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Thread: Make Your Move

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Whoa hey is this still a thing?

    Anyway, my moveset is for my personal pick for a Pokémon gen III representative...


    Slow walk, but a decent dash. Weighs in around Pikachu's weight. Low jump but high double-jump.

    Spoiler: Entrance and ground attacks 

    Spoiler: Aerials and grabs 

    Spoiler: Specials and Final Smash 

    Final verdict: Banette is a risk-vs-reward type of character. His moves have little start lag, but crippling end lag. True to his appearance, he can be scary just to fight and use. A player must know when to use his moves, and how. Otherwise it's game over for this nightmare of a plush doll.
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    Oh yeah, I also have a CYOA.

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    Cool Re: Make Your Move

    I wanted to do Dillon and Waluigi, but it looks like both have been done. I may give them my own movesets later, but for now, I'll make a version of someone I'm pretty sure I posted on the old version of the forum... No, it's not Morshu, even though I should totally do that one again. Instead...

    Spoiler: Let's see who's the real top dog! 
    Oh, I have a DeviantArt account BTW. <- TOO BAD WALUIGI TIME

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    Re: Make Your Move

    Quote Originally Posted by ZORK View Post
    I'd say the "Make Your Move" thread isn't any deader than, like, 90% of the forum as of now, so I'd say go revive it with your Paper Mario moveset.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zorua View Post
    Okay, but I'm quoting you giving me permission. If I get in trouble for necroposting, it's on you.
    Would you believe the reason I didn't post this a year and a half ago was because I was missing one alt? And then I got lazy, and then the thread died, and now there's two more games worth of source material!

    EDIT [05/21/2016]: Modified A combo, Up Air; added comments

    Spoiler: Here we go!  

    Other characters I've started an MYM for:

    Gallade from Pokémon (my first MYM, and I sucked at it then; I've since edited things)
    Lilac from Freedom Planet (she's got more going for her than Sonic, and they made him work, so…)
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    Re: Make Your Move

    I made some slight edits to the above. Mostly just fixing a mistake I made with the A combo, slightly changing the up air, and adding some comments.

    Also, seeing all of these characters... These powerful opponents you have to face...

    Spoiler: It fills you with DETERMINATION 

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