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Thread: Things of the Year - 2015 Edition

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    Things of the Year - 2015 Edition

    All purpose topic for best things (games, movies, books, TV shows, songs, whatever floats your boat) of 2015. Why all things? Because this site's pretty dead and this is probably the last time we'll ever have a topic like this, so why get all the activity spread out randomly? Might as well condense everything in one spot.

    My personal stuff:

    Best Games of the Year

    Spoiler: good &&&& 

    Biggest Gaming Disappointment

    Spoiler: bad &&&& 

    Not gonna go into as much detail with other things, but:

    Top TV Shows
    5. Fargo, season 2
    4. Daredevil
    3. AKA Jessica Jones
    2. One Punch Man
    1. Better Call Saul

    Honorable mention to the continued excellence of Steven Universe

    Dishonorable mention to True Detective season 2. Legitimately one of the worst things I've ever witnessed. Pure garbage.


    Edit - Damn it, I actually forgot Inside Out came out this year. That movie was legitimately one of Pixar's best ever. It has a sort of timeless feel to it, actually. That's EASILY my number 1.

    My dishonorable mention... Avengers Age of Ultron was a huge disappointment, it had a lot of entertaining moments throughout it but on the whole it was a jumbled up nonsensical mess that was hard to follow or otherwise care about. Honestly the best thing about it is, if it were a Hawkeye solo movie it could've been amazing. After that meandering trainwreck, I can't say I'm too upset Joss Whedon's leaving Marvel movies - he does a good job with things initially but the longer he sticks with a property, the more stuck up his own ass he gets.
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    Re: Things of the Year - 2015 Edition

    Spoiler: My games of the year 

    I don't watch a lot of stuff, so I haven't seen anything that started last year.
    Steven Universe!

    I'll see if I can recall what movies I have seen. XD
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    Re: Things of the Year - 2015 Edition

    I didn't play any of the games or seen any of the shows or movies ya mentioned bar Splatoon, which I thought 'twas eh., so can't say too much 'bout it, i'm afraid. Fun read though~

    Now Bioshock Infinite however, I am glad that I ain't the only one who just really didn't like that game. I couldn't even finish it because the 'story' at some point just went completely flat. I don't feel like I should be getting near the climax of a story and have a feeling of complete uncaringness. That and the combat managed to be worse than that of Bioshock 1 and 2, when that already was a pretty weak to begin with. 'twas just a big pile of wasted potential, I'd say.

    As for games that came out this year I did play, I can't pinpoint a winner, but these are my 3 favourites in random order:

    Spoiler: blah 

    As for movies, I can be short on that. I've only seen 3 this year; The Professional, Inside Out and Gremlins. So for me Inside Out is the best movie to come out in 2015 because the others are quite a bit older... Pretty blimmin' great movie too that, one of their best even. Was glad to see Pixar hasn't quite lost its magic.

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    Re: Things of the Year - 2015 Edition

    Well, I'm pretty campy when it comes to games. Here's my top 3, but prepare to have a bit of the disappoint regarding it...


    TV shows... well, I dunno what came out this year, but a while back I saw some "Amazing World of Gumball" and laughed myself silly. That stuff is gooooood joke. "Steven Universe" is also pretty funny, but that gets enough praise as is. OH and "Star vs The Forces of Evil" is really good. Can't wait for season 2!
    Sometimes I really wish I had better taste for un-funny deep stuff...

    Inside Out is the best movie I've ever seen and knowing me that's not saying much but I love that movie to death.
    Good Dinosaur was soooooooooooo disappointing thoooooooughhhhh...
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    Re: Things of the Year - 2015 Edition

    I didn't, really, play a whole lot of games that debuted this year honestly. And the one's that I did I wasn't super blown away by. Splatoon is fun but I fell of the scene a while back and haven't been able to get myself to go back to it. Super Mario Maker is only as good as it's user created content. I still love and respect Five Night's at Freddy's but 3 and 4 I feel are some of the weakest in the series thus far and I don't even know what Scott's doing anymore. As tempted as I am to put Project x Zone 2 on the list, I haven't played it, I know nothing of the story, and a lot of the gameplay changes I've heard about I don't really like.
    There are, however, at least three games I can consolidate some kind of opinion around, so I guess I can cover those.

    Spoiler: Top 3 Games of 2015 

    I didn't watch a whole lot of tv or movies in general this year, but I probably have a "best I've seen from this year" for both.

    TV Show - One Punch Man
    I like superheroes. I like comedy. Superhero comedy, sign me up!
    I love One Punch Man. I love how the show takes turns for the serious, I love how the setting and seemingly the laws of the very universe are so unique, I love how everything in the show could so easily stand on it's own as a deconstructive superhero drama, but most of all I love Saitama for being the ultimate deconstruction and being able to bring light to an otherwise dark and depressing world. Which is to say nothing of the animation or voice talent that also amplifies everything I love about this show.

    Movie - Krampus
    This is, quite the odd choice but, well, I only saw like 3 or 4 movies this year. There was Marvel's usual crop of Ant Man and Age of Ultron (standard but enjoyable and somewhat disappointing but James Spader definitely steals the show respectively), the new Star Wars (which was great, formulaic but great), and then there was Krampus.
    I saw Krampus because, well, I really like the lore of the Krampus. The Krampus has been that one obscure mythological being that I tell all my friends about because it's such a bizarre and horrifyingly funny concept. And horrifyingly funny are the exact words to describe the movie, as well as really original. It's a monster movie with a unique presence and just enough self-awareness to make itself laugh out loud funny without in any way detracting from the scenes meant to be serious or scary, and those scenes are genuinely serious and scary and as much as I can't stand horror, I absolutely enjoyed this movie.
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