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Thread: Any talk about Tadpole Treble?

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    Friday, Sep 5 2014

    Any talk about Tadpole Treble?

    Hey, people I haven't seen in a long time.

    But I was wondering, because practically nobody has talked about it here...

    Anybody play Tadpole Treble?

    I just got it today and it was AMAZING.

    Now, I know most of these forums are dead, nowadays (Heck, I should just move over to Bitfinity forums or something....)

    But really, it was DEFINITELY worth the wait.

    It's about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get through the main story, I think.

    Either way, go try it! It's fun!

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    Re: Any talk about Tadpole Treble?

    I'm still waiting for it come out on the Wii U...

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    Friday, Aug 29 2014

    Re: Any talk about Tadpole Treble?

    I held off on talking about it since there are quite a few here waiting for the Wii U release,
    but I will say, I really enjoyed it as well. I definitely plan on getting all the challenge flies, and will try for collect all the bubbles.
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    Re: Any talk about Tadpole Treble?

    Like many here, I too am waiting for the WiiU release of the game.

    Just wondering, has anyone received their physical rewards for the kickstarter, like the baton mini-plush or the travel guide.?
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