps around

    Air Dodge: Goes back, head spinning


    Hang Pose: Holds ledge legs kicking

    Ledge Attack: Pulls up and swing leg (8% little knockback)

    Ledge Dodge: Flips onto ground.


    Idle: Sways back and forth

    1. Creator starts to draw a line then erases it
    2. A panel appears then is replaced by a similar one (swapping color pallets)
    3. Collapses like when you first find it in the game

    Wall Jump: Uses leg to kick off

    Wall Cling: Holds on with one hand, and one leg

    Tether: None

    Crawl: None

    Multi-jump: Jumps high looking down

    Win Poses:
    1. Does a short dance
    2. Rests hand on creators pen
    3. Collapses

    Lose Pose: Claps, head spinning

    Victory Theme: Rappo towers

    Emblem: Pencil

    Alternate Costumes:
    Default: Beige
    Red: Red
    Blue: Blue
    Green: Green
    Extra: Orange

    Entrance: Pencil quickly draws

    Classic Victory Screen: Pencil starting to draw

    All-Star Victory Theme: Frostwind

    Main Pose: Hands at sides

    How To Unlock (optional): Create 10 custom stages

    Main Music Theme: Boss battle

    Main Stage (optional): Deadwood

    Snake Codec Conversation:
    Snake: Otacon there's a mannequin here.
    Otacon: So you've met?
    Snake: What are you talking about?
    Otacon: Well, thats his name, Mannequin.
    Snake: Are there any original names here?
    Otacon: You remember Kirby right?
    Snake: The guy that could copy me?
    Otacon: Yeah, this guy can do the same thing, except he makes a drawing of you.
    Snake: He draws himself?
    Otacon: Not exactly, you see theres this huge, omniscient being that draws him.
    Snake: Are you saying I'm going up against a GOD?
    Otacon: It's okay Snake, I know you can do it.

    Kirby Hat: Gets a mannequin head. When he scans he just gets a different hat.


    Classic Mode Pose: Hands at sides

    Classic Mode Description:

    All-Star Mode Pose: Staring at HUGE pencil

    All-Star Mode Description:
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    Re: Make Your Move

    MightyBox, I appreciate the effort you've put into this thread, but we really need some comments on the knockback, priority, and damage percentage to gauge what you're doing.

    Hoggmeiser is making progress.

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Before I come back with my incomplete moveset, does anyone want to do a few alternate colours for this? Would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Hoggmeiser-Rich Demon
    Class: Demon nobles

    Origin: Hoggmeiser is a character that first appeared in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the PS2. In chapter 3, Laharl's Prinnies request pay, but to the contrary Laharl is broke. He then decides to go beat some money out of the richest demon around-which in this case, happens to be Hoggmeiser.

    Hoggmeiser is shown to live in an extremely gaudy castle, where all the walls and floors are gold and incredibly expensive-looking. In the fourth and final stage of level 3, the player fights a group of warriors which include Hoggmeiser, who is the boss of the level. After you defeat him, you are given the option to kill him or spare him. If you spare him, he is so touched by your kind decision that he joins your party without your consent.

    Hoggmeiser is part of a class known as Demon Nobles. He shares the same moves with them, as well as specials.

    Hoggmeiser is shown to have a son, who comes to his defense during the chapter.

    Playstyle: Hoggmeiser is a powerful heavy weight with a viscous short-range game. He has a better grab release then Dede or Wario, saving from disastrous chain grabs such as Pikachu's or Falco's, problems that destroy his similar teammates. Hoggmeiser struggles from poor recovery and speed, but he can KO with ease and his tilts and smashes have great range.


    -Size: Large. Hoggmeiser is similar in size to Donkey Kong or King Dedede.

    -Weight: Heavy. He's not overwhelmingly hard to KO, like Bowser, but he's can be a tough cookie below 120%. In this aspect, he's also very similar to Dedede.


    -Entry: A blue panel of light appears on the entry position, and Hoggmeiser steps out, pumping his fist. This is a reference to the base panel in Disgaea, which is where all of your warriors and vassals enter the battlefield from.

    -Dash Speed: Low.

    -Walking Speed: Below Average. This is another reference to Disgaea. Hoggmeiser, being a Nether Noble, has one of the worst movements in the game.

    -Horizontal Air Speed: Very Low. Hoggmeiser also has one of the worst vertical movements in the game, thus translating to a low horizontal air speed.

    -Jumps: Hoggmeiser's intial and double jumps are both very poor and among the worst in the game. To compensate for this, Hoggmeiser's Up B does not have a helpless fallout and his Dair propels him upward. Again, he has a very poor jump in game.

    -Shield: Hoggmeiser braces his axe diagonally across his face, the blade covering his chest. He makes a toothy grimace while shielding.

    -Rolls: In his forward roll, Hoggmeiser cloaks himself with his cape and tiptoes forward. This is a rather long roll, and it had mild ending lag. Hoggmeiser's backward roll is a sliding step backwards as he holds his cape over one arm, as if taunting a bull.

    -Sidestep: Hoggmeiser quickly burrows into the ground with his axe, popping out of the earth with a poof of dirt a short while later. This is a reference to one of Hoggmeiser's special techniques in Disgaea, Earthshaker.

    -Etcetera: Hoggmeiser cannot crawl, glide, or wall jump, but he can wall cling. While in water, Hoggmeiser simply bobs. If he stays in too long, he'll start panicking about his expensive clothes being ruined. When Hoggmeiser touches lava or a fire element attack, him robe momentarily gives off a black smoke.

    Melee Attacks:

    -Jab: Hoggmeiser delivers a swift horizontal slash in two different directions with a purple trail following each slash. He then finishes by smashing the axe directly forward like a cattle prod. The hits deal 4%, 4%, and 7 percent, respectively. There is slight ending lag.

    -Forward Tilt: Hoggmeiser quickly slides forward, thrusting his axe. This move has a high priority because of a disjointed hitbox (when you first use the move, Hoggmeiser is invulnerable but does no damage). This move can be useful for dodging certain attacks, particularly those with heavy armor. 7%.

    -Upward Tilt: Hoggmeiser swipes a claw overhead and follows with his axe. The first his deals 3%, the second does 8% with moderate knockback.

    -Downward Tilt: Hoggmeiser crouches down on one knee and delivers a sweeping kick. The range is poor and the knockback is negligible, but it is a decent edge guarding move and a spiking move.

    -Forward Smash: Hoggmeiser brings his axe over his head and quickly slams it down in a motion similar to what you would do if you were splitting a log. In terms of priority and power, it works very similarly to Dedede and Ike's forward smashes, and has a sweet spot on center golden edged part of the axe.
    >19% when used regularly, 25% when fully charged.
    >This move has moderate forward knockback. This Mario's fireball explosion.
    >Half all damage if the hit isn't on the sweet spot. Knockback is null if this occurs, but there is moderate hitstun.

    -Upward Smash: Hoggmeiser moves his hand upward, and a soldier jumps up from behind him and attacks the area above him. This has a high priority thanks to a disjointed hitbox. At minimum charge, the attack does 16% and is done by a scouter. This form has negligible knockback. At 17% to 20% charge, a spear user attacks with moderate knockback. At full charge of 21-23% damage, a pugilist jumps and uses a fist attack, dealing high knockback. This is loosely based on how Hoggmeiser is rich, and how it is presumable that a lot of his guards in his castle are probably hired. Thus, in this attack he is using hired help. You'll see more of this later.

    -Down Smash: Hoggmeiser spins with his axe, dragging it in a full circle in the ground. The axe creates 5 blue flashes, or explosions, around Hoggmeiser. These are purely cosmetic. There is a bit of ending lag on this as well. Also, since the move is rather long, Hoggmeiser has 20% of heavy armor, thus preventing his from being stoped by weak projectiles and jabs. This move is a direct reference to the first special available to Hoggmeiser in Disgaea, which is Spinning Slash. It is available to use as soon as you defeat Hoggmeiser and he joins your party.
    >17% on initial use, and up to 24% on full charge.
    >This move has moderate horizontal knockback. It's a decent kill move.

    -Dash Attack: Hoggmeiser brings his axe up from his side and uses its momentum to spin forward. The spin has 15% heavy armor and gradually decelerates as it travels two SBBs. There are seven hits, but it's likely that your opponent only be hit by 3 or 4, max. The first hit does 2%, followed by 3%, 5%, 7%, 5%, 3%, and then all the way back down to 2%. If all hits are landed, this move does 23%. This move is another reference to Hoggmeiser's special Spinning Slash.
    >This move has decent horizontal knockback.
    >This move has a high priority with a small bit of ending lag.

    Aerial Attacks:

    -Neutral Air: Hoggmeiser tilts his body on a 45 degrees angle and spins his axe around himself one time. This is a very short move with very little lag, so it's good for damage-racking and mid-air combos. There are 3 hits, each doing 4%. If all hits land, this move does 12%. This has essentially no knockback.

    -Forward Air: Hoggmeiser brings his axe over his head and brutally swings it down. This move is very similar to Ike's Fair. There is very bad lag if this misses, as Hoggmeiser will continue to swing the axe downward as if he has lost control of it. Easily one of Hoggmeiser's best kill moves.

    -Back Air: Hoggmeiser spins around and delivers a 270 degree slash behind his back. This move has 3 hits of 2%, 8%, and 2%. The middle hit has medium knockback and is a decent kill move for Hoggmeiser.

    -Upward Air: Hoggmeiser brings his axe into his right hand and totes it upward like a trophy, similar to the Ice climbers. This move isn't the greatest choice to push opponents of the top of a stage.
    >Medium Knockback
    >7% damage

    -Down Air: Hoggmeiser brings his axe below him and does a pogo bounce off the air. This move is great for compensating for Hoggmeiser's lousy jumps and is his best spike. The boost is increased if you bounce off an opponent. This move is a reference to the attack Hoggmeiser performs when in a Team Attack in Disgaea. He jumps up in the air and then lands on the target with his axe near the end of the move.
    >This move is a powerful spike.
    >10% damage.


    -Grab Action: Hoggmeiser reaches his axe out. If he grabs anybody, they will be caught by the axe and Hoggmeiser will pull them in towards him.

    -Dash Grab: Hoggmeiser will spring forward. If he misses and grabs nobody, he will fall flat on his face with a grimace. You can lose from 10 to 20 frames if this happens.

    -Pummel: Hoggmeiser slams the hilt of the axe into the opponent's head.

    -Forward Throw: Hoggmeiser lifts the opponent over his head and toss them forward 2 to 3 SBBs, depending on the foe's percentage. The initial throw does 5%. If the opponent lands soon after the throw, and a blue flash will appear and the thrown foe will take 7% more damage. This is a reference to tossing and throwing in Disgaea, although Hoggmeiser and other monsters cannot throw in game.

    -Back Throw: Hoggmeiser will spin once and throw the grabbed brawler over his back. The throw does 9% damage.

    -Down Throw: Hoggmeiser will slam the enemy into the ground 10 times, coins flying out each time as if h is beating money out of the foe. Each hit does 1% damage.

    -Up Throw: Hoggmeiser tosses the grabbed opponent lowly over his head and then jabs upward with his axe. The throw itself does 4%, while if the axe hits (more likely on heavier foes), it will deal 12% with medium vertical knockback.


    -Neutral Special: Hired Help
    Hoggmeiser blows on a whistle, and from behind his back comes a randomly selected warrior from Disgaea: either an Archer, Warrior, Pugilist, or Mage. Here are the effects for each different fighter.

    Archer: A girl in a dress appears and fires an arrow directly forward. The arrow does 5% with moderate hitstun.

    Warrior: A blond man will race forward with a sword, cutting down enemies in his path. After traveling two SBBs, he will hop back behind Hoggmeiser. The rush has 5 hits of 5%, for which it is impossible to be hit by all of, and accumulates in a final 10% blow with moderate knockback. This is a reference to the sword special, Blade Rush.

    Pugilist: A bare chested man will race forward in a path of light 2 SBBs long. If he hits anyone, they will take 12% damage with high knockback and the attack will end. This is a reference to the fist Special, Tiger Charge.

    Mage: A girl in a dress with either blue, green, red, or yellow hair will appear. She will quickly raise her staff and either a wind storm, flare, icicle, or star explosion will appear in front of her. Each of them does 5% with no knockback, except for the Star one, which does 7%. This is a reference to the specials Wind, Ice, Fire, and Star.

    -Up Special: Skull Splitter
    Hoggmeiser will go vertically on one long slice, and then follow it up with two more horizontal slices in midair. Unless you cancel it, he will then drop down with a final crushing blow, which produces a cloud of pink smoke on contact with the ground. Each slice does 5% damage, the exception being that the final drop does 8%. The upward motion has medium knockback. This is a reference to the Axe special of the same name.

    -Down Special: Earthshaker
    Hoggmeiser burrows into the platform he is standing on using his axe, spewing dirt around him. He then pops up, axe first. The dirt has a radius of 0.5 SBBs and does 1% on contact with enemies. The reappearance does 9% with mild knockback. This move can be charged to lengthen the time spent underground. This is a reference to the Nether Noble special of the same name.

    -Side Special: Darkness Slash
    Hoggmeiser raises his arm, and a black hole appears directly in front of him. Any opponents near by will be sucked in, and Hoggmeiser will slash the black hole, creating an explosion. This explosion deals 10% to those in the black hole and 6% to those in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. This move has ending lag so it is not completely spammable. This reaches through shields like a grab, similar to Bowser's Side B or Kirby/Dedede's inhale. This is also a reference to a Nether Noble special of the same name.

    Final Smash: Military Campaign
    When Hoggmeiser uses his final smash, an image of his son appears across the left side of the screen, which is immediately followed by his son leading a charge of Archers, Mages, Pugilists, and warriors across the screen. There are 100 different soldiers that go across the screen, each dealing 5% on contact with opponents. This move is not a very good KO move, but it is fantastic at racking up damage to kill foes later. This, like Hoggmeiser's neutral special Hired Help, is based on how at the beginning of the final stage of Chapter 3 of Disgaea, Hoggmeiser mentions that his money is helping him fund a military campaign that will surely earn his the title of Overlord.


    -Idle Motion:
    >Hoggmeiser will bring a fist to his face and sniff his knockles with his snout.
    >Hoggmeiser takes cape and picks mud and grass off of it.
    >Hoggmeiser scratches his back with his axe.

    Side: Hoggmeiser kisses a dollar and tosses it to the wind.
    Up: Hoggmeiser twirls his axe in his hand overhead.
    Down: Hoggmeiser checks his cellphone and then puts it in his pocket.

    -Victory Poses:
    1. Hoggmeiser pumps his fist in the air like he does after you win a battle in Disgaea.
    2. Hoggmeiser pats his son on the head, who stands beside him.
    3. Hoggmeiser twirls in his cape and then points his axe at the screen.

    -Victory Theme: Whisper of Hell

    -Emblem: A red moon. This is shown on the box art, and is also what reincarnates the Prinnies.

    -Losing Pose:
    Hoggmeiser turns away from the screen, arms crossed.

    -Voice: Aside from some grunts and wails, none.

    -Palette Swaps:
    Again, I can't do a sprite recolour to save my life. Aside from the standard fare, I would plan to have a swap where Hoggmeiser's cloak is black and jagged with red on the inside to represent Maderas.

    Snake: Colonel! That's one huge pig!
    Colonel: That's Hoggmeiser, Snake. He's no pig, he's a nether noble.
    Snake: Why is he dressed all fancy?
    Colonel: He's rich, Snake...He uses his money to hire mercenaries to help him win fights.
    Snake: He sounds like a coward to me.
    Colonel: Just be careful, Snake, that axe can do some damage...

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    Re: Make Your Move


    Size: 4/10
    Walking Speed:5/10
    Running Speed:7/10(he's a freakin lizard!)
    Attack Speed:7/10
    Jumping:7/10(again, lizard!)
    Fall Speed:relativley slow(lightweight)
    Traction: (very low)
    Crouch:halves height
    General Power:weak-medium
    Ground Attacks:
    A combo: scratch, then metal claw, then dragon claw
    Up Tilt: Head Butt
    Down Tilt:Slash
    Side Tilt:Bite
    Dash:Looks like ninja dashing
    Down:Earhtquake(like Charizard's)
    Side:Fire Spin
    Back:Tail Slap
    I will edit later!!im running out of time on computer
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    I was going to put something useful and worthwhile here but.......I got lazy.

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Okay, my turn!

    I'm assuming that when using "SBB' as a unit of measurement, it's set to the smallest size


    Trophy/Character Description: Many years ago, two clans of magic users, the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages, fought each other into extinction over the power to control history, known as the "Eyes of the World". The sole survivor of this war, and the Witch Hunts that followed it, was a young woman named Bayonetta. After awakening from her 500 year slumber with no memory of her past, she set out on a journey to learn the truth about herself and along the way learned the fate of her fellow witches and sages. Bayonetta wears a body suit made from her own her that she uses to summon powerful demons to aid her, and uses a set of enchanted handgun strapped to her hands and feet along with other magical weapons.


    Size: 6/10 - About as tall as Ganondorf, but very slender
    Weight: 4/10 - She can take a few hits but she's not meant to absorb every attack
    Walk Speed: 4/10 - Bayonetta is rather flamboyant and struts like she's on a fashion show runway
    Run Speed: 7/10 - Although when things get serious she can move
    First Jump: 5/10 - A basic jump, nothin' special.
    Double Jump: 7/10 - Her butterfly wings appear to give her an extra boost
    Attack Speed: 6/10 - She has a fairly good mix of quick and slow attacks
    Fall Speed: 6/10 - Descends at a pretty good clip
    Traction: 9/10 - Grace is one of Bayonetta's strong suits, she doesn't trip often but when she does she'll make a big deal out of it.
    Crouch: 6/10 - Crouching halves her height, and she can crawl at about half her run speed
    General Power: 5/10 - The majority of Bayonetta's attacks are weak with low knockback, but she has a few heavy hitting moves

    Move list:

    A: Punch; 1-2%; No Knockback; A quick jab
    A Combo: A 3 hit combo attack that ends in a sustainable series of jabs; 1-2% on 1st attack, 2-3% on 2nd and 3rd hits, 1% on follow up jabs; Weak knockback
    FTilt: A spinning roundhouse kick; 3-4%, weak knockback
    UTilt: Swings Shuraba over her head; 5%; weak knockback
    DTilt: A low kick in front of her; 3-4%; weak knockback

    Dash Attack: Transforms into a panther and lunges forward, changing back and recovering with a somersault, similar to Snake's Dash Attack; 5-6%; weak knockback

    NAir: Equips Durga and spins with arms and legs outstreched; 5-7%; medium knockback; deals fire or electrical damage, 50% chance of either
    UAir: Does a back flip, striking in front and abover her; 3-5%; low knockback
    FAir: Slow, but strong swing with Durga, similar to Mario's FAir; 7-9%; medium knockback; deals fire or electrical damage, 50% chance of either
    BAir: Lashes out behind her with Kulshedra; 2-4%; weak knockback; long range, about 2 SBB
    DAir: Spins like a drill, similar to Jigglypuff's DAir; 5 hits of 1% each; weak knockback

    FSmash: A charged spinning slash with Shuraba; A quick attack has a fast spin, 11%, and medium knockback; A medium charge has a slightly slower spin, 17%, medium knockback and a shockwave extending the range of the attack by about 1 SBB; A full charge has a slow spin (A full second and a half of vulnerability), 23%, high knockback and a shockwave 2 SBB long

    USmash: Whips Kulshedra above her head; A quick attack has a range of 1.5 SBB, 11%, and weak knockback; A medium charge has a range of 2 SBB, 16% and weak knockback, a full charge has a slightly longer swing time, range of 3 SBB, 20%, and medium knockback

    DSmash: A heel stomp, hitbox is larger than it looks; A quick attack does 12% and has medium knockback; A medium charge does 17% and has medium knockback; A full charge, she lifts her leg and equips Lt. Col. Kilgore before stomping, adding 1.5 seconds to the initial swing time but fires a rocket expanding the hitbox, does 28%, and high knockback


    Grab: Simply reaches out and grabs.
    Dash Grab: Lunges forward as she grabs
    Pummel: Slaps the grabbed enemy across the face, how humiliating! 1-2%; no knockback
    Forward Throw: Does a quick spin and throws the enemy into the air in front of her, then shoots the target mid-air with her handguns, stopping them; initial throw does 4% with each handgun firing 3 shots for 1% each, totaling 13%; no knockback since handgun shots halt enemies momentum
    Back Throw: Turns around and punts the enemy away; 9%; medium knockback
    Up Throw: Kicks the enemy straight up then does a handstand and fires a Kilgore rocket at them; initial throw does 3% and rocket does 13%; medium knockback
    Down Throw: Slams the enemy against the ground then a tombstone bursts up beneath them; 12% weak knockback


    Neutral B - Scarborough Faire:
    Bayonetta equips her beloved handguns and will lock onto and shoot the nearest opponent, if no targets are within range (about 5 SBB around her) she will fire in a straight line in front of her; holding B will cause her to shoot until you let go of the button, while shooting Bayonetta cannot crouch, double jump, moves at her walk speed and falls very slowly; fires at about the same speed as a Super Scope's rapid fire, dealing 1% with each bullet; no knockback

    Forward/Back B - Lt. Col. Kilgore:
    Bayonetta equips Lt. Col. Kilgore and fires a rocket; moves slow initially but gains speed with distance; 14%; medium knockback; the rocket's explosion can hurt Bayonetta

    Up B - Malphas:
    Bayonetta summons a large demon bird that carries her upward (Covers a vertical distance of about 4.5 SBB, and a horizontal distance of 1.5 SBB); 11% medium knockback; leaves her in Recovery Mode after using

    Down B - Witch Time:
    Bayonetta motions as if dodging, if no attacks connect, she looks around and shrugs, leaving her open for about 1.5 seconds, if an attack does hit Bayonetta while dodging, she gracefully leaps out of the way and shouts either "Nice try!" "Too late!" or "Can't touch me!". If Bayonetta avoids an enemy attack with this, everything and everyone except Bayonetta will move in slow motion for 2 seconds as if Bayonetta grabbed a stopwatch. If a projectile attack triggered Witch Time, it will continue on its path as though it never hit anything.

    Final Smash - Summoning:
    Time will freeze and Bayonetta will do a ritualistic dance and shout an incantation, all opponents with 7 SBB will be affected. After teleporting to an unknown, mysterious looking location (Kind of like Cpt. Falcon's FS), Bayonetta's hair will turn into a huge dragon head that grabs and repeatedly bites affected enemies, a button prompt similar to those seen in the game Bayonetta will appear, but this is purely aesthetic. Deals a total of 38-46% and has heavy knockback


    -Being a witch, Bayonetta cannot swim, she doesn't even float, she just sinks in water. If Witch Time is active she can walk on water however.
    -Bayonetta rarely trips, but when she does, she falls over, then takes a second to stand up and dust herself off, this leaves her very vulnerable
    -Bayonetta can wall jump


    Up: Strikes a pose and says, "Bring it!"
    Down: Takes out and starts eating a lollipop
    Side: Turn to face the screen and blow a kiss

    Note: If you perform the down taunt, the lollipop will remain in Bayonetta's mouth until she is KO'd

    Idle Animations:
    -Flips her hair back
    -Places hands on her hips and looks around, bored

    Win Animations:
    -Strikes a pose and blows a kiss to the screen
    -Begins eating a lollipop, faces the screen and winks
    (That's all I could come up with >_>)

    Lose Animation:

    -Faces the screen and applauds, with a slightly annoyed expression

    Entry Animation:

    -A portal to Purgatorio appears and Bayonetta steps out of it

    A remix/short clip of either Fly Me to the Moon or Let's Dance, Boys!

    Umbran Symbol

    Due to lack of a better image, it's the symbol made by the guns.

    Palette Swaps:
    I am the failz when it comes to this sort of thing, but basically her hair would be a different color; most likely black (default), white (alt), dark green, bright red, and dark blue

    Snake: Hey Otacon, there's a woman with guns on her feet, who is she?!
    Otacon: That's Bayonetta, Snake, she's a witch.
    Snake: That's cold.
    Otacon: Very funny, but I'm serious, she uses that suit made from her hair to summon demons!
    Otacon: In addition, her deal with the devil has given her super human agility and strength.
    Otacon: And to top it off, she has a huge arsenal of magical weaponry created especially for her by the fallen angel Rodin!
    Snake: ...Her suit is made from her hair?

    In case you don't know; Scarborough Faire, Shuraba, Durga, Kulshedra and Lt. Col. Kilgore are Bayonetta's weapons. Scarborough Faire are her handguns, Shuraba is a katana, Durga is a set of claws that can switch between lightning and fire elemental, Kulshedra is a whip made from a demonic snake and Lt. Col. Kilgore is a set of rocket launchers.
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    Re: Make Your Move

    Spoiler: Butterfree 
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    Show me ya moves: 0877-0665-3997

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Quote Originally Posted by Gun View Post
    Before I come back with my incomplete moveset, does anyone want to do a few alternate colours for this? Would be greatly appreciated.
    I could do that, if you still need them.

    Any preferences?

    Brawl: 2408-2088-1751

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    Thumbs down Paper Mario

    Character: Paper Mario


    Size: 5/10 - About the same as Mario?

    Weight: 5/10

    Walking Speed: 4/10

    Running Speed: 8/10

    Attack Speed: 8/10

    Jumping: 8/10

    Fall Speed: 6/10

    Traction: 5/10

    Crouch: Havles his height, just like in Super Paper Mario

    General Power: 4/10

    Ground Attacks:

    A: Barry - Surrounds himself with Barry, reflects thrown items, does 3% damage, little knockback

    Up Tilt: Fleep - Flips the opponent above him, doing 2% damage with some stun.

    Down Tilt: Kick - Kicks the opponent as he kicks a Koopa shell, doing 4% damage and forcing a trip.

    Side Tilt: Fleep - Flips the opponent to the side, doing 3% damage with some stun.

    Dash: Barry - Same thing as normal Barry, except Paper Mario also moves forward slightly, slowing down.


    Nuetral Special: Boomer - Paper Mario sets down Boomer, who explodes after a few seconds or when Paper Mario presses B again. 25% damage, near-explosive knockback.

    Up Special: Paper Airplane - Paper Mario transforms into a paper airplane, flies at a 30 degree angle upwards, then glides.

    Down Special: Thudley - Paper Mario jumps into the air if he is off the ground, then thuds to the ground. 15% damage, high knockback.

    Side Special: Carrie - Paper Mario hops on Carrie, and heads in whatever direction, similar to Wario's bike, except with less resistance and more control. Jumping on enemies causes 6% damage and Meteor Smash without timing a jump.


    Nuetral Ariel: Barry - Mario is surrounded by Barry as Mario falls. 5% at the start, 2% by the end.

    Up Ariel: Fleep - Flips the enemy above him, doing 3% damage with some stun.

    Down Ariel: Fleep - Flips the enemy below him, doing 3% damage with some stun.

    Forward Ariel: Fleep - Flips the enemy in front of him, doing 3% damage with some stun.

    Back Ariel: Fleep - Flips the enemy behind him, doing 3% damage with some stun.


    Side Smash: Cudge - Swings his hammer very rapidly, at 15% damage and below-average knockback.

    Up Smash: Rubee - Pulls a Rubee out to poke it upwards, also jumping if charged. 13% damage, below-average knockback.

    Down Smash: POW Block - Drops a POW Block somewhat slowly. 20% damage, and lots of stun.


    Grab Action: Thoreau - Throws Thoreau in front of him.

    Grab Attack: Head Bonk - Bonks the caught enemy with his head. 2% damage.

    Up Throw: Crumples himself up, then springs straight, launching the enemy straigt up. 7% damage, low knockback for an up throw.

    Down Throw: Drops the enemy, then jumps on him, then kicks him off. 6% plus 2% damage, little knockback.

    Forward Throw: Throws the enemy forward, causing high collision damage if it comes into contact with anybody else. Low knockback for a forwards throw.

    Back Throw: Same thing as the forward throw, except backwards. Paper Mario does not turn around.

    Final Smash: Pure Hearts (For about 10-20 seconds, Paper Mario is invincible, and opponent's cannot use Shields. All of their invincibility frames are negated.)


    Sidestep: Slim - Paper Mario becomes invisible and unhittable.

    Forward Sidestep: Slim - Paper Mario becomes Slip, then flips into the dimension behind the fighting dimension, walks to his destination, and flips back in one fluid motion.

    Backard Sidestep: Slim - Same thing.

    Air Dodge: Slim - Turns into invisible, unhittable paper temporarily.


    Hang Pose: Just grabbing

    Ledge Attack below 100%: Fleep - Fast 2%, some stun.

    Ledge Attack at 100%: Cudge - Slow 5%, high knockback.

    Ledge Dodge: Slim - Becomes invisible, then reappears away from the ledge.


    Idle: Blink, Yawn

    1. Piccolo
    2. Tippi
    3. Trip

    Wall Jump: NA

    Wall Cling: NA

    Tether: NA

    Crawl: NA

    Multi-jump: Just one mid-air jump

    Win Poses:
    1. "Me?"
    2. Pure Heart celebration pose

    Lose Pose:
    Obliviously standing there

    Victory Theme:
    Pure Heart celebration theme

    Emblem: Mushroom

    Alternate Costumes:
    Rip-offs of real Mario

    Entrance: Cursor flips him in

    How To Unlock (optional): Beat Classic Mode using Mario

    Kirby Hat: Paper Kirby w/ Mario Hat!

    Trophy: Already exists

    Other notes:
    When swimming, Paper Mario turns into a boat, giving him a longer swim time.
    Dashell appears when Paper Mario runs.
    Dottie appears when Paper Mario grows or shrinks.
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    Re: Make Your Move

    That's really not enough for us to judge your moveset, sparklesqueak. We need more then just names of moves. How about descriptions with damage percentages and knockback?

    EDIT: My next moveset is either going to be Daroach, Zero, or Mawhile.
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    Re: Make Your Move

    Is there any page that gives those weird statistics for each character?

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    Character: Wolf Link


    Size: 5/10

    Weight: 6/10

    Walking Speed: 5/10

    Running Speed: 8/10

    Attack Speed: 8/10

    Jumping: 4/10

    Fall Speed: 4/10

    Traction: 10/10

    Crouch: 5/10

    General Power: 6/10

    Ground Attacks:

    A: Bites forward quickly. 5%.

    A->: Lunges forward, knocking the foe back. 7%, low knockback. Easily comboed.

    A^: Flips head up, flipping foe upwards. 5%, fixed decent knockback.

    Av: Digs in the ground, grounding the foe. 2%.

    Dash A: Lunges forward, teeth bared. Collides into the foe. 9%, high knockback.


    B: Transform into Hylian Link.

    B->: Lunges forward and sinks its teeth into the foe, biting hard. 2% per bite. Similar to Diddy Kong's attack.

    B^: Leaps into the air. If near a ledge, Midna locks onto the ledge, and Link either lands on the ledge or grapples the ledge with his paws. If he comes into contact with a foe, he sinks his teeth into them, in the exact same way as the B-> attack.

    Bv: An energy field is slowly created around Link as Link is able to slowly walk around. Midna zaps whoever ends up in the field. After five seconds, or when B is released, Link charges at each zapped foe, dealing 20%, high knockback.


    A: Spins horizontally in the air. 10% at the start, 5% at the end. Very fast.

    A^: Midna slowly reaches into the air with her hair. If she grabs anybody, she throws them downwards, hard, in a meteor smash. 10%.

    Av: Link puts down his paws, facing downwards, dealing 10% to whoever he comes in contact with. Link loses all movement, but falling speed only doubles. If he lands, he rolls forward, and anybody he collides into takes 10%, medium knockback.

    A->: Link bites forward with purpose. 10%, high knockback.

    A<-: Link whips his tail quickly and repeatedly. 3% per hit. Low knockback until the final hit, 5%, medium knockback.


    A->>: Gathers energy, then slams forward. 18%, high diagonal knockback.

    A^^: ???

    Avv: Whips his tail around quickly. 15%, high horizontal knockback.


    Grab Action: Midna reaches out and grabs the target.

    Grab Attack: Link sinks his teeth into the target.

    Up Throw: Midna flips the target into the air. High vertical knockback.

    Down Throw: Midna throws the target down, and Link bites it.

    Forward Throw: Midna throws the target forward. High diagonal knockback.

    Back Throw: Midna throws the target in a 180. High horizontal knockback.

    Final Smash:

    Midna equips herself with the Fused Shadows, transforming into a giant Twilight monster which you then control while Wolf Link is hidden away through twilight transportation. Midna is armed with a giant spear with can be used with great precision using the control stick. Lasts for about twenty seconds before Wolf Link reappears, and Midna reverts to her original form, riding on Wolf Link again.

    Everything else comes later.


    Sidestep: Link stumbles to the side. 2-30/40 invincibility frames.

    Forward Roll: Link gets on the ground, then rolls using his tail to control the roll.

    Backard Sidestep: Same thing, except he uses his nose.

    Air Dodge: Does a flip in the air.


    Hang Pose: Dangling from the edge, paws on the ledge.

    Ledge Attack: Scrambles up, then takes a huge bite. 6% damage, medium knockback.

    Ledge Dodge: Scrambles up, then rolls around, centered around his nose.


    Idle: Just idles around. Midna occasionally says, "Hey." Link occasionally growls.

    1. Howls. The D-Pad can then be used to control the tone of Link's howling.
    2. The entire screen flashes into Sense vision, then back.
    3. Walks around, as if having just howled a song.

    Tether: Midna reaches out with her hair.

    Crawl: Link just paws across the ground.

    Win Poses:
    1. Howls, circles around, then sits proudly.

    Lose Pose:
    Bows his head in shame.

    Victory Theme:
    some Twilight theme


    Entrance: Enters by Twilight transportation.

    Classic Victory Screen: ???

    All-Star Victory Screen: Wolf Link using Grab vs. Ganon

    Main Pose: See the top image.

    How To Unlock (optional): Transforation of Link, when Link stabs his sword into the ground and simultaneously hits B.

    Main Music Theme: Twilight theme

    Snake Codec Conversation:
    Coming soon.

    Kirby Hat: Kirby with a wolf head.

    Trophy: Already exists.

    Classic Mode Pose: Main pose

    Classic Mode Description: Already exists

    All-Star Mode Pose: Twilight creature Midna

    All-Star Mode Description: Coming soon.

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    Re: Make Your Move


    Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon, enters the Brawl. He used to be a Pokéball Pokémon, but now he wants to fight the other characters.

    Stats and Animations

    Size: Snorlax is a very large character, even larger than Bowser.
    Weight: Snorlax is the heaviest by far.
    Power: Most of Snorlax's moves are powerful, but some are weak. The ones that are powerful are slow.
    Speed: Snorlax is the slowest character.
    Range: Most of Snorlax's attacks are best in close range, but he has some far range attacks.
    Jumping: Snorlax's two jumps are very low. His up special is his main way of getting back to the stage.
    Special Abilities: Snorlax can't crawl, float, glide, or wall-jump.

    Standing - Snorlax stands upright, occasionally scratching his head.
    Walking - Snorlax walks regularly.
    Dashing - Snorlax runs with his arms behind him.
    Jump - Snorlax jumps up very lowly because he has no legs. For his midair jump, he just jumps lowly again.
    Crouch - Snorlax ducks by falling asleep on the ground. (Not like the sleeping that Jigglypuff can inflict on you, more like Pichu's duck on Melee)
    Hanging - Snorlax hangs on very tightly, because if he makes one slip his weight will make him fall.

    Special Moves

    Neutral -- "Ice Punch"
    Snorlax's hand gets a white glow around it, making an ice punch. It gives about 20% damage. It has a 40% chance of freezing the opponent. It is a very quick attack.

    Side -- "Rollout"
    Snorlax rolls around on the ground. This is easier to control than Yoshi's Egg Roll, but harder to control than Sonic's Spin Dash. It will deal 20-40% damage, depending on the timing.

    Up -- "Metronome"
    Snorlax waggles his finger and then he glows. He then inflates and jumps like Kirby and Jigglypuff. This is his main way of recovery.

    Down -- "Body Slam"
    Snorlax slams down. If on the ground, he flips upside down and the range for hitting is higher. If he is in the air, he will fall down, belly first, very hard. He will then fall onto the ground. It usually deals about 40% damage.

    Standard Moves

    Neutral -- "Mega Punch"
    He first punches, then he punches again, then he kicks. The first punch deals 3% damage, the second deals 6% damage, then the kick deals 9% damage.

    Forward -- "Focus Punch"
    Snorlax charges up a punch, then releases it. This attack will give 20% damage and is very slow.

    Up -- "Tackle"
    Snorlax rushes into the air, hitting any enemies in upward range. It deals about 12% damage.

    Down -- "Lick"
    Snorlax will stick out its tongue and lick any enemies around him. It will deal about 14% damage and will make other people flinch.

    Dash -- "Earthquake"
    Snorlax will fall onto the ground and shake the ground around him. It deals 12% damage.


    Forward -- "Strength"
    Snorlax will punch. This will deal 15-30% damage.

    Up -- "Whirlpool"
    Snorlax spins, then water will appear around him. This will knock enemies very high. It deals 13-25% damage.

    Down -- "Rock Smash"
    Snorlax punches the ground below him. This will cause rocks to fly out of the ground, into the air. The rocks hitting enemies will deal 12-20% damage. Snorlax punching them as this happens will cause 30-40% damage.


    Neutral -- "Zen Headbutt"
    Snorlax's head will shine, then he will headbutt in the direction he is facing. It deals 40% damage, but deals 20% damage to Snorlax.

    Forward -- "Gunk Shot"
    Snorlax shoots garbage out of his mouth at his opponents. At high percentage it will deal 10% damage, but at no percentage it will deal 60% damage.

    Backward -- "Seed Bomb"
    Snorlax turns his head around and shoots a seed out of it. On impact it deals 20% damage.

    Up -- "Iron Head"
    Snorlax's head shines silver, then he headbutts his opponent that is above him. It deals 30% damage.

    Down -- "Thunderpunch"
    Snorlax's hand gets electricity around it, then he punches down. This deals 30% electric damage.


    Grab -- "Charm"
    Snorlax does his best to look cute, which distracts the opponent. While the opponent is distracted, Snorlax grabs them.

    Pummel --"Fire Punch"
    Snorlax's hand sets on fire, and he punches his opponents in the stomach. This deals 3% fire damage.

    Forward -- "Double Edge"
    Snorlax karate chops the opponent, which throws them at least half of Final Destination away. It also deals 20%.

    Backward -- "Crunch"
    Snorlax bites his opponent, then throws them backwards. This will throw them the distance of Final Destination away. It deals 30% damage.

    Up -- "Rock Tomb"
    Snorlax throws a rock at the opponent, launching them into the air. It deals 15% damage.

    Down -- "Shadow Ball"
    Snorlax shoots a ball of dark energy onto the opponent, launching them away. It deals 16% of dark damage.

    Final Smash - "Giga Impact"

    A yellow-orange energy appears around Snorlax. He then flies around, harder to control than Super Sonic, but easier to control than Pikachu's Volt Tackle. If it connects with an opponent, it deals about 50% damage.

    Extra Stuff

    Taunt 1
    Snorlax falls asleep then wakes up quickly.

    Taunt 2
    Snorlax says, "Snorlax."

    Taunt 3
    Snorlax scratches his head, then gets back to the brawl.

    Victory 1
    Snorlax does the Conga.

    Victory 2
    Snorlax first eats a piece of cheese, then he looks at the screen.

    Victory 3
    Snorlax appears looking the wrong way, but then he turns around shrugging his shoulders.

    Color Swaps
    Blue (default), red, green

    Snake Codec
    Snake: Otacon, what is this balloon thing?
    Otacon: That's a Snorlax, the evolved form of Munchlax. It sleeps most of the day and eats a lot. It is also very strong.
    Snake: It looks very active though.
    Otacon: Snorlax is very strong and active when it wants to be. And it looks like it wants to be right now.
    Snake: Well I wouldn't want to be caught in its way. It might squish me!
    Otacon: Be careful Snake!

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Pom, that character is ridiculously overpower. I'm not even kidding. Sparklesqueak, the idea is that you make up the knockback and damage statistics.

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    Re: Make Your Move


    Son Gohan, the son of Goku and Chichi. He is a fighter from Dragon Ball Z. He is 11 years old and is very strong thanks to Guru and Goku. He has now joined the brawl!

    Size: 4/10
    Weight: 4/10
    Walking Speed: 3/10
    Running Speed: 8/10
    Attack Speed: 9/10
    Jumping: 8/10
    Fall Speed: 3/10
    Traction: 8/10
    Crouch: 8/10
    General Power: 6/10

    Ground Attacks:
    A: Punches. It can also be used in a combo. 4%
    A>: Punches, although a little harder than the regular A attack. 7%
    A^: Does a light uppercut. Sends an enemy upwards. 6%
    Av: Punches the ground, lightly shaking the ground ranging around him. 3%.
    Dash A: Lunges forward and punches. 4%

    B: Charges up a punch. You can walk around and release it somewhere else in the level. This is somewhat similar to DK's punch. 4-14%
    B>: Shoots a ray out of his hand. Somewhat similar to R.O.B's. B attack. If you hold B after pressing > + B, he'll charge it up. This is his strongest attack. 9-24%
    B^: He does an uppercut. This is somewhat similar to Captain Falcon and Ganondorf's B^ attack. Whenever he hits someone, he grabs them and shocks them. 3-16%
    Bv: He digs a hole and can stay in until you press up. When he comes out, the person standing above the hole will get hit upward. 6-12%

    A: Does a flip, and hits an enemy frontward. 4%
    A^: Punches up. He goes up about 1/2 a foot. 7%
    Av: Punches down with both of his hands. 5%
    A<: He kicks to the left and does a flip. 6%
    A>: He kicks to the right and does a flip. 8%

    A>>: Does a strong punch. Does massive damage. 12-23%
    A^^: Does a strong kick upwards. Does massive damage. 13-21%
    Avv: Hits his tail on the ground. Makes the ground shake lightly around him. 14-23%

    Grab Action: Grabs the enemy with his tail, and then throws them into his hand. 4%
    Grab Attack: He punches the enemy. 2%
    Up Throw: He throws them up, then shoots a light ray out of his hand at them. 7%
    Down Throw: Throws them on the ground, and then jumps on them. 6%
    Forward Throw: He throws them forward, then shoots a light ray out of his hand at them. 7%
    Back Throw: He throws them on the ground.

    Final Smash: Masenko
    He yells "Masenko!" when you press B. He jumps to the top of the level, and releases a big ray out of his hand. It is similar to Lucario's, except there is a 1/1000 chance that you can hit it back. If you hit it back, it will immediately KO Gohan unless there is something above him. This attack will do from 12-89%.

    Sidestep: He does a somersault.
    Forward Roll: Gohan gets on the ground, then rolls using his tail to control the roll.
    Backward Sidestep: He digs a hole, then comes out four steps backwards.
    Air Dodge: Does a flip in the air.

    Hang Pose: He grabs onto the edge and looks down.
    Ledge Attack: Uses his tail to climb up, then kicks. 4%
    Ledge Dodge: Dodges by using his tail to push him back.

    Idle: Looks left and right, and occasionally practices punching
    Crawl: He gets on his back and pushes his body forward with his hands.
    Lose Pose: He just bows his head and lightly claps.
    Victory Theme: This (From 0:01-0:13)
    Emblem: A Dragon Ball
    Entrance: Flies in.
    SSE Location: He would be with Samus and Pikachu,
    Kirby Hat: Kirby gets Gohan's hair.
    Trophy: His artwork.

    1. He punches into the air and shouts, "Yeah!"
    2. He shouts, "I am Gohan!"
    3. He does a fighting stance.

    Win Poses:
    1. Same as taunt #1
    2. Same as taunt #2

    How to unlock
    1. Play 230 brawls
    2. Recruit him in SSE
    3. Take up 5000% in all with Pikachu and Samus.

    Unlock note:
    Son Gohan, the son of Goku and Chichi, the very powerful saiyan has joined the brawl!

    Subspace Emissary
    He would be locked up in the room with the two Dark Samus. Gohan's power would be being drained and put into the two Samus. The real Samus and Pikachu come and beat the two of them, and recruited Gohan. Gohan would then join your party.

    Snake Codec Conversation:
    Snake: Colonel, who's this... Kid?
    Colonel: That's Gohan. Don't underestimate his power. He is one tough boy.
    Snake: Eh... I bet he couldn't beat me, huh?
    Colonel: I doubt he couldn't. He's the son of Goku, the all-powerful saiyan.
    Snake: Why does he have a tail?
    Colonel: He's a Saiyan. The toughest creature alive.
    Snake: So he's not a human?
    Colonel: No. He came from planet Vegeta, where all Saiyans are.
    Snake: So, he's an alien?
    Colonel: Not exactly... He still has human blood in him.
    Snake: Well, I'll teach this alien a lesson!
    Colonel: I'm not so sure. Saiyans get stronger in every battle. And he's been through tons.
    Snake: This little alien boy? He looks pathetic. There's no way that can be right.
    Colonel: Well, watch out for his "Masenko" attack, that's when his real power is exposed.
    Snake: Well, I'll still kick his- Wait... Masenko?
    Colonel: Masenko is a really strong attack he has. You can hit it back if you're strong enough. Just stay on guard.
    Snake: Got it.


    Blue (Default)


    His little kid costume.
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    Re: Make Your Move

    Quote Originally Posted by Adonis Sho Peasley View Post
    Sparklesqueak, the idea is that you make up the knockback and damage statistics.
    Yes, but I'm talking about the size and jump statistics. I need a reference point. What is, say, Mario's size and jump? Bowser's? Link's? Kirby's? Pikachu's?

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    Re: Make Your Move

    What are Classic Mode Poses, Classic Mode Descriptions, All-Star Mode Pose, and All-Star Mode Descriptions?

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Classic Mode pose: That scene you get at the end of Classic mode where the announcer yells "CONGRATULATIONS!"
    Classic Mode Descriptions: The description on the character trophy you get at the end of classic mode.
    And it's the same for All-Star mode except it's at the end of All-Star mode.
    If I ever have some words of infinite wisdom, I'll be sure to tell you.

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    Re: Make Your Move

    I don't remember a description. Thanks anyway.

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    Character: Banjo and Kazooie


    Size: 5/10

    Weight: 5/10

    Walking Speed: 4/10

    Running Speed: 8/10

    Jumping: 6/10

    Fall Speed: 3/10

    Traction: 7/10

    Crouch: 5/10

    General Power: 6/10

    Ground Attacks:

    A: Claw Swipe. 4%. After initial use, can be repeated up to twice more with higher speed.

    A->: Peck. 7%. Kazooie pecks quickly for low damage.

    A^: Upwards swipe. 6%. Banjo swings his arm over his head.

    Av: Bear Kick. 6%. Banjo kicks low on the ground.

    Dash A: Forward Roll. 8%. Banjo rolls on the ground.


    B: Egg Lay. 5%. Kazooie lays an egg, which steadily bounces backwards until hitting an opponent or falling off. Goes faster down slopes.

    B->: Egg Fire. 5%. Kazooie shoots an egg out of her mouth, horizontally. Bursts after reaching a certain range or hitting an opponent. Can be used up to three times in a row without pause.

    B^: Beak Bomb. 12%. After a brief period of time, Banjo and Kazooie are fired in whatever direction the control stick is pointing for a certain distance, then fall a bit and glide.

    Bv: Beak Buster. 13%. After a brief period of time, Banjo and Kazooie slam into the ground with tremendous force.


    A: Flip. 6%. Banjo flips in the air.

    A^: Upwards peck. 9%. Kazooie pecks upwards quickly.

    Av: Bear Stomp. 9%. Banjo kicks straight down.

    A->: Rat-a-tap Rap. 5% each. Kazooie pecks forwards in quick succession, three times.

    A<-: Talon Kick. 6%. Kazooie instanly kicks backwards.


    A->>: Beak Barge. 16-21%. After charging, they move forwards, Kazooie's beak first.

    A^^: Wing Slice. 12-16%. Kazooie flaps upwards for damage.

    Avv: Talon Spin. 11-15%. Kazooie sticks out her feet and Banjo spins around, low.


    Grab Action: Banjo grabs the target with his paws.

    Grab Attack: 1%. Kazooie pecks the target. Similar speed to Lucario's Grab Attack.

    Up Throw: 3% then 5%. Banjo flings target up a bit, and Kazooie gives final peck upwards.

    Down Throw: 4% then 5%. Banjo throws the target beneath his feet, and Kazooie steps on it with a Talon Trot.

    Forward Throw: 7%. Banjo throws the target forwards.

    Back Throw: 4%. Banjo throws the target around him, into a perfect position to use a quick Egg Lay.

    Final Smash: The Mighty Jinjonator.

    The giant statue of the Jinjonator appears, and Banjo quickly shoots eggs in its bases to activate it. It then barrages into the opponents while the player can control Banjo. The other four giant Jinjos appear first and deal 15% with each shot, similar to Latios. Then the Jinjonator does multiple barrages for 20% each.


    Sidestep: Banjo steps to the side.

    Forward Roll: Banjo rolls to the side.

    Backard Sidestep: They use Talon Trot to run to the other side.

    Air Dodge: Does a flip in the air.


    Hang Pose: Holding on by one paw.

    Ledge Attack: Quickly rolls up and Kazooie gives a peck. 5%.

    Ledge Attack 100+%: Slowly rises up and swipes. 6%.

    Ledge Dodge: Gets up and rolls in.


    Idle: Stands around, occassionally blinking.

    1. Banjo plays the banjo while Kazooie plays the kazoo for a short period of time.
    2. Random transformation into a transformation from Banjo-Kazooie.
    3. Kazooie pecks Banjo in the back of the head.

    Glide: Kazooie spreads her wings.

    Multiple jumps: Kazooie flys for the mid-air jumps, up to four.

    During dash: Talon Trot. Kazooie runs instead of Banjo.

    Win Poses:
    1. Banjo is bowing similar to after getting all ten Jiggies in one world.
    2. Banjo is sitting in a relaxing chair like in the end of Banjo-Kazooie.
    3. Kazooie is pecking Banjo's head again.

    Lose Pose:
    He claps, while Kazooie pecks him in the back of the head.

    Victory Theme:
    Click-Clock Wood theme.


    Entrance: Similar to warp entrance into each world.

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    ~Next Character Movesets~

    Got a sweet character that needs a moveset?
    Well here's the place where you request for them, make your own, and show off what you made.
    No third party people, because do you really think it's possible to make a moveset for Pheonix Right?
    I like to keep things tidy around here, so here's a fill-out form:

    Co-op Style:
    (If it's played like Pokemon Trainer and such)

    Pretty simple, I do my own research my the way.
    So here's an example:

    Quote Originally Posted by King of Phwoosh View Post
    Koopa Bros. Moveset
    UP+B = Shell Hurricane: The Koopa spins himself to the air with his shell, Blue Koopa has increased jump for a better use.
    LEFT/RIGHT+B = Spinning Sock'em Up: The Koopa spins himself around gathering people near, and awesomely Roundhouse Kicks them. Best on Red=Speed+
    DOWN+B = Team Tag: The player Koopa switches out with the next one. (Order: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
    B: Star Pose = The Koopa does his signature pose, wailing out "Hoowah!", hurting all near. Best on Yellow for +Attack.
    GUARD = Shell Shield = It's pretty much what Squirtle does, best on Green for +Defense
    TAUNT = Up = Never Surrender, Side = Victory Jump, Down = Suave Shell.
    FINAL SMASH = BOWSER? = The team gathers and form Bowser? (there boss form in Paper Mario), and use the fire cannon they had to burn there opponents with lust. At the end of the Final Smash, the machine falls apart, dropping parts from it and damaging those beneath it. The parts that don't fall on opponents can be thrown.

    Dumble's gonna dorf.

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Here's a sort of creative move set for Waluigi (I'm aware there is an existing one for him on this thread). I picture (non-BitF) Waluigi as a very sneaky person who has access to all the weird gadgets Wario seems to have, so I based his moves around that. Of course, his taunts can be a homage to a certain popular webcomic.

    UP + B = Extend-o Glove: Uses Wario's exending arm from Mario Power Tennis. If no one is nearby, this just tries to grab an edge (or does nothing if Waluigi is not in the air). If any foes are near by, Waluigi grabs one and jumps off them, pushing them down to where he started. (This is similar to jumping off an opponent's head, but includes minor damage and directs them to wherever you came from, which is probably worse than straight down.)

    LEFT/RIGHT + B = Waluigi Spin: Variant on Luigi Cyclone. Does less damage while moving, then more at the end.

    DOWN + B = Shock Sticker (ŕ la Mario Party): Drop a sticker that becomes invisible after touching the ground. The next character to come in contact with the sticker (friend, foe, or self) takes damage and is briefly stunned, but is not knocked away. Only a limited number of stickers can be dropped by one player at a time.

    B = Waluigi Capsule: Waluigi throws a small capsule which causes a random effect on contact. More powerful effects happen less often. These include: Bubblegum - similar to sleep effect, Explosion - basically a smaller version of a Bob-omb, Hypno-disk - briefly reverse control stick directions, Shock - No-knock-away damage, Item - a random item appears (rare)

    TAUNT = Up = Says "Waaaluigi!" while spinning like a tornado (seen in Mario Power Tennis), Side = Stomps, clenches fist, and says "TOO BAD! WALUIGI TIME!" , Down = Dances

    OTHER = Down Smash = Assist trophy stomp from Brawl. This is always the same number of stomps, but if the attack is charged they become more powerful and can drive people into the ground. The same attack can be performed in the air at its non-charged power. Forward Smash = Tennis Racket.

    FINAL SMASH = Bob-arrage: Leaps off-screen and returns with a parachute. From the air, he begins raining down Bob-ombs on his foes. The player can control the direction he is throwing and has limited control of his movement. Waluigi throws Bob-ombs automatically until time runs out.

    ALTERNATE FINAL SMASH = Says "WAAAALUIGI TIME!" while creating an effect similar to Luigi's Negative Zone.

    It was tempting just to write the second Final Smash, but I wanted to be sure he had one that was reasonably founded within the games.

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Character:Duster(from mother 3)


    Size: 7/10

    Weight: 3/10

    Walking Speed:4 /10

    Running Speed: 9/10

    Attack Speed: 8/10

    Jumping: 6/10

    Fall Speed: 5/10

    Traction: 2/10

    Crouch: 7/10

    General Power: 6/10

    Ground Attacks:

    A:He does a quick kick

    A Combo: fast multi kicks with one leg

    Up Tilt:sort of a flip kick

    Down Tilt:Break dancing spin

    Side Tilt:Leans forward like a headbutt

    Dash: Pushes foot out as ram


    Nuetral Special:Throws a Large meatel staple it's like Sheiks needles and can produce multiple

    Up Special: takes out rope snake and spins it around like a helicopter

    Down Special:releses Smoke bomb if brawerl is in smoke aea takes damege every second

    Side Special:He takes out a large stick with a fether on it and waves it around


    Nuetral Ariel: pushes both feet forward

    Up Ariel:pushes hands up

    Down Ariel:pushes feet down

    Forward Ariel: spins forward

    Back Ariel:flips back


    Side Smash: powerful kick

    Up Smash:upward headbutt

    Down Smash:pounds ground


    Grab Action: ropesnake like lucas

    Grab Attack: again kicks

    Up Throw: flings them up

    Down Throw: fling up and smash down

    Forward Throw: pulls rope snake back and swings it forward

    Back Throw:flings ropesnake backwards

    Final Smash:The Power Of the Theif. He summons His fater Wess and they both appear in front of charectors causing damage after doing that for a while they creat a huge earthquake causing knockback

    Dodges: duck


    Forward Sidestep:dashes forward

    Backard Sidestep:leans back and tumbles

    Air Dodge:does a spin in the air


    Hang Pose:swinging back and forth

    Ledge Attack:he rolls with fist out

    Ledge Dodge:roll


    Idle: scrathes head and yawns

    1.He laughs
    2.Takes the egg of light out of his pocket then puts it back
    3.straghtens shirt

    Wall Jump:pushes with all limbs

    Wall Cling:digs in to the wall

    Tether: ropesnake

    Crawl: sort of like snakes

    Multi-jump: flaps arms like a bird

    Win Poses:
    1.hands behind head and chuckling
    2.Does a fist pump
    3.Sits down and falls asleep

    Lose Pose: hunches and weakly claps

    Victory Theme:Same as lucas


    Alternate Costumes:

    Entrance:Jump down from sky

    Classic Victory Screen: ?

    All-Star Victory Theme:?

    Main Pose:

    How To Unlock (optional):

    Main Music Theme:

    Main Stage (optional):

    Snake Codec Conversation:
    Snake:How is that guy he looks like a bum

    Kirby Hat:Dusters hair

    Trophy:Him with the egg of light

    Classic Mode Pose:Him with lots of item

    Classic Mode Description:Duster a theif that is a student of his theif father and trys to steal the humming bird egg

    All-Star Mode Pose:Him and Lucas Doing taunts

    All-Star Mode Description:Duster the theif teamed up with lucas to save the island from evil


    *Insert Here*

    i'll finish later
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    Re: Make Your Move

    Oh dear lord what have I done?
    Character: Charlotte!


    Size: 4/10 She's a little 8 year old girl, not very big.

    Weight: 3/10 Same as above, really.

    Walking Speed: 6/10 Skips instead of walks, similar to Peach.

    Running Speed: 9/10 She's quick and nimble, one of the faster characters.

    Attack Speed: 7/10 Her attaks are weak but executed quickly.

    Jumping: 8/10 She jumps joyfully with a large smile on her face!

    Fall Speed: 3/10 She's quite light, and isn't going to fall that fast.

    Traction: 6/10 She's got a small attention span, and isn't really going to pay attention to her footing.

    Crouch: 8/10 She just lies down belly up. She can get really close to the ground considering how short she already is.

    General Power: 3/10 8 year olds aren't generally known for winning boxing matches.

    Ground Attacks:
    A: Leans back ad sticks her foot forward theatrically. 2% and little to no knockback.

    AA: Throws her foot behind her and leans forward and throws both hand in front of her. 2%, almost no knockback.

    AAA: Does a small twirl on one leg. 3% and slight knockback.

    Up Tilt: Jumps and throws her hands up. Quick and good for juggling. 2%.

    Down Tilt: Lies on her back and kicks her leg three times. 1% each kick and small knockback on final kick.

    Side Tilt: Leans forward on one foot and throws her arms at her side, in a ballerina like pose. 3% and small knockback.

    Dash: Does a cartwheel, hitting with her hand and feet. Damage/Knockback smae as Down tilt.

    Nuetral Special: Sings a note, and sends out three musicals notes. Each note does 3/4% and little knockback.

    Up Special: Brings out two balloon fiends from the Web Flash which bring her upwards and bite at opponents. After a little while they will slip from her hand. Touching balloons causes 5% and decent knockback.

    Down Special: She holds a large flower out in front of her, which she will continue to hold and long as the buttons are held. The flower will deflect projectiles. If and enemy is hit with the flower, it will cause 8/9% and moderate knockback. There is some ending and start lag as she brings it out and tucks it away.

    Side Special: She throws Buttons 2 out in front of her which will charge forward and snip at opponents until it falls off a ledge, similar to Piplup. If it hits a wall it will turn in the opposite direction and continue charging. If it charges after enough time without falling off a ledge it will tucker out and sit down. It can then be picked up as an item. If Charlotte picks it up she may either throw it as an item or as her side special again. If it falls off a ledge, Charlotte must wait 7 seconds before she can bring it out again. When charging causes 6/7% and decent knockback. When thrown as item causes 15% and high knockback.


    Nuetral Ariel: Does a mid-air cartwheel, similar to Kirby. 4% and decent knockback.

    Up Ariel: Shoves up a blue valentine. 2% and little knockback.

    Down Ariel: Puts on her concrete shoes and hurtles to the ground. If hits an enemy mid-air, causes 15% and decent knockback. If it hits and enemy on the ground, it will drive them into the ground and cause 15%. Ending lag for pulling her feet out of the ground and her shoes.

    Forward Ariel: Takes off her bow and throws her arm in front of her, similar to Peach's Fariel. 4% and some knockback.

    Back Ariel: Leans forward, back up, and kicks her feet behind her. 5% and moderate knockback.


    Side Smash: Skips to the side with a kick. 3%-12% and ok knockback.

    Up Smash: Jumps up and throws her hands above her head. 2%-9% and little knockback.

    Down Smash: Does the splits. 3%-7% and little knockback.


    Grab Action: Charlotte pulls in her foes for a BIG hug!

    Grab Attack: Squeezes tighter. 2%

    Up Throw: Squeezes too tight and sends the enemy upward. 5%

    Down Throw: Trips while hugging and lands on her foes's back. 6%

    Forward Throw: Lets go qute suddenly, sending her enemy stumbling back. 3%

    Back Throw: Falls backword, and lets go of the enemy. 4%

    Final Smash:

    Sings the first line of her vegetable song "~Eat vegetables, with every meal~..." At which vegetable will burst onto the stage! If the vegetables touch you, you do not flinch or get knocked back, you simply take damage. Pea Pod causes 2%, Raddishes will cause 3%, Celery stalks will cause 4%, Potatoes will cause 5%, Eggplants will cause 6%, Carrots will cause 7%, and Squash will cause 10%, and some knockback. When they come on screen, there are two options of what will happen.

    Option 1: The vegetables will simply jump across the stage while screaming. It is harder to dodge them like this, but they will be on the screen for shorter amount of time.

    Option 2: The vegetables will sing their song while dancing around in a sort of pattern. They are easier to dodge this way, but they will be on the screen longer.


    Sidestep: Slides back on her tip-toes while looking at the space in front of her with a shocked expression.

    Forward Sidestep: Somersaults forward.

    Backard Sidestep: Does a backward flip.

    Air Dodge: Does a ballerina-esque spin in mid-air.


    Hang Pose: Hangs on with one hand while looking down with an amazed expression on her face.

    Ledge Attack: Sits up on the ledge, looking down at the pit for a moment, swinging her legs.


    Charlotte has a long swim time, because she can hold her breath for niiiine hours!
    Charlotte will not wince or yell when hit or thrown. She will simply grin while saying things such as "Whee!" and"Ooh!"

    Idle: Bobs her head from side to side.
    Adjusts her bow.
    Stands on her tip-toes, then lowers herself back to the ground.

    1. Faces the camera, closes her eyes, clasps her hands, and giggles "Tee-hee!
    2. Does a tiny dance.
    3. Identical to Peach's side taunt, but only with blue musical notes.

    Wall Jump: Yes

    Wall Cling: No

    Tether: No

    Crawl: Yes

    Multi-jump: No

    Win Poses:
    1. Sings her Monkey Song while holding Buttons and her pretty rock and doing a little dance.
    2. Brings Buttons out of her pocket and holds him above her head.
    3. Skips in a circle while singing about her lungs.

    Lose Pose: Jumps up and down with her eyes closed, clapping like mad.

    Victory Theme: This, sans lyrics.

    Emblem: A Fiend Bat

    Alternate Costumes: Since Charlotte is just one color, it all changes to another color.
    Default: Light Blue
    Red: Pink
    Blue: Same as Default
    Green: Spring Green
    Extra: Her Vendetta costume

    Entrance: A Fiend walks in, clutching her, and throws her on the ground. She smiles at it as it wanders off and she gets up.

    Main Stage:

    The front of Mu Elementary. The Giant Kitty may pass by, driving players into the ground and causing 25%.

    Snake Codec Conversation: Snake: Um, should this little girl really be battling amongst these real fighters?
    Mei Ling: That's Charlotte Snake, you shouldn't be underestimating her.
    Snake: Oh please. What do I have to be afraid of?
    Mei Ling: Charlotte is really quick and tricky. She can pull out odd creatures called Fiends, and dodge attacks without a care in the world!
    Snake: She should learn that she can't survive on the battlefield without being alert.
    Mei Ling: She survived all the Fiends back in her home of Clamburg and that couldn't have been easy.
    Sanke: When she disables a giant war machine, I might think something of her.

    Kirby Hat: Kirby dons Charlotte's blue bow, and can sing a note just as she can.
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