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Thread: Make Your Move

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    Make Your Move

    Make your move. Remember that old thread? Well, Imma gonna ressurect it. Now I think all you gotta do is get a character you want in the Smash games and make a moveset for them.
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    Igros Castle, Ivalice
    CLASS: Medium-weight
    ORIGIN: Final Fantasy Tactics (PSone/PSP)

    - Normal
    - Hokuten/Order of the Northern Sky (Blue-themed costume, used for Blue team in Team Brawl)
    - Nanten/Order of the Southern Sky (Red-themed costume, used for Red team in Team Brawl)
    - Death Corps/Corpse Brigade (Green-themed costume, used for Green team in Team Brawl)
    - Glabados Church/Church & Knights Templar (Pink/Purple themed costume)

    PROS: Attack variety (Normal/Smash attacks involve three character-related weapons), relatively quick movement (slightly faster than Marth), able to counter attacks in a Marth/Ike fashion

    CONS: Suffers heavy knockback (middleground between Olimar and Marth), Has a lower jump height than Marth, some melee attacks lag often, some attacks rely on random damage, recovery move can force Rad to be stuck under a stage's lip in a similar fashion as Snake's Cypher.

    STYLE: Despite being a medium-weight character, Rad can be used for weak, yet very quick attacks or strong, but very slow attacks. Certain attacks are a gamble, but can really pay off when the situation calls for it in the form of knockback and high damage at low percentages.

    Damage dealt shown as percentages per hit based on 0% damaged unit

    A: Punch (3%)
    A, A: Punch (3%), Punch (3%)
    A, A, A: Punch (3%), Punch (3%), Critical Punch (5%)

    Strong Side+A: Horizontal Sword Slash (9%)
    Strong Up+A: Morning Star Upswing (6%, has slight knockback after enemy has taken 30% damage)
    Strong Down+A: Low Morning Star swing (6%, has a 1-in-15 chance of tripping enemy)

    SMASH Side+A: Slasher Axe Overhead Swing (11%, fully charged=20%, has a 1 second lag after execution to pull axe out of solid ground)
    SMASH Up+A: Triple Morning Star Upswing (Hits 3 times, but does 0%-5% random damage per hit, 0%-9% random damage per hit when fully charged, lags slightly if third hit misses)
    SMASH Down+A: Morning Star Spin (8%, fully charged=15%, hits in front and behind Rad)

    Aerial A: Vertical Sword slash (5%)
    Aerial Forward+A: Horizontal Sword slash (6%)
    Aerial Back+A: Back Kick (5%
    Aerial Up+A: Half-Moon Sword Swipe (6%)
    Aerial Down+A: Slasher Axe Smash (7-10%, can be used as a Meteor Smash, has a .5 second lag before execution)

    GRAB A: Pummel (3%)
    THROW Forward: Over-the-shoulder toss (7%)
    THROW Back: Back Toss (6%)
    THROW Up: Slasher Axe Uppercut (8%, has KO potential after enemy has taken at least 90% damage)
    THROW Down: Sword Hilt Smash (6%)

    Damage dealt shown as percentages per hit based on 0% damaged unit

    B: Throw Stone (4%, distance stone travels is determined by length of time button is held, does not travel in an arc)
    Side+B: Dash (0-10% random damage, has 1-in-2 chance of causing heavy knockback)
    Up+B: Monster Talk (0%, A Black Chocobo suddenly appears to be ridden by Rad upwards for 4 seconds before said chocobo turns into a black feather)
    Down+B: Defend/Counter Tackle (Rad crosses arms in an "X" formation for 3 uninterrupted seconds. If Rad is hit with any attack, Rad will immediately perform his "Dash" special causing a random amount of 1.5x damage enemy would have caused.


    UP: Twirl sword, followed by a fumble
    SIDE: Swing Slasher Axe horizontally before holding it upright in a menacing manner
    Down: Swing Morning Star overhead in a rope lasso fashion

    FINAL SMASH: Accumulate
    Rad kneels for 2 seconds as red energy lights appear around him and become absorbed within his being. For 20 seconds, Rad does 2.5x damage normally done by all of his attacks. His "Defend/Counter Tackle" special will do 3x the damage opponent would have done if the attack was not countered. For the duration of the final smash, Rad will not flinch.


    1. Jump up in the air repeatedly with arms up (Level-Up animation)
    2. Kneel on one knee on the ground, places fist on the ground, and look ahead in a stoic fashion (Accumulate animation)
    3. Walk in place (Waiting-for-command battle animation)

    STAGE: Igros Castle (Pallete-swapped Castle Seige indoor section without statues)


    Snake: Colonel, who's this kid?
    Colonel: His name is Rad Beoulve, a clumsy and accident-prone soldier from the world of Ivalice. He was raised in the slums of a trading city. He was a war orphan and lived alone up to the age of 4 until a Dark Knight named of Gaff Gafgarion took him in and raised him as his own young apprentice...almost like a father.
    Snake: Hmph. I've seen kids shed blood on the battlefield before. This isn't new.
    Colonel: I suppose you'd know all about that, wouldn't you Snake?
    Snake: Yeah... What's with his last name, "Beoulve"? Sounds like royalty...
    Mei Ling: Snake, the Beoulves were a generation of noble knights that protected their land under the symbol of the White Lion. The legendary Heaven Knight, Balbanes Beoulve, instilled fear with his swordsmanship during a great war although his line was not of royal blood.
    Snake: Don't tell me this kid is...
    Colonel: No. Rad adopted the last name of Beoulve out of loyalty to his commander, Ramza Beoulve. His father figure, Gafgarion, betrayed Ramza due to a bounty on his head and expected Rad to join him. He's as green as they come, but Ramza recruited him due to his morals and willingness to grow. Even with the betrayal of his father figure and his own personal faults, Ramza accepted him without a second thought. It all came to a head when Rad was forced to slay his former savior after interfering with a duel between Ramza and Gafgarion. Rad remained fiercely loyal to his commander and was accepted as an honorary Beoulve by Ramza himself.
    Mei Ling: It's so sad... Can you imagine the tragedy of having to slay the only father you ever knew?
    Snake: ...Only too well.
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    ...? Where, indeed?
    repostan Mewtwo (hopefully this moveset makes him not suck as much as he did in Melee but not completely broken). Also this could get kinda long and confusing, particularly UAir.

    Mewtwo the Genetic Pokémon, the result of years of gene splicing to create the ultimate Pokémon, based off of Mew. Though incredibly powerful, it failed to be given a compassionate heart, and as a result is one of the most vicious Pokémon, burning down the people who created it and their lab. It resides in Cerulean Cave.

    Entrance: Makes a flashy entrance by entering from a plume of shadow and laughing.

    > Mewtwo floats a little ways off the ground, even standing. He lands only when crouching or landing from a jump.
    > Due to this, Mewtwo doesn’t trigger adverse floor effects! Ice and conveyer belts bear no effect, and he does not trigger falling blocks normally, unless he lands or crouches. He also doesn’t even activate motion sensor bombs, pitfalls, and mines while floating.
    > Mewtwo’s attacks not involving his tail are all covered in energy, usually dark, purple energy. Attacks involving “dark fire”, which is purple and black fire, naturally have fire properties.
    > Mewtwo’s playing style revolves around keeping people away while racking up damage with his fast tilts, so he can use Shadow Ball or Engulf safely. Mewtwo can also approach with his Forward Special or FAir, along with other aerials. Approaches on ground aren’t necessarily bad, too.
    > Mewtwo can kill on every side of the stage. He has a Meteor Smash and Smashes to knock enemies every way.

    -Basic Stats- (ratings out of 10, of course)

    Strength: 7 Mewtwo is a very powerful Pokémon, and most of his power comes over to the Smash World.

    Speed: 6 As in running speed, Mewtwo floats as he dashes, but not too fast, about average. Mewtwo is “floaty” making his jumps slightly below average speed.

    Attack Speed: 7 In general Mewtwo executes his attacks quickly, with a few slow ones mixed in.

    Weight: 3 Though he weighs a whopping 269 pounds, Mewtwo uses his powerful mind to float, which unfortunately carries over to how he’s knocked around. A frail character who is considered lightweight. Can be KO’d by stronger attacks such as smashes around 75%.

    Jump/Double Jump: 6/9 Excellent double jump, with an awkward loop similar to Ness’s and Lucas’s. Being psychic is fun.

    Fall Speed: 4 Falls pretty slowly because of the above, possibly allowing repeated attacks in a single jump.

    Height: 7 A little taller than Mario, but shorter when crouching.

    Traction: 3 Slipperyyyyyy! Floating makes him skid quite a ways, so he trips more often, but luckily for him, ice effects are negated through floating. He can use his skidding and momentum in conjunction with his unique UAir, so see below. Yes, he DOES trip. Sakurai's fault.

    Crouch: 4 Mewtwo floats only a little off the ground. Crouching makes his land and slightly stoop, but his crouch isn’t anything important.

    -Ground Attacks-

    A: Dark Flash (2-3%)
    Extends his arm and a flash of dark energy appears. Useless on its own, naturally.
    Hold A : Continuous Dark Flash (2-3% each hit)
    Waves his hand up and down, repeating the attack. Does multiple hits and is an infinite jab.
    A, A, A: Dark Smash (2-3% each punch, 3% for tail)
    Punches with his other hand, then turns and hits the enemy with his tail that knocks them slightly away.

    Not much to say about his jab. He has a continuous one to pin people in walls, and another interrupting jab to keep enemies from breathing down your neck.

    FTilt: Tail Swipe (5-6%)
    Turns to the side and strikes a solid, non-element blow with his tail. Decent reach for a melee attack and knocks the enemy forward.

    It comes out quickly and is just what you need to keep people coming form the front away. It does have some ending lag, but how it knocks enemies away so they can’t hit you compensates for this.

    UTilt: Shadow Whirl (3 hits of 3-4%)
    Leans back, and rises to spin around with his arms outstretched, hands trailing with Shadow Energy. Imagine a dark versiong Mario’s spin move form Super Mario Galaxy, like Bowser’s.

    It has three hitboxes leading to each other, ultimately knocking people upwards. Short ranged, but has good startup time and low ending lag. Use it after sidestepping an enemy’s approach or after they roll and in similar situations.

    DTilt: Energy Pulse (4-5%)
    Feet planted on ground, Mewtwo emits a shockwave of Shadow Energy around him, with good range on both sides.

    Once again to stop enemies and smash them away, it does what it’s supposed to do, which is compensate for his DSmash’s single-direction attack. However, it only serves to hit them away, and even with the range it only hits enemies on or very low to the ground.

    FSmash: Shadow Explosion (13-15%)
    Juts both hand forward and a burst of Shadow Energy appears, purple sparks flying everywhere.

    It may have some startup time and lag, but the burst is powerful and blasts enemies to the side, it’s your standard ground killer move.

    USmash: Shadow Vortex (4 hits of 3%)
    Mewtwo strikes a powerful pose and raises his hand, Shadow Energy collecting in a swirl to a Shadow Ball.

    Hits straight up with multiple attacks, but it’s strictly limited to above you unless people are very close to you.

    DTilt: Shadow Bomb (15-18%)
    Swings his arm back, then points toward the ground and a large explosion of Shadow Energy bursts at the spot.

    A very powerful attack, but it has terrifying startup and ending lag too. But if you hit with it, it sends them flying. Unfortunately it only hits in one direction.

    Dash Attack: Barrier (4-6%)
    Mewtwo flexes his arms outward and a blue sphere-shaped barrier covers him as he slides forward. Still inflicts electric damage.

    Hits the enemy forward, and makes a wonderful approach assuming you hit thanks to superarmor during the opening frames, but ending lag makes it impossible to abuse. Easily dodged, but the nonflinch properties are nice.

    Ledge/Rising Attacks (%<100 does 5-6%; %>100 does 7-8%)
    %<100: Curls into a ball while floating up onto the stage, spinning to knock people away.
    %>100: After a great deal of effort swings himself back up emitting sparks.

    -Aerial Attacks-

    NAir: Shadow Sparks (5 hits of 2%)
    Flexes arms outward and static-like Shadow Energy crackles and dances around his body.

    Powerful attack here, but the hitbox is very close to Mewtwo’s body. Shorthopping it after a dodge is nice, so is using it while recovering with a double jump. Not too safe. Barely knocks people anywhere, too, but it flinches them.

    FAir: Psycho Cut (5-6%)
    Leans forward and swipes his arm, then a purple cut shape appears ahead of his hand in the same shape.

    A great move in Mewtwo’s arsenal. It has good range and makes a great way to get close or keep away. It slightly knocks forward and up. It has little startup or ending lag.

    BAir: Tail Whip (4%)
    Furiously swishes his tail around, with no element. And it doesn’t lower defense.

    Not a particularly useful attack. Weak and low knockback, so it isn’t doing a good job to protect you from behind.

    UAir: Shadow Trail (5% initial flame, 2-3% extra every additional one)
    Mewtwo raises his hand and it’s engulfed in Dark Fire, inflicting fire damage. It doesn’t seem like much, with it’s low hitbox, but it is much more.

    A very unique attack. It has a small hitbox, but its special perk is that it’s based on momentum – that’s right, momentum, and that’s where Mewtwo’s slippery, floaty nature comes into play.

    Short hopping doesn’t help, but say you do it out of a double jump – as he rises with the hand, it leaves behind smaller flames, creating an awesome uppercut effect. The smaller flames drag people into the big, main one, which then knocks them in the direction the trail was. You can fall with it and send people down, or if you’re hit to the side and pull it off in time, you can drag enemies with you! The time the trail can be made, and the time it lasts, is about a second. Create a long trail and watch the damage rise.

    DAir: Giga Impact (3-4% for flames – 12-14% for sweetspot)
    Mewtwo braces himself, then falls with dark fire and energy gathering in a wide cone shape around his legs.

    It takes time to start, so short hopping doesn’t help, but a double jump does. The wide range of fire only singes and interrupts foes, but hit in the center, and you’ve got yourself a powerful, literal Meteor Smash. If they’re on the ground, they are actually smashed into the floor and knocked down, but serves them right for actually getting hit by it.

    -Special Moves-

    B: Shadow Ball (1-2% charging/uncharged, 8% charged, 12% full)
    Mewtwo’s classic Shadow Ball is slightly different. He holds his arm up when charging, the Shadow Ball appearing above it. The rest is normal, cancellation by firing it, moving, etc. They don’t go perfectly straight and wiggle up and down.

    The new place of charging is to catch enemies very, very close or to interrupt and annoy people coming in from above. Uncharged shots will only interrupt, fully charged ones have decent launching power and good strength. Always keep one on hand. Literally.

    Side B: Phantom Dash (3-4%) [Note: I was going to call it Sucker Punch, but he doesn’t learn that.]
    Mewtwo appears to melt away from the way he’s facing, then a dark, purple and black version races forward a short distance, about 2 ˝ stage builder blocks. If it comes close to anybody, it performs an uppercut and Mewtwo appears close by. If it doesn’t hit you’re a sitting duck.

    This attack looks bad at its low damage and nonexistent knockback, but that’s for a reason. If the phantom hits, the enemy is flinched and Mewtwo appears close by, easily able to attack. Great to interrupt and counter or approach, but don’t let people anticipate you – it may come out fast, but it you miss you’re wide open, which really sucks for Mewtwo.

    Up B: Teleport
    Who cares if he didn’t learn it. It’s from Melee. Mewtwo obviously teleports and pops up a long distance away.

    Great recovery, but pretty predictable. Akin to Farore’s Wind, it actually goes in 16 directions, not 8! You can also use it for mindgames or to dodge, just don’t use it too much.

    Down B: Engulf (8% for explosion)
    Mewtwo lands and focuses hard. You have to charge for a minimum of 2 seconds for it to do anything and a max of 5 seconds. Unleash it, and Mewtwo looks like his phantom, engulfed in dark fire. Use it again to create a small explosion around you and deactivate it, blasting people away.

    So what does it really do? You’re not going to use it in the heat of battle, but use it when you can – For every second you charge (disregard after 5, 1 still counts though), you get 4 seconds of engulfment, for a maximum of 20 seconds. This special state lets you do 1% damage to enemies just being close to you, gradually but not stunning them. More importantly, attacks do 1% more damage: sounds weak? 20 seconds, and moves like NAir and UAir come to mind, with their multiple hits . Even pummeling does insane damage for being close and the extra damage! Use it wisely, you’re vulnerable after you let go of B.


    Grab: Psychic Hold
    Mewtwo’s eyes glint and he extends his arm, telekinetically holding the person who was unfortunate enough to be caught.

    Dashing grabs, much like Meta Knight’s, cause Mewtwo to slide forward after grabbing because of his momentum. This also extends the grab range!

    Pummel: Mind Shock (1-2%)
    Mewtwo’s eyes glint and the victim struggles and takes damage. Standard stuff, but Engulf makes it something else.

    FThrow: Shadow Ball Chase (5% for throw, 2% each Shadow Ball)
    Mewtwo spins the victim all the way around his back and flings them upward at a 45 degree angle, then he launches a volley of 8 Shadow balls after them.

    Not all of them will hit, but al least 3 are guaranteed. It’s more of a damage racker and the Shadow Balls can’t really KO, but it does get them away from you.

    BThrow: Psychic (7-8%)
    Mewtwo slowly turns the enemy over and behind his head, and then shoots them away.

    His same very powerful throw from Melee, its knockback power rivals Ness’s. Basically tosses them far back, making a pretty reliable KO move.

    UThrow: Fling (8-9%)
    Mewtwo spins the enemy around him a few times, and… wait for it… FLINGS (I know rite?!?!) the enemy straight up! Didn’t see that coming, did ya?!

    Since it FLINGS!!! Them straight upward it can be a good KO move. It’s not lazy naming, he learns this ):<

    DThrow: Torment (3 hits of 5%)
    Mewtwo physically torments the poor victim by cruelly slamming the foe against the ground 3 times, front, then back and front again that hits them up and forward.

    It hurts. That’s… That’s it. Oooow.


    Shadow Storm (4% every Shadow Ball – 44% with the huge one)
    The screen zooms in on Mewtwo, who makes a loud, long laugh while rising to the center of the screen. He then focuses and throws his arms out, and a huge vortex appear behind him. Large Shadow Balls spill out of it, 30 on screen max, and swoop all over and occasionally smash into enemies. Then, Mewtwo gathers all the Shadow Balls and transforms the vortex into a single huge one, which he slams center stage that covers nearly the entire stage. It lasts long before exploding, you can’t simply airdodge, etc.

    Not much to say! It’s fully automatic, so watch the chaos. Your foes will take heaps of damage from the Shadow Balls, and the huge one will kill anyone who doesn’t avoid it.

    ---Playing as Mewtwo---

    As you witnessed, Mewtwo has many powerful attacks, most with quick starts and little lag. Mewtwo has powerful grabs and close-ranged attacks, but you’ll want to reserve these for when you’re safe, Phantom Dash can help. Getting hit as Mewtwo is bad, since he actually can’t take much punishment before flying away.

    Mewtwo wants his space. Keep your distance in check, and use attacks like FTilt or FAir to keep people away. Your other longer ranged attacks can help hit them away, and by doing this you can charge a Shadow Ball or use Engulf.

    But whether you’re Engulfed or have a Shadow Ball, you still want to be offensive. Don’t let Mewtwo’s power go unused. Phantom Dash can be awfully predictable no matter how fast it comes out, so use it sparingly. FAirs can approach, so can your Dash Attack. If you want to use close-ranged moves like DSmash, NAir or UAir, dodge their moves when they’re close for an opening.

    When you’ve got the opponent on edge, finish them off with a Smash. Your Tilts and Aerials just aren’t KO Moves, even Shadow Ball isn’t reliable. Mewtwo can quickly rack up the damage, so mix it up with U or BThrow.

    Stay Engulfed when you have the chance and use multi hitting moves to their full potential, UAir included. Don’t get hit, since that sucks, but you can use Teleport for dodging too, which can put you at a strategic location if you think quickly.


    Up: Melee taunt, crosses arms, spins and floats, laughing.
    Side: He faces the screen and his body turns transparent splitting apart in the middle, the halves floating around connected by static before reforming.
    Down: Concentrates, then engulfs himself while laughing.

    X: Rises and engulfs himself in flame, laughing much like his down taunt, but flashier.
    Y: He faces the screen, with one arm across his chest, which he swings out to his side, revealing he's holding a Master Ball - which he easily crushes, saying "Nothing can withhold my power!" Pokémon Trainers around the world are crying.
    Z: Shadow Balls swirl around Mewtwo, and he eventually spins and disappears, saying "You had no chance!"

    Loss: Faces away from the screen, but this time he's actually clapping, but very slowly almost sarcastically. But he's a better sport...

    -Everything Else-

    Classic Victory: Performing Shadow Vortex (USmash) At the Bridge of Eldin, looking like he's eclipsed the sun, with the screen dark because someone offscreen has a Smash Ball.
    All-Star Victory: Picture of Giant Mewtwo, Engulfed, using Giga Impact in the center of Spear Pillar. It looks like the center is breaking away because of him.
    Unlock: Play with Cresselia at Spear Pillar 10 times; Get some high number of Vs. Matches; SSE
    SSE Location: Beat the game and go to the Subspace levels. Go to the place where you got Pikachu's trophy and enter the door - defeat Mewtwo on Spear Pillar.
    Animation Stuff
    > Sidestep animation is like his side taunt, but facing forward.
    > Stunned animation makes Mewtwo land and has him clutching his head, but it looks like a facepalm.
    > Airdodge animation makes him disappear in a flash of energy. This is no different than any other airdodge.
    Emblem and Victory Music: Emblem is the Pokéball, the Victory Music is a short version of Victory Road with a minor sting.
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    Enter Roboguy.
    Roboguy's fairly light, medium strength, and large reach.

    A: Left Punch
    A, A: Left Punch, Right Punch
    A, A, A: Left Punch, Right Punch, Sissy Fight

    Strong Side+A: Sticks tongue out
    Strong Up+A: Raises both fists, does a small hop
    Strong Down+A: Falls on his back. Fists go one way, legs go another

    SMASH Side+A: Slide tackle, goes farther the longer charged
    SMASH Up+A: Spurt of energy comes from antenna
    SMASH Down+A: Does splits, legs go farther the longer charged

    Aerial A: Extends all appendages in different directions
    Aerial Forward+A: Extends head forward
    Aerial Back+A: Elbows behind
    Aerial Up+A: Flaps arms, raises slightly
    Aerial Down+A: Both legs extend downward in a stomp

    GRAB A: Slaps across the face
    THROW Forward: Extends arms a large distance, then drops enemy
    THROW Back: Quick throw, then back handed
    THROW Up: Jumps into air, does small throw
    THROW Down: Blasts enemy with antenna lasers


    B: Chargeable punch. Goes farther, gets stronger with more distance.
    Side+B: Fires beam at ground. Hold button and move control stick to change laser direction
    Up+B: Rockets appear on his feet, and his feet fly upwards, body trailing behind
    Down+B: Spins quickly, then strikes a random dance move


    UP: Does double rock and roll horns above his head, yelling "WOOOO!!!"
    SIDE: Starts doing the robot.
    Down: Grabs his head in one hand, and starts tossing it from hand to hand.

    FINAL SMASH: Beware of Fisht
    Roboguy gets a startled look on his face and curls into a ball. Suddenly, fishts start flying in from all directions. They are small, fast, numerous, and hard to dodge. Not good for finishing enemies. Mostly raises damage.


    1. Does the worm.
    2. Runs in a small circle, hands above his head.
    3. Same as before, but his trips and falls on his face.


    Snake: Anybody care to tell me what this thing is?!
    Otacon: That's Roboguy, a robot from another dimension.
    Snake: What kind of dimension has robots with tongues!?
    Otacon: Beats me. Just watch out. He has a large reach. And deadly dance moves.
    Snake: . . . I'm not even gonna ask...

    And I stole Rad's format.
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    Character Stats

    Weight: 4-Slightly below average
    Power: 6-Slightly above average
    Speed: 8-Above Average
    Jump: 6-Slightly above average
    Second Jump: 10-Best

    A Moves

    A-Neutral: Punch(4-5%, barely any knockback)
    A-Side: PSI Paralysis, immobilizes opponents for 2 seconds(1% and Immobilization)
    A-Side Smash: Powerful punch(10-15%, Medium-Low knockback)
    A-Up: Single Kick aimed upwards(6-8%, Low knockback)
    A-Up Smash: Triple kick aimed upwards(6-9% per kick, Low-Medium knockback)
    A-Down: Trip Kick(5-7% and trips foe)
    A-Down Smash: Stomps ground with small shockwaves coming out to damage opponents(16% from kick, 2-4% from shockwaves, Extremely-low knockback)
    A-Jump Neutral: Kick(9-11%, Low knockback)
    A-Jump Up: 360 degree vertical kick(spins around so you can see and kicks all the way around)(7-9%, Low knockback)
    A-Jump Side: Kick that moves Claus the direction of the control stick(9-13%, Medium-Low knockback)
    A-Jump Down: Meteor Smash, psychic downwards kick(15%, Meteor Smash knockback)
    Dash A: Headbutt(13-18%, Medium knockback)

    B Moves

    B-Neutral: PK Love, similair to Ness' PK Flash move(30-32%, Very High knockback)
    B-Side: PK Freeze, PK Fire's trajectory, PK Freeze's effect(15-18%, Medium knockback)
    B-Down: Transform into Masked Man(See below)
    B-Up: Ramming attack(chargable), runs over gaps in the direction of control stick(7-9%[no charge], 11-13%[some charge], 15-17%[max charge])

    Other Types of Moves

    Grab: Grabs the arm of the opponent
    Pummel: Uses palms to steal the item the grabbed is holding as well as doing damage(2%)
    Throw-Neutral: Spins in direction of the control stick, grabs the opponent's item and tosses opponent(5%, Medium-high knockback)
    Throw-Up: Jumps up and does a slightly less powerful kick upwards(7%, Medium knockback)
    Throw-Side: Heaves opponent far to the side(6%, High knockback)
    Throw-Down: Jumps up and throws opponent into the ground(8%, Low knockback)
    Jump: Regular jump
    Second jump: Jumps slightly higher than any other character

    Final Smash

    Hinawa appears and sunflowers that cause damage appear on the screen. Opponents also are made slower and fly farther when hit. (Up to 75% damage)

    Codec Conversation

    Snake: Isn't that that one kid from Tazmily? Lucas?
    Mei Ling: No, that's his twin brother Claus.
    Snake: So he should be the same difficulty as Lucas then?
    Mei Ling: No, he uses different PSI than Lucas, and his PK Freeze travels differently.
    Snake: Right, I'll keep that in mind. Why do these kids believe so much in brain power?

    Masked Man

    Character Stats

    Weight: 6-Slightly above average
    Power: 7-Above Average
    Speed: 5-Below Average
    Jump: 5-Average
    Second Jump: Winged

    A Moves

    A-Neutral: Punch(6-8%, Low knockback)
    A-Side: Short laser(9%, Low knockback)
    A-Side Smash: Medium length laser(9-11%, Low knockback)
    A-Up: Does a headbutt straight up(11%, Low knockback)
    A-Up Smash: Does a more powerful headbutt straight up(15%, Medium knockback)
    A-Down: Low kick (same as Claus', but doesn't trip foe)(6-9%, Low knockback)
    A-Down Smash: Powerful low kick(10-15%, Low knockback)
    A-Jump Neutral: Spins vertically so you can see it but attacks the side Masked Man is facing only(10-12%, Low-medium knockback)
    A-Jump Up: Spins vertically and kicks up(11-13%, Medium-low knockback)
    A-Jump Side: Spins vertically and kicks to the direction the control stick is(12-14%, Medium knockback)
    A-Jump Down: Spins vertically and kicks a meteor smash down(13-15%, Meteor Smash knockback)

    B Moves

    B-Neutral: Scans nearby opponent to dodge opponents next move guaranteed(No damage)
    B-Side: Shoots a long laser beam(15-18%, low knockback)
    B-Down: Transform into Claus
    B-Up: Mecha-wings used to fly for five more jumps(5% if opponent touches wings)

    Other Types of Moves

    Grab: Grabs the head of the opponent
    Pummel: Does several uppercuts(2% each uppercut)
    Throw-Neutral: Grabs arm and spins quickly throwing random direction(5%, Medium knockback)
    Throw-Up: Same as throw-neutral, but guarantees an upward toss(6-7%, Medium knockback)
    Throw-Side: Same as throw-neutral, but guarantees a side throw(6-7%, Medium knockback)
    Throw-Down: Jumps up, higher than Claus, but he does a body slam instead of just throwing(10-12%, Low knockback)
    Jump: Regular jump, though lower than Claus'
    Second Jump: Opens his wings to do four more jumps

    Final Smash

    Pulls out his sword, and sends HUGE lightning bolts down on the field. (50% Damage, gigantic knockback)

    Codec Conversation

    Snake: Oh great. This guy looks like he means business.
    Colonel: Unfortunately he does. He is called the Masked Man.
    Snake: Who is he?
    Mei Ling: No one knows for sure, but rumors have it he's really Claus.
    Snake: Hmm...
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    Reposting Bowser Jr.

    If i don't give a knockback direction, it just means the knockback is so minor, there's no point in me describing it.

    Bowser Jr.
    The Koopa prince has joined the brawl!

    On-stage appearance
    He appears in the koopa clown car, but crash lands it. He falls out, stands up and dusts himself off, ready to start the brawl.


    Size: 5/10 About the same size as Mario

    Weight: 7/10 This guy’s heavier than you might think

    Walking speed: 4/10 He’s a slow walker…

    Running speed: 7/10 …But he runs fast

    Attack speed: 5/10 Average

    Jumping: 6/10 He has a really good first jump, but his double jump is just like Bowser’s

    Fall speed: 7/10 His weight plays a major part in this.

    Traction: 2/10 If you’ve played New Super Mario Bros, you know that he slides a bit on most surfaces. He’s as bad as Luigi.

    Crouch: 1/10 He basically tucks into his shell, which doesn’t change his height at all.

    General power: 7/10 This is where Bowser Jr. shines.

    Ground attacks

    A: Punch (4-6%) A punch. Wow. Knockback: nearly none.

    A Combo: Punch, Kick, FIRE!!! (25-30% for the whole thing) Punch, kick, then continuously shoot weak fireballs at your opponents. Knockback: Nearly None.

    UTilt: Upwards Slash (11%) A nice, quick swipe at the air above you. Knockback: Moderately upwards.

    DTilt: Low Flame (9-10%) A small flame comes shooting out of Bowser Jr.’s shell. Knockback: Weak Forwards.

    FTilt: Bower Jr. Headbutt (2 hits of 7%) Bowser Jr. lowers his head and then raises it, hitting anyone. Think Luigi’s Upsmash in reverse. Knockback: Moderately Upwards.

    Dash: Shell Spinner (5 hits of 4%) Bowser Jr. tucks into his shell and spins forward, like a powered-up koopa shell. Knockback: Moderately Diagonally Upwards.

    Ledge Attack: Shell Squash (4% when you are under 100%, 8% when you are over.) Tuck into your shell and impale your spikes on edge guarders. Knockback: Weak Upwards.

    Grab: He just swipes his arm forwards. Original, I know.

    Pummel: Mugging (1-3% for each hit) like a bully getting a kid’s lunch money, Bowser Jr. keeps punching your victim. Knockback: Nothing.

    Fthrow and Bthrow: Bite goodnight (12%) Bites your opponent and tosses him or her around until letting go. Knockback: Moderate forwards.

    Uthrow: Fireball Impaling!(7% for the initial throw, 3% for any fireballs) Tosses the enemy up then impales the enemy on a stream of fireballs. Keep pressing A for more fireballs. Knockback: Surprisingly, Almost none.

    Dthrow: Ground Pound (8%) Throws them onto the ground, then does Mario’s trademark Ultra-Stomp, the ground pound. Knockback: Moderately in a random direction.


    Neutral B: Fireball (5-7%)
    Bowser Jr. shoots out a single fireball. It has good knock back, and creates a small explosion on impact. Knockback: Moderately Forwards.

    Forwards B: Koopa Shell Throw (6-8%) Creates a koopa shell and throws it in the direction you pressed. Knockback: Weak Forwards.

    Up B: Mega Jump (If he hits you, it’s 8%) Bowser Jr. showed marvelous jumping ability in New Super Mario Bros, and now he can show it off! He jumps as high as Kirby does when he initiates his final cutter, and then falls. You can control his fall, and if anyone touches you, you take damage. Knockback: Weak Upwards.

    Down B: Paintbrush spin (12%) Bowser Jr. takes out E. Gadd’s magic paintbrush, and spins around with it. Knockback: Moderately Forwards.

    Aerial attacks

    Nair: Aerial Shell Spin (7%) Just like his dad’s, Bowser Jr. tucks into his shell and spins around. Knockback: Weak

    Uair: Anger Slashes (7 hits of 2%) Bowser Jr. slashes the air above him in anger. Knockback: Moderately Upwards.

    Dair: Downward Claw (10%) a really powerful attack, Bowser Jr. just sticks his fist downward. It’s a meteor smash. Knockback: Powerfully Downwards.

    Bair: Backwards Bite (11%) Bowser Jr. sticks his head back and bites whatever unfortunate thing is behind him, before throwing them away with his teeth. Knockback: Moderately Diagonally Upwards.

    Fair: Aerial Flame (3 hits of 5%) Bowser Jr. shoots out three fireballs. Because he is falling, they form a kind of wall. Knockback: Almost None.


    Fsmash: Leaping slam (10-20%) Bowser Jr. crouches, while charging up. He then jumps forwards, before, crashing down. Hard. Knockback: Powerfully Forwards.

    Usmash: I Have FIRE!! (15-20%) Bowser Jr. spits out fire in a beautiful arc. It’s beautiful, but deadly. Knockback: Powerfully Upwards.

    Dsmash: Flaming Inferno (10-25%) Bowser Jr. spins around in his shell while breathing fire, the result being powerful, pretty, dangerous, and perfect for Brawl. Knockback: Powerfully Diagonally Upwards.

    Final Smash: Arty Finale (30%) Bowser Jr. brings out “his” magic paintbrush, and then rushes forward, just like Marth’s critical hit. He then strikes the person closest to him which is on the same vertical plane, which engulfs them in paint. They then transform into a different brawler for a short period of time! Knockback: Moderately Forwards.

    Other Stuff

    Trophy Description
    The Prince of the koopas, Bowser Jr. is a menace to Mario and friends. Along with his father, Bowser, they plot to take down the red plumber. He wears a mask with teeth, for unknown reasons.
    Super Mario Sunshine, Gamecube, 2002
    New Super Mario Bros, Nintendo DS, 2006

    Final Smash Trophy Description
    Bowser Jr.’s final smash. He gets out a magic paintbrush, which he stole from E. Gadd. He then rushes forward and hits his opponents. The attack itself isn’t very strong, but then the opponent transforms into a different brawler! Don’t worry, it wears off eventually.
    Super Smash Bros Brawl, Wii, 2008.

    Snake’s codec.

    Snake: Who’s that guy there? Reminds me of Bowser…
    Colonel: That’s his son, Bowser Jr. He’s heir to his dad’s throne.
    Snake: Another prince in Brawl… I see…
    Colonel: His hobbies include grabbing little koopas and beating them up.
    Snake: That little runt? You gotta be kidding me.
    Colonel: I’m deadly serious, Snake. Don’t treat him like a kid, or you’ll be his next victim.


    Down A: Bowser Jr. looks at the screen, hands on hips, and chuckles to himself.
    Up A: Bowser Jr. puts on his handkerchief/mask/bib and growls menacingly.
    Side A: Bowser Jr. barks fiercely in the direction he’s facing.

    Win Poses

    1: Jumps from foot to foot saying “I won!”
    2: Waves his paintbrush around like a sword, before standing like his down taunt, with one hand on the paintbrush.
    3: There are 3 koopa shells on the ground in a pyramid formation. Then suddenly, an orange blur, and the top koopa shell is missing. Another orange blur, and the left koopa shell is missing. Another blur and the last koopa shell is missing. Then the orange blur stops midway through its forth crossing, and it turns out to be Bowser Jr., who is smiling, the three koopa shells stacked 1 by 1 on his claw.

    Victory Theme: A prolonged version of the life lost theme from Super Mario Sunshine.

    Loss Pose: He jumps up in down in fury, saying “This STINKS!”

    How to unlock: In this dimension, Bowser Jr. is alongside his dad the entire time, therefore you unlock him by beating the first subspace level. Alternatively, you can beat classic mode as Bowser, or play 66 matches. Doing the latter two, you fight Bowser Jr. on Delfino Plaza, the music being Ricco Harbor

    Playing as Bowser Jr.: Bowser Jr. is really tough. He can dish out as much damage as some of the weak heavyweights, and is considerably faster than them. His recovery relies on his Mega Jump. His two projectile attacks are decent, but both are rather slow. Use your ground and aerial attacks to rack up damage fast, then smash them outta there. He has really good Knockback on all his smash attacks.

    Costume Changes
    Green: (Default Bowser Jr.)
    Red: (Red skin and shell)
    Blue: (Blue skin and shell, yellow hair)
    Black: (Black skin and shell, white hair)
    Dry Bowser Jr. (The name says it all)

    Classic Victory: Bowser Jr. and Bowser are on Norfair, and Mario is on the platform below them, fainted.

    All-Star Victory: uses his Down B on Delfino Plaza. Mario is nearby, F.L.U.D.D. on his back.

    Idle Pose: Bowser Jr. blows a small flame, and steps back, surprised.

    Shielding Pose: He tucks into his shell

    Dodge/Air Dodge: He moves in the direction you pressed, tucked in his shell.

    Wall Jump: Yes
    Wall Cling: Yes
    Tether: No
    Crawl: No
    Cookie for the person who gets the Pokemon reference.

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    b moves:
    b: sludge bomb: throws a round purple sphere
    b >: poison gas: a purple gas comes out of his mouth
    b ^: fling: throws himself up
    b v: minimize: becomes smaller and harder to hit
    final smash: muk: evolves into muk

    a ground moves:
    a: left slap
    aa: right slap
    aaa: clap
    >a: headbutt
    ^a: slime burst: slime shoots out of his head
    v a: head slam
    light >a: bite
    light^a: flail
    light v a: bubble burst: a bubble grows out of his underside and pops
    running a: trip

    a air moves:
    a: slam
    >a: poison bellyflop
    <a: poison backdrop
    ^a: poison jet
    v a: poison butt stomp

    grab moves:
    a: gulp
    >: spit up
    <: spinning throw
    ^: yippee throw
    v: fart

    snake: what is that thing?
    otacon: that's grimer snake, the sludge pokemon
    snake: where's a hazmat team when you need it?
    otacon: watch out! hang on for a minute...*turns on gameboy*
    snake: what are you doing?
    otacon: ah! grimer is a very dirty and poisonous pokemon!
    snake: like i couldn't tell from looking at it...

    ^: jiggles like jello
    <>: breathes out smoke in the form of a skull and crossbones
    v: relaxingly melts

    win poses:
    1: spits out a bubble and pops it
    2: 3 other grimers run around him while he tries to jump
    3: tries to evolve but only gas comes out of his mouth

    lose pose:
    he melts to a puddle

    green (shiny)

    done editin
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    Geno from Super Mario RPG (It is the only one just for me)

    Weight Class: Light

    Attacks: He'd be a range fighter. Would have a higher attack power, medium speed and low defense and could go flying at 75% if smash hit by a Heavy.

    B: Rocket Punch - Launches his arm at enemy
    B->: Geno Whirl - Launches a blade style beam at opponent. Can be a Smash move (like Jigglypuff's rest)
    Bv: Geno Flash - Beams of light erupt from the ground moves away from Geno. Anti Air, but Geno is frozen in place until ability is done, or is attacked. Can be Cape Reflected
    B^: Geno Boost - Lifts Geno into the Air
    Final Smash: Geno Burst - Geno Turns into a cannon and launches a sun shaped ball of energy into the middle of the stage and it expands outward.
    Music: Beware the Forest Mushrooms
    Level: Star Hill (with shooting star traps) or Forest Maze (with Bowyer launching arrows onto the field)

    Basic moves:
    A: Unarmed Attack: Geno leans in and launches arm at opponent close by
    A A: Double Punch: Geno leans in and Launches both arm at opponent.
    A ->: Elbow Cannon: Geno launches bullets from his elbow
    A^: Geno Upper: Launches Arm upwards
    Av: Geno Bomber: Launches arm downwards.
    Smash A: Charged Elbow Cannon: Geno charges his attack and fires bullets from elbow.

    Aerial Moves:
    A: Aerial Unarmed: While in Air, Geno launches arm at near opponent.
    A-> Aerial Launcher: While in Air, Geno fires his finger shot in a spread to close by enemies.
    A^: Aerial Kick: While in the air, Geno does a flip kick upwards.
    Av: Aerial Kick: While in the air, Geno does a dropping kick.

    Snake: Hey Otacon, whose the Pinnochio
    Otacon: That's Geno Snake. He is not of this world.
    Snake: What do you mean?
    Otacon: Geno is a doll brought to life by a Star Spirit.
    Snake: Hrmm. A doll you say...
    Otacon: Be careful. He has a variety of ranged attacks.
    Snake: It's still just a doll.

    Edit: Rad, that character design is pure win.
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    TP Link (since Brawl didn't give him much from TP, I made one that uses primarily stuff from TP)

    AAA: Horizontal, vertical, then diagonal slashes. 3, 3, and 5% respectively
    F-Tilt: Stab. 8%
    D-Tilt: Low stab (aren't I so creative?) 6%
    U-Tilt: Half-Moon Slash (same as Link now) 9%
    Dash Attack: Jump Attack (stops at edges) 9%
    F-Smash: same
    D-Smash: same
    U-Smash: same

    N-Air: Spins in the air with sword out (like MK) 10%
    F-Air: same. 7, 8%
    B-Air: like T Link's. 11%
    D-Air: same
    U-Air: same

    B: Ball & Chain - Hold B to charge, hits automatically if you don't fire it, can stop charge by shielding. 8% uncharged, 27% charged

    Side B: Spinner - Press Side + B to get on, press B again to start moving. Press B at anytime to attack, dealing some knockback. Used for a place in Adventure Mode to get to a secret area. Only Link can reach it, as there is a rise where there are spikes, so MK/Pit/Charizard can't glide there, and a horizontal part with a pit, so only the Spinner tracks let you reach there. Press the opposite direction of which you are going to get off.

    Down B: Mortal Draw - Link sheaths his sword and glows white. If anything hits him during his glowing animation, he attacks with 2x the knockback and 1.5 the damage. Can immediately kill enemies in SSE, as it does in TP.

    Up B: Spin Attack - Goes about as high as Melee Link's and Link does NOT enter helpless, allowing you to Spin Attack, then Clawshot the ledge.

    Grab: Double Clawshot - Ranged grab, can tether, special wall jump where you repeatedly press Z to reach the next wall.
    Pummel: Knees opponent. 1%
    F-Throw: Bashes the opponent with hilt of sword. 7%
    D-Throw: Shoulder bash. 10%
    B-Throw: Helm Splitter. (jumps over opponent's head to slash, then spin attacks) 4, 8%
    U-Throw: same

    Final Smash: Great Spin Attack - sends out a shockwave with his sword. Anyone caught in the shockwave is stunned, and Link teleports over and does the Great Spin Attack. shockwave = 10%, actual Spin Attack = 45%.

    Up Taunt: same
    Side Taunt: same, except Fairy is bluish-white
    Down Taunt: Link takes out his fishing rod and waves it in front of him.

    Victory 1: Special Sword Sheath, same as Up Taunt.
    Victory 2: Midna appears, and Link teleports away.
    Victory 3: Link plants his sword in the ground. ( I couldn't think of anything)

    Doesn't seem too bad, though his third victory wasn't very creative. His A attacks were all mostly the same, too.
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    You know, I'm shocked and pleased to see that this thread is still around. Remember me, anyone? One of the three guys from SWF that tried to make a heist of this thread back in the day? Ha ha, yeah... good times.

    Anyways, I'll be working on a Wood Man moveset. I'll try not to get TOO creative on ya.

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    Waluigi (not the same Waluigi as the BiTF Waluigi)
    B Move: Sportitem throw = He throws different sport items, from baseballbatts, to bowlingballs to golfclubs and basketballs. Different items with different damages and bouncing>
    B down: Kart dash = Waluigi hops in his kart and can charge it for a little bit before dashing in to the oponents (much like Sonic's Down B)
    B foward: Dice block = Waluigi throws dice blocks (can throw 3 blocks maximum), if you hit them, you recieve damage. Depending on the number of each block
    B Up: Swim save= It looks like that Waluigi can swim in the air, long range to recover, only it does no damage, other then pushing away his opponents.

    Final Smash: Sport rain = Waluigi hops in his kart again and you can drive back and foward and also jump twice. Meanwhile Waluigi keeps throwing sport items in random directions.

    The other stuff is beyond my imagination at this point. Cept for a codec.

    Snake: Who is that? He looks like Wario but also like Luigi
    Otacon: That must be Waluigi, partner-in-crime of Wario.
    Snake: They are brothers, right?
    Otacon: Nobody knows for sure Snake.
    Snake: Well he looks fragile with those small bones, I think I can beat him.
    Otacon: To bad Snake, it looksl ike its Waluigi Time.
    Snake: What?

    Otacon = internetgeek
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    Megaman (A little bit of Rock never hurt anybody)

    Weight Class: medium
    Attacks: He'd be a range fighter. Would have Medium defense, attack and speed.

    Special Moves:
    B: Buster Shot/Charge Buster - Can charge Buster cannon. Can move while charging.
    B->: Skill Copy - Can copy any opponents B-> attack.
    Bv: Sakugarne - Get's on the Sakugarne and while jumping creates small shockwaves. Megaman is still vulnerable to attacks.
    B^: Teleport - Can use Megaman's teleporter over a distance.
    Final Smash: Rush Adaptor: With this, Megaman has a higher attack, homing fist and hover unit.

    Basic Moves:
    A: Hard Knuckle: Punches opponent
    A A: Slash Claw: Creates a slashing motions
    A ->: Metal Blade: One of Quickman's blades latches onto Megaman's Cannon and is used as a mounted saw blade. Megaman is stuck in place while using it.
    A^: Pharaoh Shot: Is a weaker plasma attack that shoots upwards. Megaman can stay in one place and hold onto the attack, but leaves him vulnerable to attacks.
    Av: Charge Kick: Megaman slides on the ground, inflicting minor damage, but produces a knockback effect.
    Tilt: Jewel Satellite: Megaman surrounds himself with 4 diamonds that inflict darkness damage on opponent.
    D-Tilt Sweep Kick: Megaman drops down and does a sweeping kick.
    U-Tilt Rolling Cutter: Megaman fires a set of cutters upwards
    Smash A: Knight Crush: Sends out a ball and chain from Megaman's buster. Very limited range.
    Smash A^: Super Arm: Megaman throws a large heavy piece of debris (depending on stage) up into the air. Longer you charge, the higher and larger the debris.
    Smash Av: Ice Slasher: Megaman creates twin streams of ice at his feet. Trips opponents and causes damage.

    Aerial Moves
    A: Top Spin - Megaman Spins around, repelling attacking foes.
    A->: Thunder Beam - Electrical charge comes out of Megaman's Cannon
    A<-: Yamato Spear - Megaman launches three small spear heads behind him in rapid succession/
    A^: Aerial Kick - Megaman does a upward spinning kick
    Av: Gravity Hold - Megaman drops down crashing into the enemy below.

    Grab: Laser Trident: Megaman uses theLaser Trident to grab enemies and pull them close.
    Down Throw: Drill Cannon: Throwing the enemy to the ground, Megaman will launch his Drill missiles into them.
    Up Throw: Tornado Blow: Megaman blows the enemy into the air with a concussion blast.
    Side Throw: Air Shooter: Megaman blasts the foe with such force he goes flying back, knocking down a near by opponent.
    Back Throw: Freeze Cracker: Megaman freezes the enemy then throws them behind him.

    Wily's Theme
    Elec Man's Theme: Electrical Tower
    Cloud Man's Theme: Sky High Robot
    Megaman 9: We are the Robots!

    Level: Castle Wily Rooftop. The battle ground is Wily's destroyed Castle roof. The traps in this area consist of erupting plasma bursts from the ground, Wily showing up in his saucer to blast the fighter, and even Bass shows up to attempt to fight, only to get knocked back by Wily.

    Entrance, Taunts, Victories
    Entrance: Beams in and gives a thumbs up to the audience.
    Up Taunt: Blows a raspberry at the enemy
    Down Taunt: Does a Break dance move
    Side Taunt: Point's cannon and yells bang.
    Victory 1: Yells Hah, I won
    Victory 2: Pet's Rush
    Victory 3: Jumps Up then Teleports away
    Loss: Flotas then erupts into light.

    Snake: Whose the kid?
    Campbell: That is Rock Light, or as he has been come to known as Megaman.
    Snake: Doesn't look so Mega to me.
    Campbell: Don't be fooled by his demeanor Snake. Megaman is a veteran of many battles. He also has a huge array of weapons so don't get caught off guard.
    Snake: How does something that small host weapons.
    Campbell: When Dr Light first built him, he was used as an assistant robot, needing to adapt to different scenarios. When Wily tried to take over the world, Light changed that function so Rock could adapt different weapons.
    Snake: The ideal Soldier.
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    Commentary Rad-TP Link


    Er, I'm having a bit of trouble interpreting this set. You have all the moves there, that's a start, but you really need to add some detail. You can't just assume that everyone knows what a "Morning Star Upswing" looks like. Just one or two sentences saying exactly what's going on is all that I need. Other than that, Rad looks... kinda underpowered. He doesn't do a heck of a lot of damage, and you haven't really told us how strong he is. Okay, he's slashing with his sword a lot, I get that, but is he a Marth? An Ike?

    ...on the positive side, however, your organization is just fine. Bolding the moves gives you a bit of distinction, and helps the flow a bit. There's not a whole lot of variation that this white background allows.


    Visually, this is definitely the best set I've seen so far in this contest. The method of bolding the attack name and putting the actual meat below it is an effective method, although I think it could use a space in-between the two. As for the actual moves, you've done a good job of remixing the classic Mewtwo while keeping newcomers still able to play as the psychic tyrant. Especially that UAir. I don't care if you say it's confusing, if it's confusing it means that thought went into it. That said, it could use a diagram to show what's going on, just in case. Still, it's a repost, so I'll have to cut you some slack there.


    Like Rad, this really suffers from underdetail. You could at least slap some damage percentages on there, or something. Not a whole lot else to say, other than I like how the smashes increase the distance as well as the damage. There's just something about those little touches that I like.


    Oof, organization seems to be your weak point. Lumping all the A moves together makes it pretty hard to navigate, especially when you don't even split up the individual moves. The Enter key is there for a reason, guy! What I normally do is make headers for Specials, Tilts, Smashes, Aerials, Throws, and Final Smash, with the Neutral A and Dash Attack falling under tilts. I understand if that doesn't mesh with you, but trust me, it makes it a lot easier to read.

    Also, lemme just say that 18% for a Dash Attack is ridiculous. Your percentages are kinda wonky, but at least they're there.


    Ah, what's an MYM without the token Bowser Jr. moveset? That said, you basically followed the advice that I just gave in my last comment... splitting up the sections. It could really use some bolding, though, if only on the "Ground Attacks", "Specials", and the rest of the headers. As for the actual set? I could actually see this in Brawl. You've got a good grasp of balance and detail, and you go above and beyond the call of duty with those extras. *gives thumbs-up*


    ...y'know, I'm just going to point you towards my comment on Rad for this. One word really just isn't enough to get the essence of a move. In short, "Needs moar detail."


    You appear to be missing Throws.

    As for the rest of the moveset, you kinda have Sonic syndrome. You know, the one blue hedgehog that does absolutely nothing but spin in Brawl? Basically every single move is doing the same thing... shooting his arm or shooting his bullets. Yeah, I've played the game, and I know that's what he actually does, but you could've taken artistic license on his Star Spirit abilities, and thrown some magic in there. Maybe shoot some bullets or a fist and then control them by telekinesis to hit the opponent? I dunno. As a side note, I don't see how shooting your arm at the ground (DTilt) would be particularly effective as an attack.


    Another remake, eh? Well, I gotta say that I like your version. Overlooking the blatantly overpowered ball and chain, you did a good job representing the true Link's latest game. Once again with the little touches, like taking away free-fall from the Spin Attack to give the Clawshot an actual use. Mortal Draw, however... well, it's already been used before in Brawl. Three times. (Ike, Marth, Lucario) I'm a little disappointed at the lack of a Shield Attack, though.
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    On the subject of my character, Rad is supposed to be underpowered. While I certainly could have put a little more detail into the actual moves themselves, at the time this post was originally created, said detail wasn't necessary. Not to mention the original post was more than half a year old if I remember correctly. I'll edit my post later on today or tomorrow with some additional detail. Thank you for replying to not only my character, but others characters as well. Feedback is always a good thing, that it is.

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    WiiMote Noise: "Guh-Ha!" "Breegull!"

    Emblem: A Jiggy.
    Victory Theme: The "Gettin' Jiggy With It' theme from Banjo Kazooie.

    Entrance: Appear on a Warp Pad from Banjo-Tooie, then step off.

    Up-B: Bill Drill- Banjo Jumps up and Kazooie dive-bombs the ground.
    Normal B: Peck- Kazooie sticks her head out of the backpack and pecks furiously.
    Side B: Egg Gun- Banjo holds Kazooie like a gun, and fires a few eggs.
    Down-B: Split-Up Switch- Kazooie comes out of the backpack and becomes playable. She can't grab, has no mid-air moves, and will automatically switch to Banjo-Kazooie if she gets a Final Smash. Banjo watches in the background. If Kazooie gets KO'd, Banjo facepalms and says, 'D'oh!'
    A: Punch.
    AA: Two punches.
    AAA: Kazooie comes out and continuously pecks rapidly.
    Side-A: Banjo Bash- Banjo uses a banjo as a baseball bat.
    Up-A: A Jinjo comes out and swipes the air.
    Final Smash: Magic Wrench- Kazooie takes out Mumbo's Wrench and summons various vehicle parts to fly at players.
    A-Air: Swings his backpack around, while Kazooie's beak is outstretched.
    A-Air down: Kicks downward.
    A-Air Up: Twirls a Jiggy in his hand.
    A-Air Side: Pogo-Peck- Banjo uses Kazooie as a Jackhammer. It doesn't need explaining.
    Grab: Sends out a Jinjo, like Olimar's grab.
    Grab-hit: Kazooie pecks them.
    Up-Throw: Tosses them up in the air, then fires a Grenade Egg at them.
    Side-Throw: Banjo's fist becomes giant for a few seconds as he punches them away.
    Down-Throw: Hurls them to the ground and butt-smashes them.
    Taunt 1: Looks at the screen, and gives a thumbs-up while saying "Guh-ha!"
    Taunt 2: Takes out a blueprint and looks at it, confused. If you hack the camera, it's the vehicle from the "Rare presents" opening thingy from Nuts and Bolts.
    Taunt 3: Kazooie looks inside the backpack disgusted, and begins to throw out a bunch of random items from the previous games. Banjo quickly stops her.
    Snake conversation:
    Snake: Otacon, there's a bear running around with a backpack, and it has a bird inside it!
    Otacon: I see you've met Banjo and Kazooie.
    Snake: What? That's impossible. Rare left Nintendo. The mere mention would halt the production of this entire game.
    Otacon: Look, this is a forum. A kid can dream, right? Anyway, Banjo uses Kazooie for all kinds of things, like-
    Snake: No wonder Rare left.
    Otacon: Not those kinds of things! Kazooie uses eggs as ammo. She can cough up eggs, or if you're close enough, she'll just lay them on top of you.
    Snake: Both of her holes have eggs coming out? That can't be healthy.
    Otacon: In short, I'd just keep your distance.
    Snake: Noted.
    I'll do more later.
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    Hey guys I'm back

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    Side B:Metronome (shoots a random move from a player on the stage)
    Down B:Ground pound (better and more powerful than yoshis and bowser because hes fat)
    Up B:Sausage link to recover with(like olimars pikmin chain)
    Normal B:Eats whats infront of him (Like Warios move)
    AA:Scratch Scratch
    Running A:Body Slam
    AAA:Fury Swipes
    Smash up:Headbutt
    Smash down:Sends out a shock wave thing
    Smash side:Food throw (throws a food item for munchlax to heal with)
    Throws: He eats the players like yoshi when he throws
    Throw Up: He throws the up and hurts him self doing so
    Throw down:Jumps on then after spiting them out (does tons of Damage)
    Throw side:Spits the person up shooting them across the stage(only hurts them if the hit a wall.)
    Final Smash: Bloat Munchlax eats a lot of food then Bloats up and Ground pounds really damaging the players on the ground(can be dodged by jumping)

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    Seems the bringing down and the revival of the forums has brought us a surge of moveset activity all at once. Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, eh?


    I’m not as much a fan of the presentation of this one, seeing you hide most of the actual properties of the moves in parenthesizes. Sure, just the move name works for the generic melee attacks, but when you’ve got things like Triple Morning Star Overswing that stuff is rather front and center then something to be hidden seeing the attack name ddoesn’t tell us much of anything. It’s good you’ve got the stuff there and some damage percentages, though. While the moveset seems a bit run of the mill, the character seems to be an elementary swordsman, so it rather fits him. . .I mainly just wish you could’ve come up with something instead of dash and a counter clone for two of his Specials.


    It’s refreshing to see a set be this accurately detailed with knockback, damage, and even lag. You even go into how to use Mewtwo’s attacks, something unheard of here, which makes the moveset considerably more enticing. Better yet, you separate the basic summary of the attack and how to use it for easy reading, and the set has a pretty good organizational scheme with the bolding. Needless to say I’m a fan of that great uair. Furthermore, that playstyle section at the end helps to summarize Mewtwo and help us envision him in the game much better. My only complaint is that you didn’t really change that much from the original Mewtwo, even keeping two of the specials, and still go into full detail on all of the cloned moves. You’re more then capable of describing and presenting your ideas – I think Mewtwo could’ve just used a bit more time in the conception stage.


    Fairly standard on the creativity with this one, though I like how you actually do something with the fsmash/dsmash. Having the charging charge something other then damage is rather clever. What I’m not liking as much is the lack of damage percentages/knockback and how quickly you glance over the moves. More detail would be appreciated. . .That and –please- get rid of that gigantic page stretching image.


    Adequete detail is present for most moves, especially seeing you’ve got damage and knockback. When you don’t give a sentence to a move it’s generally clear it’s a generic melee attack. Claus is a bit boring with his specials copied from Ness/Lucas and that weird Up Special which you really need to elaborate on, though I more like Masked Man’s specials, particularly the one that allows him to dodge the foe’s next attack. Great concept there. I just wish Claus could be as fortunate as Masked Man. Also, Smash Bros characters don’t have neutral throws, they have forward throws.


    It’s nice that you have stats, but is there any reason you made Jr. so heavy? It seems rather unfitting and isn’t particularly focused upon. . .The actual set’s pretty good on detail with both information on damage percentages and knockback and a full sentence on every attack for the most part. I can clearly picture this one. The problem lies in something you yourself admit several times – the moveset’s pretty painfully bland and none of the moves really feel specifically like Bowser Jr. He uses his paintbrush in his Down B and Final Smash. . .to beat people to death with it? There’s a lot of potential you’re missing out on here.


    While Minimize is a somewhat creative concept, the rest of the set could follow from its’ example, as it’s pretty standard stuff. The more perssing matter though is that you rush through the moveset so quickly I can’t really tell what’s going on. . .What do you mean by a “Yippee” throw? Okay, a purple gas comes out of his mouth for Side B, what does this purple gas do? You get the idea. Aside from that the set gets a pass for being in character, though the Final Smash is a bit strange. Unless he stays as Muk for the rest of the match (Which would be very overpowered) it’d be awkward to see him de-volve into Grimer when the final smash timer is up.


    Most of the specials are pretty cool and it’s great you’ve got the epic forest maze music in there. The A moves being for the most part the same isn’t particularly pressing seeing it’s just Geno launching his arm everywhere instead of doing generic punches and kicks, so it passes. The problem comes in with the Neutral Special. . .It’s also just yet another launching of his arm forwards. Doesn’t seem particularly special, yes? You’re also missing a lot of attacks. The whole grab-game, down and up smashes, and back air.


    Definitely a cool idea to make attacks have specialized effects for the SSE. Most of the attacks you added were cool and good representations of Twilight Princess, though I wish you’d of added some more. It’s fine leaving the same old sword slashes in seeing Link still does that in TP. . .But outside the specials and bthrow, most of it is indeed just more slashes. Maybe we could’ve seen some of Link’s other tools from TP in the smashes? In any case, pretty solid set. The damage percentages were a nice addition.


    While it’s just Specials and a Final Smash, this is definitely one of the more creative movesets here. I’m a fan of the varying properties of the Neutral and Side B (Though I wish we had more control over them rather then them being randomized). I also like your decision to focus on representing the various Mario spin-off games through Waluigi, as he’s pretty much the physical incarnation of the games. Hope you decide to finish the set. No reason to stop, you were doing fine!


    Liking how you’re going into actual detail on moves when necessary with Megaman, though you might wanna go the extra mile and put in some percentages. It really helps us to get a better feel of how he’d play. For the most part this is pretty good, particularly with that cool Side B and the wily stage 2 music and everything. You’re also missing the same attacks from your Geno set. . .Agidius just told you about this. I can also smell a bit of bias for Quick Man in the set with the forward A and the stage. . .Megaman’s fought a lot of random Robot Masters, why’s Quick Man the only one to be referenced here (Numerous times)?


    Looking like a pretty good set so far. Obligatory standard combo, specials are fairly unique for the most part. I really like the Down Special in particular, great concept there, though what can Kazooie do once she’s separated from Banjo? I’d imagine it’d be a Zelda/Sheik thing, but since you just left it off there, yeah. . .If she just has a couple attacks could you perhaps tell us what they are? Dunno if you were gonna add that later or not. The Final Smash is cool, though I dunno why you’d want to use something from Nuts and Bolts.

    The Neutral Special doesn’t feel like it should be using up a special input, though, seeing it’s just an ordinary peck that could be on the jab. The utilt’s also. . .Awkward, to say the least. Yeah, pulling out power-ups from hammer space is fine on a Banjo Kazooie set, but you’re not telling me he hauls around Jinjos in his backpack to use as flails?


    Pretty standard stuff here. I'd really like to see how Munchlax does some of these things (particularly metronome), though most of the button inputs are basic enough that it's not really that necessary. What's more notable is that this really. . .Isn't Munchlax. You over emphasize his weight here (he's apparantely heavier then Bowser) when he's only the size of Pikachu or so. Granted, you do make a good show of emphasizing his eating habits what with Neutral B, uthrow, and the sausage link tether. . .Though I wish the specials were a bit more special, perhaps? Sure, there's Metronome, but that feels rather out of place on Munchlax, agreed? Any pokemon could do that.

    Oh, and you're missing aerials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterWarlord View Post
    Seems the bringing down and the revival of the forums has brought us a surge of moveset activity all at once. Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, eh?

    Liking how you’re going into actual detail on moves when necessary with Megaman, though you might wanna go the extra mile and put in some percentages. It really helps us to get a better feel of how he’d play. For the most part this is pretty good, particularly with that cool Side B and the wily stage 2 music and everything. You’re also missing the same attacks from your Geno set. . .Agidius just told you about this. I can also smell a bit of bias for Quick Man in the set with the forward A and the stage. . .Megaman’s fought a lot of random Robot Masters, why’s Quick Man the only one to be referenced here (Numerous times)?
    <strike>Quick Man is the only Robot Master that I know of that is dealt double damage from his own weapon...or is it a 1 hKO.</strike> That and his beam traps are quite infamous. I didn't realize I referenced Quick Man so much. I am more biased for Elec Man.

    I'll add the throws, but the other moves such as tilts and what nto I don't get =o_o=

    Edit: Mac r Dumb. I meant Metal Man

    Double Edit: Just checked the Megaman Wiki. I chose Metal Man's Blade for Megaman's A attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daimo Mac View Post
    Quick Man is the only Robot Master that I know of that is dealt double damage from his own weapon...or is it a 1 hKO.
    So how about that Metal Man?

    Quote Originally Posted by Daimo Mac View Post
    I'll add the throws, but the other moves such as tilts and what nto I don't get =o_o=
    Really, tilts aren't that difficult. All you need is a weak, directional attack. Granted, if you're sticking to Robot Master weapons, Megaman doesn't have a lot to work with, but maybe the Leaf Shield could work as a DTilt. Or something.

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    Liking the changes to Megaman, Daimo. He's shaping up to be one of the better movesets. I particularly like the down smash. . .Does the ice stick around after it's used? It sort of sounds like it would, which would be an interesting concept. A trap of sorts like Diddy's bananas (What with the tripping). (FYI you're still missing a back air)

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    Neutral Special – Chomp

    A blatant clone of Wario’s Neutral Special at a glance, though it has better range if nothing else.

    Side Special – Rollout

    Midbus curls up into a spiky ball. This can be charged, but releases automatically once charged fully. This is a lot like Jigglypuff’s Neutral Special, but Midbus is invulnerable and doesn’t travel nearly as far or fast.

    Up Special – Monstrous Leap

    Midbus leaps upward a bit higher then Ganondorf’s recovery takes him before going into helpless. If Midbus used this from standing on solid ground, then it won’t put him into helpless, but he can’t use his Up Special again until he touches the ground.

    Down Special – Beef Up

    Midbus lifts up his arms up in a triumphant pose, causing himself to beef up and become very fat. This makes Midbus impervious to damage and knockback until he takes 35%, though he can only use his standard attacks while beefed up and his movement speed/jumps are decreased. There’s too much lag to activate this for it to be that useful.


    Neutral Attack – Headbutt

    Midbus does a headbutt forwards for 5% and a bit of stun, then upon an additional press of A scoops his head back up to deal 7% and vertical knockback. The second attack has a bit of lag but combos into the first hit. If Midbus is beefed up, Midbus only performs the second attack, though faster.

    Forward Tilt – Smack

    Midbus smacks forward with range, speed, and power comparable to Bowser’s ftilt.

    Up Tilt – Uppercut

    Midbus performs an uppercut with average speed, dealing 8% and decent knockback.

    Down Tilt - Stomp

    Midbus stomps about as if in a temper tantrum. Can be held infinitely like DK’s down special and there’s an additional hitbox along the ground like DK’s down special, but it’s a lot weaker.

    Dashing Attack – Shoulder Barge

    Midbus does a shoulder barge forwards like Ganon’s dashing attack. This deals 10% and good vertical knockback that can kill, though it has some lag. Midbus can’t use this attack when beefed up due to being too slow.


    Up Smash – Showboating

    Midbus turns to the screen, smirks, and flexes. His arms deal 13-23% and decent knockback, and the move has average speed.

    That’s not the point, though. Upon use of this move you’ll hear some cheering and the crowd (Off camera) will throw some food onto the stage like in Midbus’ boss fight. The food will be directly inbetween you and the foe, and considering how slow you are they’ll probably eat it first. You’ll generally want to stun them before summoning the food.

    Aside from healing you, eating food also decreases the lag on the next use of Down Special. . .The more you eat the faster you get beefy. Using your Neutral Special to eat the food will get you fatter faster.

    Forward Smash – Charge

    Midbus does a headbutt forwards for 30% and superb knockback. This of course is laggy, but worse yet it also has bad range. . .Uncharged. As you charge up the move, Midbus snorts and runs in place. Charging increases how far Midbus goes, and if you charge the move up fully there’s no other lag involved. Midbus goes at Captain Falcon’s dash speed at full charge. If there’s food in Midbus’ way, he’ll scarf it down along the way, and he’ll go a bit farther then he would otherwise if there’s some food just out of his reach.

    Down Smash – Belly Drum

    Midbus drums on his belly during the charging, then upon release a fiery aura appears over Midbus that lasts for half a second-5 seconds based off charge. This powers up Midbus’ attacks by making them deal 3% more damage and slightly more knockback. Midbus cannot use this until the last boost expires.

    To make time to do this you could use your usual tactics to eat food and beef up, but it’s better to do that before you belly drum. Why? Powerful waves come out during the charging if Midbus has eaten food, more of them based off the more he’s eaten. Midbus can still use this when beefed up.


    Back Aerial – Impale

    Midbus juts outs his back spines much like Bowser juts out his shell in his bair, albeit with a bit more lag. If Midbus hits anyone, they’ll take 10% and get impaled on his spines and have to button mash out as if they were grabbed. Midbus is free to move, but due to the foe being stuck on his spines he isn’t able to hit them with most attacks. Of course, he’s still free to summon/eat food or beef himself up while the foe is escaping the grab. . .

    If Midbus uses his Side Special with a foe impaled on his spines, then they’ll take damage as they get dragged along with Midbus, the exact amount varying on the charge.

    Neutral Aerial – Summersault

    Midbus curls up into a ball like in his Side Special and spins around. This has an awkwardly long duration, but deals 14% and good knockback. Very bad landing lag. If Midbus goes into said landing lag and there’s a foe impaled on his spines in-between him and the ground, then he’ll crush them, dealing 10% to them and pitfalling them.

    Down Aerial – Body Slam

    Midbus does a body slam, falling downwards at immense speeds. This is very fast, but the power of the move is determined by how far Midbus has fallen before connecting with the move. While this can be very powerful if you’re high in the air (Max of 35% and great knockback), the foe has to be low down for it to work, telegraphing the move.

    If you hit the ground (And thus don’t suicide off stage), Midbus will bounce back up a bit higher then he was before, still a weak hitbox. This can be used to get higher and higher up for bigger and bigger body slams. Of course Midbus’ Up Special also helps in getting some height.

    Forward Aerial – Snort

    Midbus snorts, creating a stream of steam in front of himself that pushes foes away with FLUDD esque knockback. Midbus gets pushed backwards from this, his body a hitbox that deals 8% and average knockback in the process. You should intend to hit with the steam to gimp or Midbus’ body for power, not both.

    Up Aerial – Blubber Trampoline

    Midbus gets on his back in mid-air, then puffs out his chest slightly. This has a decent bit of lag, yet only deals 6% and below average knockback. If somebody attacks you from above while the hitbox is out, though, they’ll bounce off your blubber with impressive upward knockback, better knockback if you’ve eaten more food.


    Grab – Bear Hug

    Midbus angrily reaches out to grab his enemy. Good range, though the grab’s laggier then one would like.

    Pummel - Squeeze

    Midbus squeezes the foe in his grasp for 3% a pop.

    Forward Throw – Horn Spiker

    Midbus hits the foe with his horns, dealing 14% and alright knockback. Midbus’ best throw for damage.

    Back Throw – Spin

    Midbus spins around with the foe in his grasp before letting them go, dealing 10% and good knockback. By default Midbus releases the foe behind him, though you can press A again for Midbus to release the foe early, allowing you to choose where you want to throw the victim. This is better for killing lighter foes while Midbus’ uthrow/dair combo is better for heavier foes.

    Up Throw - Footstool

    Midbus leaps off the foe’s head, squashing them to deal 8% and good hitstun. This propels Midbus quadruple Ganondorf’s height into the air. If the foe is at a high enough damage percentage, they should be stunned long enough for you to dair them. A very nice kill set-up.

    Down Throw – Eating Contest

    Midbus does the same motion as in his usmash, causing the crowd to throw food to Midbus. You and the foe must now button mash to eat more of the food thrown. It’s more then the usual amount, but the foe is inevitably going to get some of it. This requires no set-up and you’re guaranteed to actually get some of the food, but the foe getting free healing is worrisome.


    Some dark energy gets absorbed into Midbus as he transforms into Blizzard Midbus. All his attacks get a buff in power and speed like Wario-Man as well as an Ice Element, and Midbus becomes invulnerable. Midbus’ down special is replaced with a aim-able powerful snowball projectile that comes out of his crown. Unfortunately this good final smash only lasts 10 seconds.


    To an extent, Midbus plays like a standard heavyweight. Use your standards to rack up damage and what-not, though if you manage to land a grab before you damage the foe a dthrow is a good idea to eat some food. The Bair/Side Special combo can net you some good damage as well. Once you’ve got the damage up on the foe, you obviously want to KO them, but considering Midbus isn’t that great of a damage racker you’ll want to make it easier on yourself for the next stock.

    One option could be to use usmash then use fsmash to race the foe to the food. Sure, they’ll eat some of it, but if they do that you’ll probably hit them with the fsmash and will still get –some- food. Another option is to impale the foe on your spines with bair (Possibly follow up with nair), then summon the food to get nice and beefy while the foe can’t interrupt you to heal damage. From there you can finish the foe off, then beef yourself up laglessly to be impervious for the first bit of the next stock to get a good lead in damage. While you won’t get much damage on the foe before you take 35%, belly drumming with dsmash is easier then ever with all your blubber to get in some damage and power yourself up to boot.
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    Hank J Wimbleton:

    emblem: the default madness face
    alt. colors: wait until I get them done.
    weight: medium
    jumping: right between mario and luigi, has only one midair jump.
    role in SSE: he would be a sidekick to snake.

    now, to the moveset.

    attack input: move (notes) [sticker type] {damage} /knockback amt\

    basic attacks (uses A button)
    nuetral combo: continuous punching [hand] {1-2} /low\
    side tilt: strong punch [hand] {3-4} /low\
    up tilt: swings a metal pole upwards [weapon] {4-5} /medium\
    down tilt: swings a metal pole around [weapon] {4-5} /medium\
    running attack: gets a knife out and jabs it infront of him [weapon, slash] {5-6} /medium\

    Smash attacks:
    Side: he shoots a flare gun, but the flare doesnt go very far, even though it it still causes an explosion. [explosion, weapon(if hit by the gun)] {9-12} /high\
    up: shoots a flare gun upwards, works like a mixture of the cracker launcher and snake's up smash. [explosion, projectile] {10-14} /high\
    down: gets a sword out, and does a full 360 with it. [weapon, slash, spin] {9-13} /medium\

    up: swings a metal pole upwards [weapon] {5-7} /medium\
    back: pistol whips with a shotgun (uses the butt of the gun) [weapon] {5-6} /medium\
    front: pistol whips with a shotgun (uses the barrel) [weapon] {6-7} /medium\
    down: stabs his sword downwards, and spins around while doing it [weapon, body, spin, slash] {7-9} /high\
    nuetral: spins around in the air [body, spin] {5-6} /low\

    special attacks: (all have a specials:indirect sticker bonus)
    nuetral: he shoots some kind of gun [projectile, weapon(if hit by gun)] {5-6 (hit by gun) 9-12 (if hit by bullet)} /medium\
    side: shoots his shotgun [projectile, weapon (if hit by gun)] {7-8 (if hit by gun) 10-14 {if hit by bullet)} /high\
    down: pulls out a random explosive (one of snakes grenades, a bob-omb, a gooey bomb, or one of links bombs) and imediatley throws it. [explosive] {damage depends on bomb type} /knockback depends on bomb type\
    up: pulls a rocket launcher out, and shoots it downwards (if used on ground, it can be aimed before shooting, but not guided. this works like an unchargable version of diddy kongs jetpack in the air, and an un-guidable version of snake's missle on the ground) [explosive] {14-17 in air, 15-19 on ground} /very high\

    grabbing: puts his hand out to grab someone.
    grab attack: punches with other hand [hand] {1-2} /no knockback\
    up throw: shoots the person out of his rocket launcher upwards [explosive] {19-23} /very high\
    down: puts the person down, the uses the flare gun [explosive] {19-24} /very high\
    front: shoots the person out of his rocket launcher [explosive] {19-14} /very high\
    back: shoots the person out of his rocket launcher [explosive] {20-13} /very high\

    other attacks:
    ledge grab: he pistols whips with a shotgun [weapon] {8-11} /low\
    getting up from tripping: he swings his metal pole to get up [weapon] {9-12} /low\

    final smash:
    mutant hank:
    he gets into his huge mutant-like form from madness 9, and he slashes the nearest player with his lobster-like arm. [no sticker type] {100} /instant ko if not in an inclosed area\

    up: he takes his goggles off to clean them
    side: he gets his shotgun out, and loads it, leaving a bullet casing you can throw (does no damage, but can fool opponents who dont know that)
    down: he gets his katana out, and swings it around. [weapon, slash] {1-2%} /low, but trips\

    win poses:
    1: he is waving at the screen while in the back of sanford and deimos's jeep
    2: he juggles some grenades
    3: he swings his metal pole around like a bo staff.

    entrance: he comes in on sanford and deimos's jeep, before jumping out.
    I'm back, baby.

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    Post Need help?

    I noticed posting here has trouble making the list of stuff. I'd like to help make a pre-filled list for anyones use!
    Size: /10
    Weight: /10
    Walking Speed: /10
    Running Speed: /10
    Attack Speed: /10
    Jumping: /10
    Fall Speed: /10
    Traction: /10 
    Crouch: /10
    General Power: /10
    Ground Attacks:
    A Combo:
    Up Tilt:
    Down Tilt:
    Side Tilt:
    Nuetral Special:
    Up Special:
    Down Special:
    Side Special:
    Nuetral Ariel:
    Up Ariel:
    Down Ariel:
    Forward Ariel:
    Back Ariel:
    Side Smash:
    Up Smash:
    Down Smash:
    Grab Action:
    Grab Attack:
    Up Throw:
    Down Throw:
    Forward Throw:
    Back Throw:
    Final Smash:
    Forward Sidestep:
    Backard Sidestep:
    Air Dodge:
    Hang Pose:
    Ledge Attack:
    Ledge Dodge:
    Wall Jump:
    Wall Cling:
    Win Poses:
    Lose Pose:
    Victory Theme:
    Alternate Costumes:
    Classic Victory Screen:
    All-Star Victory Theme:
    Main Pose:
    How To Unlock (optional):
    Main Music Theme:
    Main Stage (optional):
    Snake Codec Conversation:
    Kirby Hat:
    Classic Mode Pose:
    Classic Mode Description:
    All-Star Mode Pose:
    All-Star Mode Description:
    *Insert Here*
    No credit needed. Use to fill out yours. Tell me if I'm missing anything!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterWarlord View Post

    Looking like a pretty good set so far. Obligatory standard combo, specials are fairly unique for the most part. I really like the Down Special in particular, great concept there, though what can Kazooie do once she’s separated from Banjo? I’d imagine it’d be a Zelda/Sheik thing, but since you just left it off there, yeah. . .If she just has a couple attacks could you perhaps tell us what they are? Dunno if you were gonna add that later or not. The Final Smash is cool, though I dunno why you’d want to use something from Nuts and Bolts.

    The Neutral Special doesn’t feel like it should be using up a special input, though, seeing it’s just an ordinary peck that could be on the jab. The utilt’s also. . .Awkward, to say the least. Yeah, pulling out power-ups from hammer space is fine on a Banjo Kazooie set, but you’re not telling me he hauls around Jinjos in his backpack to use as flails?
    Where else would he put them? Could be similar to this exchange:

    Canary Mary: [The cheato page]'s been wedged in my-
    Kazooie: No! I don't even want to know where it's been!
    Hey guys I'm back

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    Well, it's done, guys

    This is a lower-detail version of my original Wood Man set. To read the first version, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

    Wood Man

    Wood Man was part of the original group of 8 robots created by Dr. Wily to defeat Mega Man. His weapon, the Leaf Shield, is notorious for being incredibly finicky. While it's very useful for Wood Man himself, as he can cause several leaves to fly up and attack Mega Man while he remains in a perfect defense, Mega Man is forced to watch it fly away every time he takes a step. Wood Man is weak to the Atomic Fire in Mega Man 2.


    Power: 10
    Speed: 4
    Height: 7
    Jump: 5
    Second Jump: 4
    Weight: 9
    Fall Speed: 7


    Neutral Special ~ Leaf Shield

    Wood Man uses the Leaf Shield, a shield of rotating leaves from Megaman 2. It's basically a counter that you can hold out for an infinite amount of time, but it only deals knockback instead of damage. If you try to walk with it, it'll fly forwards.

    Side Special ~ Leaf Blower

    Wood Man points his arm forwards, and a large group of leaves fly out, and settle on the ground. While they can push away enemies like the FLUDD, they can also hide the brambles from your DTilt and the tree from your Down Special. You can blow away a patch of leaves by sending your Leaf Shield over it.

    Down Special ~ Nature's Will

    Wood Man squats down to the ground and begins to pull up. As he does so, he forms a tree underneath him! You can pull it up any distance, and knock it down by dealing 40% or using your Dash Attack. Your FSmash also works very well at doing this.

    Up Special ~ Autumn Breeze

    A giant red leaf forms underneath Wood Man for this move, giving him a glide, a poor one at that. Use it as well as you can to recover, but your weight on top of the poor leaf will make you fall faster than you'd want to. You can jump off at any time.


    Neutral A~ Tarzan

    Wood Man uses his infamous Tarzan imitation for his Neutral A. As you continue to press A, Wood Man keeps beating on himself. A beat on the left bounces foes to the right, and vice-versa. Each bounce deals about 3%, and you can keep it going for a while.

    Front Tilt~ Back it Up

    Using Wood Man's FTilt causes him to give a quick shove with an open palm. This knocks opponents about a battlefield platform backward along the ground, dealing 6%. As it sounds like, this is a combo move. It pushes enemies back the perfect distance to get them with your grab without any trouble.

    Up Tilt~ Snare

    Wood Man flicks his wrist upward, sending two creeper vines spinning to reach overhead opponents. If you manage to hit a foe towards the end of the vine, their feet will become... snared! Wood Man then snaps the vine back down bringing him face to face with the opponent. At this point, the ending lag is nonexistent, so you can follow up with an FTilt.

    Down Tilt~ Bramble

    Bear with me, complicated move.

    Wood Man flings out his arms lengthwise, as if he's preparing to give the foe a giant bear hug. This will do 9% with light horizontal knockback, comparable to Sheik's FAir. But what you're really after is the aftereffect. See, when Wood Man made that motion, many hundreds of seeds were scattered around his general area. A few seconds after settling, deep tangles of brambles will spawn. These brambles are the bread and butter of your stalling game.

    Not only is it impossible to run while inside of them, walking itself becomes incredibly time consuming. And don't think that they can just jump out of the brambles! If they try, they'll be snapped right back to their original position... in the TRIPPED phase! I'm so devious! Rolling to dodge is simply not an option.

    Now, the brambles do have some shortcomings. If they take three hits of 8% or more, the part that was attacked will be destroyed. Of course, Wood Man is also affected by the brambles. However, if you pull up on the ground with your Down Special, you'll be able to pull yourself up and out of the mess you've found yourself in.

    Dash Attack~ Take Down

    By using the Dash Attack, Wood Man will jump into the air, and continue flying somewhat like Superman slightly above the ground. If he crashes into anyone, they'll be blasted backward with good knockback and take 11%, landing in their tripped animation. There's no limit to how far Wood Man can jump in this manner.

    This is Wood Man's quickest way to take down a tree, hence the move title. If he crashes into it, his head actually becomes embedded in the tree. Obviously, this gives him incredible ending lag.


    Front Smash~ Razor Leaf

    Do I feel bad about stealing another Pokemon move name? No, I don't. That shouldn't be your concern, anyway.

    While Wood Man charges the attack, leaves will fly out from around him, and hover in midair. 4-8 will appear depending on charge. When the attack is released, they'll all fly straight forwards. Although they disappear pretty quickly, they'll do a lot of damage on their way. For each leaf which passes through the opponent, they'll take 4%, with weak horizontal knockback. This is a pretty good damaging move.

    Up Smash~ Falling Leaves

    Wood Man's main attack from the actual battle. While he charges, he beats on his chest in a manner unlike his Neutral A. Four leaves will fly upwards while he charges, culminating in height about 4 SB blocks overhead. They will then proceed to spread out, about an SB block distance in between each, and drift slowly down. The general effect is that of a giant spiked ceiling slowly falling down on the opponent, albeit one that doesn't actually do knockback and only 16% per leaf touched.

    Down Smash~ Sapling

    Upon input, Wood Man plunges a hand into the ground, and pulls upwards while he charges. A thin sapling rises up out of the ground along with his hand.

    If you walk over to a grown sapling and grab it with A, you can walk backwards while holding it, and release it. Subsequently, it will crack forward and deal damage and knockback. This behaves like a smash, taking the same amount of time to reach maximum charge and increasing in damage and knockback with more time invested. Power varies from 3% and flinch to 28% with the strength of Marth's untipped FSmash.


    Neutral Aerial~ Darwin

    For his Neutral Aerial, Wood Man turns towards the ground at a light angle, and spins around a few times. This is a multiple-hit hitbox basically identical to Sonic's FAir. However, as he spins, a light powder forms and slowly drifts down.

    If the powder works its way down to settle on some exposed brambles, they will undergo a slight mutation. Tiny thorns form over any affected brambles, turning them into traps! Now, whenever the opponent finds themselves stuck inside, they'll take 2% per second (pps) standing still, 4pps walking, an additional 5% for any attempts to jump out, and 2% for attacking! Now, even if they ARE able to dodge the falling tree, they'll still have to deal with the extra damage.

    Front Aerial~ Swing

    Wood Man extends his hands out in a grab hitbox for this move, and holds them out there. The grab hitbox is only out there on the first couple of frames, and the move decays to a 4% flinching hitbox afterward. If you grab the foe, Wood Man will quickly fling them forward Mario-style for 8% and a bit of distance.

    If you use this move on one of your trees, however, Wood Man will grab onto the tree and swing around to the other side. Basically, you can run away from your foe, jump towards the tree, and swing around to the other side with ease.

    Up Aerial~ Spin

    Wood Man does for this move is hold his arms above his head and quickly rotate 360 degrees, on a vertical axis. This low-lag, low-knockback maneuver deals 6% and has no place in competitive play whatsoever.

    Unless, of course, you're in the middle of using your Up Special. In that case, your spinning motion is translated into the leaf's trajectory, and the pair of you will begin a nosedive downward. You and the leaf together are a powerful duo, pulling enemies down along with you and dealing 12% a second while you fall.

    Now, remember that you can jump off the leaf at any time. If you do so after using this move, the leaf will continue spinning down, but the damage will drop to 4% and will have an extremely weak pull.

    Down Aerial~ Cover

    Wood Man waves his hand downward once along an arc, in a somewhat laggy motion. No damage is dealt. A blanket of leaves is released from Wood Man's arms along with this motion, forming a thick, slowly-falling arc of... well, of leaves. Anyways, this has about the same effect as your Side Special, and you can even drop the leaves on the ground in the same way. Considering your Side Special is faster and covers more area, I'd advise against it. No, this is a recovery move. Your downwards descent will be halved while you move through the leaves, giving you an alternative to that awful Up Special. And hey, you might even be able to gimp with this, since it also slows upward movement by half.

    Back Aerial~ Deku Leaf

    Wood Man's BAir is unnervingly similar to DK's FAir in appearance and use, but it only does 12% and has less of a spike. However, if you use your BAir while using your Up Special, he'll do the same overhead motion... while holding the leaf as a fan with both hands. In effect, the giant gust of wind he makes blows him backwards and upwards a good distance, say Marth's Up Special on a 45 degree angle. Use this to buff up your otherwise pitiful recovery. If you use this move so that the gust of wind blows through a cloud of leaves from your DAir, the gimp will also deal 10%! It's not worth actually setting up, but if you happen to see the chance, take it.


    Grab~ Root

    About a battlefield's platform away from where Wood Man is facing, several small roots will pop out of the ground. If an opponent is standing there, their feet will become entangled, completing the grab.

    Pummel~ Constrict

    The roots around the opponent feet quickly tighten and release their grip, doing about 2% damage at a speed comparable to Wolf's pummel.

    Front Throw~ Sitting Duck

    With the opponent standing tantalizingly in front of him and running out of canonical nature-based attacks to use, he's going to have to result to using brute force. Basically, he runs forward and slams into the foe, dealing 12% with moderate diagonal knockback.

    Up Throw~ Hangman

    The roots that were grabbing the opponent suddenly disappear when you input this throw, and for all intensive purposes, it looks like they escaped. While the foe is still in shock from being released, a small tree suddenly shoots up from underneath them, and suspends them in midair! They'll dangle from the top branch by their shirt collar if they have one, or maybe long hair or a tail. The point is, they'll be stuck in midair for two seconds, less if they can button mash out.

    Down Throw~ Plant/Transplant

    To start the move off, the many roots entangling the foe's feet begin to writhe after a point in their direction from Wood Man. After a short period of time, the roots will pull down on their feet, trapping them with only their head sticking out of the ground for about four seconds.

    Back Throw~ Nettles

    Wood Man's BThrow causes the roots around the foes' feet to do something funky that I can't quite visualize, resulting in your opponent's fall toward Wood Man, which ends in a faceplant. Directly beneath them now lies a bed of nettles, which somehow appeared! They'll take 5% per second as long as they stand on it. Not too difficult under normal circumstances, but let's say that they were standing in some brambles when they got grabbed. The bed will disappear as soon as the opponent escapes its grasp.

    Final Smash

    It pains me to be almost done with this set, check Wood Man's bio on the Megaman wiki, and discover that his main dislike is harm to nature. So I'll just pretend that I never read that and continue with the Final Smash I'd already planned.

    When Wood Man uses his Final Smash, there's no close-up, no special animation, nothing besides the disappearance of the glow in his eyes and an extremely loud sawing noise that even suggests that he used it. Wait, sawing noise?
    About a second and a half after inputting the attack, a creaking, groaning sound is heard. And a second after that, the first sign of doom is revealed... a giant redwood in the process of falling sneaks in towards the top of the screen. It'll fall through the whole playing field, and disappear off the bottom of the screen, finally crashing to the ground with a massive thump about two seconds after passing through. Unless an opponent has the incredible timing to spotdodge it, they'll take a hefty 50% and become grounded or spiked, giving you time to set up further. (y)


    Wood Man. Yet another set-up moveset from the one-track mind of agidius. With so many moves to hinder the foe's movement, and one glaringly obvious finishing attack, this playstyle is basically going to write itself. Let's start with setup.

    The wisest and safest course of action at the beginning of the match is to throw down some brambles. They'll grow over the next couple of seconds to give you something like a base of operations. If you're on a larger course, continue to spread them all around without worrying about finesse, but on a smaller course it would be a good idea to break out your Leaf Blower. Cover a good amount of the playing field with leaves, using the pushing effect from the attack to keep your distance. Continue to spread brambles underneath the leaves. They'll keep growing, hidden, but ready when you need them.

    Once you get a satisfactory area covered, you may want to start growing a tree, whether it's hidden until the leaves or out in the open. This will be the most defensive, stally part of the match, so you've gotta have some tools to keep the foe at bay. Fortunately, you have plenty. If you take your attention away from the tree for a while, your UTilt->FTilt->Throw chain will give you plenty of uninterrupted time to keep building. The huge tangles of brambles are a basic, but still very effective tool that you can use if the foe has a particularly poor horizontal recovery. It'll be up to you to find the opponents' myriad weaknesses and exploit them to your benefit.

    On the Offensive
    Toppling your tree while the opponent is vulnerable before they can get it it themselves can be a significant challenge. As mentioned several times throughout the set, finding the combination of stunning throws and brambles which works for you is absolutely essential.

    More often than not, you'll find yourself in a little predicament... you're on the same side of the tree that your foe is! It's a simple fix, though. Your FAir comes to the rescue. If you jump towards the tree and use it, ol' Woody will swing around to the other side, free to inflict nature's wrath without fear for his own welfare. Now, apart from this problem, your UTilt->FTilt->UThrow with brambles at the base will probably see some good use. But that's just one sort of attack, what else does Wood Man have up his sleeve?

    The gimp from the DAir is actually a lot more useful than I made it out to be in the description. Double jump offstage, using DAirs along the way, and surf back to the stage with your Up Special. When you get close to your starting position, a BAir will get Wood Man back onstage and simultaneously blow leaves and foe away! There are plenty of other combinations out there, too. For example, after setting up and hiding thorny brambles using your DTilt, NAir, and FSpecial in tandem, you can ground opponents with a DThrow, get out of the way, and blow the leaves away with a Neutral Special. While they panic and attempt to fight their way out of the brambles, taking damage with every false move, knock over a tree on top of them for the grand finale. There are plenty more interactions that would make this playstyle section even longer, but it's up to you to find them as after completing a moveset I become a lazy jerk.

    Oh hey, extra stuff!

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